Fast Forward Presentation for HCL -09-09-10


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This an introduction to NLU and its services for students.

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Fast Forward Presentation for HCL -09-09-10

  1. 1. Welcome toFastForwardOrientation<br />for students in the<br />Accelerated Undergraduate Health Care Leadership Program<br />
  2. 2. Goals of FastForward<br />To provide students with an overview of the requirements to graduate in your program<br />To learn about options for completing your degree requirements outside of your academic program<br />To provide general information on Student Services and Academic Support Services at NLU<br />To assist you in navigating the NLU student portal<br />To complete an assessment of your writing skills<br />
  3. 3. Enrollment & Admissions<br /><ul><li>Graduation Requirements</li></li></ul><li>Graduation Requirements<br />180 Quarter Hours (QH) are required for graduation in three areas:<br />General Education = 60 QH<br />The program major = 61 QH<br />Electives = 59 QH<br />Quarter hours to be earned in the program major:<br />● HCL = 61qh<br />Depending on the number of hours completed prior to entering the program major, some students could have additional credits to earn outside of the program major<br />
  4. 4. Graduation Requirements<br />completion of the program major does NOT guarantee that all graduation requirements have been fulfilled<br />an OFFICIAL transcript evaluation will provide details of the courses that may be required in addition to the program major<br />
  5. 5. Financing Your Education<br /><ul><li> Payment Options
  6. 6. Defining Financial Aid
  7. 7. How to Apply for Financial Aid</li></li></ul><li>Payment Options<br />NLU offers many payment options for making education affordable for you:<br /><ul><li>Full Payment–ONLY applicable if pre-paying for the entire four-term program major
  8. 8. Term by Term–one payment per term
  9. 9. Deferred Payment–one payment per month, over the course of the term
  10. 10. Tuition Reimbursement– consult your employer
  11. 11. Direct Billing to Employer–consult your employer
  12. 12. Financial Aid</li></li></ul><li>Defining Financial Aid<br /><ul><li>The term “financial aid” refers to resources (other than the family’s personal funds) that are used to pay the cost of attendance
  13. 13. There are three main types of financial aid:
  14. 14. Scholarships– gift funds that do not have to be repaid; some awarded based on either academic performance or need
  15. 15. Grants – gift funds, based on need, that do not have to be repaid
  16. 16. Loans – low interest loans which must be repaid, with interest, after the student is no longer enrolled or ceases to be enrolled at least half-time</li></li></ul><li>How to apply forFinancial Aid<br /><ul><li>In order to receive financial aid, students are required to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  17. 17.
  18. 18. NLU school code: 001733
  19. 19. For more information, please contact Student Finance by:
  20. 20. Phone: (800) 443-5522, ext. 5350
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Fax: (847) 465-5894</li></li></ul><li>Financial Aid Workflow<br />Student completes FAFSA<br />Student Finance Office receives the application from DOE (Dept. of Education)<br />Student Finance Office determines financial aid eligibility and mails an award letter<br />Student accepts loans<br />Student needs to return Title IV Authorization form<br />Student needs to complete Entrance Counseling session at<br />Student Finance certifies the loan application and sends it to the lender<br />Student needs to complete Stafford Promissory Note<br />Loans and grants are distributed to the student<br />Refund checks are processed and mailed out every Tuesday and Thursday for students whose bills are paid in full and have a credit balance on their accounts<br />
  23. 23. Loan Responsibilities<br /><ul><li>To maintain eligibility to receive loans, students must:
  24. 24. Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  25. 25. Complete their degree within certain time limits
  26. 26. Pay any past due tuition and fees before beginning a new term</li></li></ul><li>Registration & Course Options<br /><ul><li> Registration
  27. 27. Unclassified Students
  28. 28. Additional Credit Options
  29. 29. Text Books
  30. 30. Program/Course Withdrawal</li></li></ul><li>Registration<br />You will work with your enrollment representative to be registered for all program courses<br />Students who have met all program admission requirements will be pre-registered for ALL four terms of the program major<br />Students who have yet to complete the admission process (due to outstanding documents) MUST sign an UNCLASSIFIED Registration form prior to beginning courses in the program major<br />
