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Sketchbook stuff for blog
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Sketchbook stuff for blog


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  • 1. With this piece of work we used a stencil of the human form to just roughly and quickly draw somecharacter ideas, as you can see these had to include an animal characteristic, in the drawing to the leftthe man is more insect than human but with the one on the right it only has insect features and a tail.To draw these i used a fineliner pen which made it harder as wouldnt be able to rub out any mistakesmade.
  • 2. This picture is the first in my creature studies page inmy sketchbook, all the creatures on this page I drawnfrom a trip to the Manchester museum. These drawingsare all pencil studies, I tried to change things a little bydrawing an insect using brown paper so it gives adifferent effect.
  • 3. This page is a continued page of the pencilstudies of insects, these images weredrawn by drawing from photos. Theseimages are more detailed and overall lookbetter as I had more time to carefully drawthem and they were still images.
  • 4. This was the first time I had ever attempted to useoil pastels. I think for a first time attempt I did anok job of this. This picture is a magnified picture ofa butterfly, focusing only on its wing, I feel Imanaged to capture all the colour of the butterflybut I don’t think I managed to tone it well.
  • 5. This is my first watercolour study i did in a while, i feel i did ok onthis task as you can actually tell that the creatures in this pictureare beetles. I didnt really manage to capture the correct tone ofthe colours on the creature, I either made it to dark or not darkenough. I think as a drawing this could of been more of a successand maybe if i practise more in watercolours i might be able toget better.
  • 6. This was a quick, rough drawing I did of a bird. I thinkconsidering this was just a quick sketch I did a good job, Iwasn’t focusing on getting as much detail as possible Iwas purely focusing on just sketching the bird.
  • 7. This oil pastel study was in my opinion a success. I feel Imanaged to get the tone of everything just about right. Thiswas the first of my figurative artists recreation. The originalimage was by an artist named Steve Adams.
  • 8. This is my second figurative artists recreation. I felt thisimage looked best in watercolour. I think this image wasmore of a success than my previous watercolour imagealthough I still failed to get the skin tone colour right Ithink the rest of the image was good. The original imagewas by an artist named Raymundo Andrade
  • 9. This is the first life study I have done in a while, for thistask I had to focus in on one particular body part, and forthis image I decided on focusing on the upper body.Although in the past my life studies werent really thatgood I feel I am starting to improve.
  • 10. This image is the second of the life studies I have donein my sketchbook this year, although incomplete asthe hands and feet were yet to be finished I feel this isthe best of my life studies I have done so far.