The Best Audience is NOT you- Why you should help your students blog


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This is my slide deck presentation from my #cue14 conference presentation on why you should blog with your students. It's also about why you have a responsibility to make EVERY day memorable and important.

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The Best Audience is NOT you- Why you should help your students blog

  1. 1. The Best Audience is NOT you. David Theriault aka @davidtEDU
  2. 2. Samantha Smith
  3. 3. Montreal Massacre
  4. 4. Steve Hargadon ISTE 2012 San Diego
  5. 5. 13,492 views!
  6. 6. JUST TRY IT
  8. 8. I used Google Docs/Spreadsheet to collect and organize all of their urls and logins
  9. 9. Common Core Writing Write routinely over extended time frames for a range of purposes and audiences • Examine • Convey • Select • Argue • Audience • Task • Purpose • Style Use technology to produce, publish and update individual or shared writing
  10. 10. 4,000 views February to May 2013
  11. 11. Share Tools: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook
  12. 12. Is it worth it?I
  13. 13. Brett and Julia
  14. 14. College Readiness
  15. 15. Preparing for the SUCK...
  16. 16. “It’s past 11pm” “I know dad I just finished my 33rd question” “Sorry buddy...Good Night” “Good night... Dad”
  17. 17. “So why are your blogs doing well? “
  18. 18. I think everyone started making their blog thinking “Oh well I guess I’ll try to make it nice for the grade”, but eventually some of us enjoyed putting the extra effort to make others (followers) love to come back to our blog to keep reading more of our thoughts.
  19. 19. Therefore, I believe the blogs that are doing well are doing well simply because each group and each person are trying hard to be recognized for being great at blogging, even if they do not want to admit it. “
  20. 20. “I think the blogs are doing so well because we started to fall in love with blogging. It’s nice to know that some people find your point of view interesting and unique. Everyone nowadays wants to be unique and try and stand out.
  21. 21. We can post about almost whatever we want, so we only post things that we are passionate and care about.
  22. 22. Making a blog isn’t a usual thing that English classes do. Now that we’re trying something different, we engage much more of our time to it because it’s interesting to us. It helps us escape from our regular book work from other classes and show the public what we’re really like.”
  23. 23. I believe that students are motivated by the curiosity of what response they will get when writing a blog post”
  24. 24. We are given a lot of freedom on what we want to write about compared to other classes. As a result, these posts/blogs are of a higher quality since we know what to write about because it’s coming straight from our hearts.
  25. 25. New This Year
  26. 26. The I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Write-About-So-Let-Me-Just-Put-On-a-Funny-Hat Face.
  27. 27. Leftovers: How do I deal with the workflow? That’s a lot of reading… What about other subjects? What if you succeed and everyone starts doing it? Then you know what will happen right…
  28. 28. @davidtEDU (Twitter) drink me
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