  31. 31. Unclassified Students . . .<br /><ul><li>may start program major but will NOT be considered admitted to the program until all documentation has been received and all requirements have been fulfilled
  32. 32. will be registered for ONE TERM ONLY
  33. 33. must complete admission requirements PRIOR to the end of term onein order to continue in program major
  34. 34. are NOT eligible for Financial Aid while registered as an unclassified student and will be held responsible for all charges incurred during term one until admitted</li></li></ul><li>Credit Options Outside of the Program Major<br />Choose from the following options to earn general education or elective credit:<br /><ul><li>Courses at NLU</li></ul>NLU offers accelerated general education courses- many are offered on-line, as well as 10 week courses throughout our campuses<br /><ul><li>Credit by Portfolio</li></ul> write essays on your life/licensure experience<br /><ul><li>Credit by Examination or Proficiency</li></ul> earn credit in a subject area by passing an exam on the subject<br /><ul><li>Certifications and Military experience </li></ul> contact your academic advisor for more information<br />
  35. 35. Credit Options Outside of the Program Major<br />-<br />Steps for taking a FOCUS course at NLU<br />Step 1: use the online schedule to find a course you are interested in at<br />
  36. 36. Credit Options Outside of the Program Major<br />Steps for taking a FOCUS course at NLU<br />Step 2: Talk to your academic advisor to get approval for the course and complete the registration forms.<br />Step 3: Check with Student Finance to see if your financial aid will cover the cost of your courses.<br />Step 4: Order your text book online at<br />Step 5: Be sure to show up for the first night of course for a face-to-face course. If you are taking an online course, be sure to visit the course site on the date that the course is scheduled to begin.<br />
  37. 37. Text Books<br /><ul><li>Text books for program major are included in the cost of tuition and are ordered at time of registration
  38. 38. Books are automatically mailed to your home address prior to each term.
  39. 39. If you have not received your books, contact Debbie Smith-Williams
  40. 40. Books for courses taken outside of the program major can be purchased through NLU’s online bookstore at</li></li></ul><li>Finding your classroom<br /><ul><li>Classroom assignments can be found at each NLU campus by viewing the listings on bulletin boards on campus.
  41. 41. At the Chicago campus, room assignments can be found on bulletin boards across from the elevator on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floor
  42. 42. At the other campuses, room assignments can be found on the first floor near the entrance and elevators
  43. 43. Room assignments are subject to change from week to week.</li></li></ul><li>Program/CourseWithdrawal<br /><ul><li>Requests to withdraw from the program major (and any additional courses) must be done in writing to the Registrar’s Office
  44. 44. Consult the current NLU catalog for withdrawal policies
  45. 45. To receive a 100% refund on a course in your program or a FOCUS course, you must drop the course prior to the first meeting of the course. After the first meeting, you will receive no refund if you drop a FOCUS course.
  46. 46. Requests to withdraw may be submitted through the following methods:
  47. 47. In person in the UAAC
  48. 48. From your NLU email to:</li></li></ul><li>Returning to NLU<br /><ul><li>Should you take time away from NLU, your return will be subject to the Re-entry policy of the university.
  49. 49. Being away from NLU means not taking any courses at NLU. Taking courses at another institution counts as time away from NLU.
  50. 50. Returning to NLU:
  51. 51. If you are away from the university for more than one calendar year but less than five, you must complete a Re-entry Form.
  52. 52. If you are away from the university for more than five calendar years, you must Re-apply to the university.
  53. 53. What this means to you: upon re-entry or re-admission, you will have your credits evaluated under the current program, meaning that you may have different requirements needed to complete your degree from when you originally were admitted.</li></li></ul><li>Student Service Departments<br /><ul><li> Advising & Additional Student Services
  54. 54. Student Guidebook</li></li></ul><li>Undergraduate Academic Advising Center (UAAC)<br /><ul><li>The UAAC a university-wide service providing students with tools to achieve academic success. Your advisor will assist you to:
  55. 55. Develop a degree completion plan so that you exactly what requirements are left to complete your degree.
  56. 56. Graduate in a timely manner.
  57. 57. Understand the options available to complete your requirements.
  58. 58. Learn about resources on campus to help you succeed.
