Delivering Mobile to the Enterprise


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This is a talk that I gave at IBM's IMPACT conference in Vegas 4/12, about how to manage mobile devices in the enterprise.

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  • There are numerous cloud-based storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox and But you may not be able to view your docs properly and anyone that can gain access to your cloud can download your documents freely too File Name Here.ppt
  • You can make use of a VPN if you can find a client for your tablet or smartphone that will work with your corporate VPN provider. One issue for VPNs is that they assume all apps on your tablet are well behaved. Once you open up a VPN connection, any app can have full access to your corporate network. File Name Here.ppt
  • Products such as Citrix, LogMeIn, or nivio can establish remote desktop connections to “real” Windows computers so you can run these apps on your mobile device. File Name Here.ppt
  • Slideshark, WatchDox can convert your docs to formats that are viewable on a mobile device, but you can't annotate the document easily. File Name Here.ppt
  • And then there are specialized Mobile Device Management solutions: ionGrid Nexus, Rover, IBM has two different products from Tivoli and Worklight. File Name Here.ppt
  • Is all traffic encrypted between mobile device and your corporate network? Can you map and manage a device to a particular user in your directory services? Can you remove all traces of your docs from the tablet once you close it? Can you share documents with external users outside your corporate domain? File Name Here.ppt
  • As we use smaller-screen devices, it gets harder to find a way to view these documents the way they appear on our large 25-inch monitors on our desktops. Some solutions might be able to transfer a document to a device, but then we waste time moving around and swiping, magnifying and dragging to see its contents clearly. Some solutions support only particular versions or file types, or do oddball conversions that result in some unexpected ways that make it difficult to view the content. This is a sample PPT slide showing you how it looks under certain circumstances. File Name Here.ppt
  • Delivering Mobile to the Enterprise

    1. 1. Delivering Mobile to the Enterprise David Strom Business Channels Editor May 1, 20121
    2. 2. Who am I? 22
    3. 3. Our panel  Bob Sutor, VP, IBM Mobile Platform  Steve Smith, Senior Vice President and CIO, TBC Corp  Dale Potter, CIO, The Ottawa Hospital3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. So how do we cope with this onslaught of tablets?5
    6. 6. Email docs to yourself6
    7. 7. Use cloud-based storage7
    8. 8. VPNs8
    9. 9. Remote desktop connection9
    10. 10. Converter apps10
    11. 11. Various other special-purpose solutions11
    12. 12. Security issues12
    13. 13. Document fidelity issues13
    14. 14. Discussion questions  What do you see as the key challenges for organizations seeking to capitalize on growth in the mobile market?  Alternatively, what are the biggest opportunities in the mobile market in the next 12-24 months?  What’s driving this growing adoption of mobility?  How has the BYOD trend changed mobile adoption rates?  Where do you recommend companies get started with mobility?14