Vision 6 David Smerdon Evolve Your Email Marketing
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Vision 6 David Smerdon Evolve Your Email Marketing






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Vision 6 David Smerdon Evolve Your Email Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. email marketing – beyond the broadcast David Smerdon Head of Strategy - Vision 6
  • 2. Agenda
    • The perception of email
    • Why direct makes sense
    • Is your business in e-denial?
    • 5 list growth tips
    • Transactional emails
    • What is Lifecycle Marketing?
  • 3. The perception of email
    • Nigerian scammers – Dear Mr Sir, we congratulate yourself on your $1,000,000 pound inheritrence!!!!!
    • Viagra peddlers
    • Russian brides – I be good to see you
    • Indian web development companies
    • 20% off MBA degree certificates
    • Add 2cms to your penis!
    BUT many large brands are realising the benefits of legitimate email marketing
  • 4. Why direct makes sense “ Myer will this year spend more on direct marketing to its Myer One customers than all of its other advertising put together, according to Chief Executive Bernie Brookes”
  • 5. We’re in a time of microscopic accountability “ I know at least half of my advertising is wasted I just don’t know which half” Henry Ford
  • 6.  
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  • 10. Balancing your ROI in tough times
    • Mass media – TV, radio, print
    • Constructed by professionals
    • High investment
    • Targeting new prospects & some existing customers
    • Email marketing
    • Constructed in-house / DIY solution
    • Lower investment
    • 100% targeted to EXISTING customers + ‘flytrap’ web traffic to grow databases
    Q: Will encouraging your existing customers to spend more money, more often improve your ROI?
  • 11. More relevant dialog more often = deeper customer relationships and a more profitable, loyal customer base
  • 12. Is your business in e-denial?
  • 13. 5 list growth tips
  • 14. 1. Best practice enews registration 1. User locates the register area on the website 2. Register for the enews via a web form 3. Thank you for registering page appears 6. User receives their first automated welcome email 5. User hits confirm and are directed to a confirmation page 4. The subscriber receives a confirmation email
  • 15. 2. Re-contact & send to friend Step 1. First email Step 2. Registration web form Step 3. Thank you page with ‘refer a friend’ link
  • 16.
    • Step 4. ‘Refer a friend’ web form
    Step 5. Thank you page Step 6. Friends email
  • 17. 3. call centre / in-store registration
  • 18. 4. Acquisition via receipts
  • 19. 5. Audit your existing assets
  • 20. Transactional emails Often a missed opportunity
  • 21. Transactional emails can give you permission to converse
    • What are they?
    • Any communication that forms part of the sales process i.e. confirmation email for subscribing to a newsletter, booking confirmations or a receipt email from an online purchase
    • Transactional emails get through more spam filters because they consist of important customer information
  • 22.  
  • 23. “ Transactional email offers the highest open and click-through rates of any type of email – 70% open rate for transactional email v 33% for opt in email” ¹ “ Less than 1% of email marketing funds industry wide are spent on transactional emails” ² Source: 1. Harte-Hanks metrics, 2005 2. JupiterReasearch, “E-mail Model” November 2005
  • 24. Advertising is working hard to get new leads But the conversion engine is letting the team down…
  • 25.  
  • 26. Apple's iTunes Transactional e-mail receipts contain three "if you liked this, you'll also like" recommendations, an approach that turns a cost center into a profit center Clickz 5 th October 2007
  • 27. What is Lifecycle Marketing?
    • Lifecycle Marketing is the evolution of the broadcast email
    • Moving from one list to segmented lists to deliver the right message to the right person at the right
    • Basic Lifecycle Marketing can be as simple as;
      • An SMS when your dry cleaning is ready
      • Email reminder of your dentist check-up
      • Email receipt or thank you for your purchase
  • 28. Triggered campaigns leading up to a holiday Capitalising on the holiday emotion
  • 29. Questions? Contact: David Smerdon [email_address] Ph. 07 3123 5005