  59. 59. Advisors are available on each campus. Appointments can be scheduled via the web through your NLU portal or by calling 1-800-443-5522, ext. 5900</li></li></ul><li>Student Services<br /><ul><li>Student Life</li></ul>enhances student development through organizations, clubs, and leadership opportunities<br /><ul><li>Career Services</li></ul>assists students with career development<br /><ul><li>Counseling</li></ul> includes personal counseling, community referrals, support groups, wellness information, programs and workshops<br /><ul><li>Health Services</li></ul>promotes wellness and offering individual quality health services<br /><ul><li>International Student Services</li></ul>assists NLU International Students including F-1 & J-1 visa issues <br /><ul><li>Ombudsman</li></ul> assists students through problem resolution<br />
  60. 60. Office of Career Services<br />The Career Services Office at National-Louis University provides career assistance to current students and NLU alumni. The services presently offered are:<br /><ul><li>individual career advising and career planning
  61. 61. Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory Assessments
  62. 62. resume and cover letter assistance
  63. 63. interview preparation (mock interviews/Perfect Interview)
  64. 64. setting effective job search strategies and networking
  65. 65. on-line job listings via the Virtual Career Network
  66. 66. career fairs and classroom workshops
  67. 67. INT 400 classes </li></ul>Career Services has offices at the Chicago, Skokie, Wheeling, and Lisle campuses and are available for remote consultations. Please contact us at 312-261-3270 or for information and appointments. <br />
  68. 68. Virtual Career Network<br /><ul><li>The Virtual Career Network is the virtual hub for employers, students, and alumni to find jobs, post and view resumes, and network.
  69. 69. Employers post job listings in hopes of recruiting NLU students and alumni
  70. 70. Links to the Vault Online Career Library and Perfect Interview are accessible through the Virtual Career Network.
  71. 71. The Virtual Career Network will be the place to register for career development workshops, job fairs, and any career services related events. </li></ul>Step 1: Please log on to your NLU portal. Step 2: Click on the NLU’s Virtual Career Network Center on the left hand side of the page under NLU Resources. Step 3: Register on the system and start networking!<br />
  72. 72. Student Guidebook<br />The NLU Student Guidebook provides detailed information regarding policies, procedures, and services<br />Hard copies available on each campus or online at:<br />
  73. 73. Student Academic Services<br /><ul><li> University Library
  74. 74. Center for Academic Development
  75. 75. Prior Learning Assessment</li></li></ul><li>University Library<br /><ul><li>The University Library offers the following services both</li></ul> in-person and online:<br /><ul><li>Online Book Catalog
  76. 76. Reference and Research Assistance
  77. 77. Journal Article Databases
  78. 78. Document Delivery
  79. 79. Interlibrary Loan
  80. 80. Library Instruction Sessions
  81. 81. Access the NLU library via the portal or visit the campus librarians for assistance</li></li></ul><li>Center for Academic Development<br /><ul><li>The Center for Academic Development (CAD) is the learning center available to help NLU students take full advantage of their academic experience and become independent learners
  82. 82. Available CAD services:
  83. 83. learning assistance and tutoring
  84. 84. computer skills development
  85. 85. test preparation workshops
  86. 86. accommodations for special needs students
  87. 87. skills assessment</li></li></ul><li>Prior Learning Assessment<br /><ul><li>The Prior Learning Assessment Center (PLA) recognizes and validates personal and professional learning for possible academic credit.
  88. 88. Credit by portfolio</li></ul>Portfolios submitted by students are assessed to demonstrate learning from life experiences.<br /><ul><li>Credit by examination</li></ul>NLU may award credit to students who have achieved acceptable scores on a variety of standardized exams.<br /><ul><li>Credit by certificate</li></ul>NLU awards credit for some nationally recognized certificates and licenses.<br />
  89. 89. NLU Electronic Communication<br /><ul><li>NLU Portal
  90. 90. Student E-mail
  91. 91. Navigating
  92. 92. Finding online course component </li></li></ul><li>MY.NL.EDU the NLU Portal<br />NLU’s Portal environment provides single point access to a multitude of services with a single username and password<br /><ul><li>Check NLU </li></ul> Student E-mail<br /><ul><li>View class schedules
  93. 93. Schedule an advising appointment
  94. 94. Access the NLU Library catalogs
  95. 95. Access your online course content</li></li></ul><li>NLU Student E-mail<br />All students are assigned a username and password upon registration<br />From, click the link in the circled area for instructions on how to log into your student e-mail account<br />NLU uses Student E-mail as the primary means of communication for ALL MATTERS, including billing<br />NLU email may be forwarded to a personal email address<br />
  96. 96. Navigating the NLU portal<br />“My Services: Important info that you’ll need <br />My courses: Access your NLU courses<br />Your NLU email<br />
  97. 97. The “My Services” Tab<br />The Student link will allow you to view grades, see your bill, review your course schedule, and many other resources that you will need to use regularly.<br />
  98. 98. Viewing your student records online<br />You will find a great deal of important information here, even a way to print an unofficial copy of your transcripts.<br />
  99. 99. Online courses<br /><ul><li>In your NLU portal you will find access to the online component of your courses under the My Courses tab.</li></ul>The My Courses Tab<br />
  100. 100. The My Courses Tab<br /><ul><li>In your NLU portal you will find access to the online component of your courses under the My Courses tab.</li></ul>The My Courses Tab<br />Be sure to select the correct term and then find your course from the list.<br />
  101. 101. The online component of courses<br /><ul><li>Even courses that meet face-to-face often also include an online component.
  102. 102. Common “assignments” that must be done online are:
  103. 103. Discussion groups to post and discuss interesting topics
  104. 104. Reading articles posted by the instructor
  105. 105. Completing quizzes or assignments
  106. 106. If you are taking a course that is purely online, it is critical to visit the course page no later than the day that it begins.
  107. 107. If you need assistance with the online component of a course, ask your instructor or call the OIT Help Desk 24 hours a day at 1-800-443-5522, ext. 4357.</li></li></ul><li>Standards of Conduct & Campus Policies<br />
  108. 108. NLU’s Expectations of the Adult Learner<br />Respects instructors and fellow classmates<br />Will become familiar with all NLU policies and procedures(refer to Student Guidebook and current catalog)<br />The student will assume personal responsibility for his/her academic success<br /><ul><li>Attends all class sessions
  109. 109. Arrives to class on time
  110. 110. Completes assignments on time
  111. 111. Seeks tutoring when needed
  112. 112. Completes his/her own work</li></li></ul><li>Standards of Conduct &Campus Policies<br /><ul><li>NLU promotes an environment conducive to intellectual and personal growth of its students. To this end, NLU maintains regulations against the following:
  113. 113. Disruptive classroom behavior
  114. 114. Harassment and hazing
  115. 115. Alcohol or substance use
  116. 116. Falsification of records
  117. 117. Plagiarism
  118. 118. Students’ rights to appeal and appeal processes are described in the Student Guidebook, pp. 32 - 66. </li></li></ul><li>Academic Honesty<br /><ul><li>“It is expected that all material submitted as part of any class exercise, in or out of class, is the actual work of the student whose name appears on the material or is properly documented otherwise.” (Student Guidebook, p. 32)
  119. 119. Students, faculty, or staff found to have engaged in academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action and may be dismissed from the University. </li></li></ul><li>Earning your degree<br /><ul><li>You are responsible for understanding all of your degree requirements, and your advisor will assist you making sure that they are completed
  120. 120. You will need to apply for your diploma at least one term in advance of the completion of your courses. Refer to the Registrar’s website for deadlines and the online diploma application
  121. 121. The diploma application does have a fee (currently $50), and you will also be responsible for the cost of the cap and gown if you participate in commencement
  122. 122. A commencement ceremony is held each June in the Chicago and Tampa areas
  123. 123. We look forward to helping you earn your degree at NLU!</li></li></ul><li>Q & A?<br />
  124. 124. Contacts and Links<br /><ul><li>Response Center(800) 443-5522
  125. 125. General inquiries
  126. 126. Admissions (application, admissions, transcript status, etc.)
  127. 127. Enrollment (program information and details)
  128. 128. Undergraduate Academic Advising Center
  129. 129., ext. 5900
  130. 130. Student Finance(payment options, financial aid, billing, scholarships, etc.)
  131. 131. (800) 443-5522, ext. 5350;;
  132. 132. Registrar(graduation audit, program withdrawal, diploma applications.)
  133. 133. (800) 443-5522, ext. 5718;;</li></li></ul><li>Contacts and Links<br /><ul><li>Prior Learning Assessment(portfolio, life/licensure/certification credit, credit by exam or proficiency)
  134. 134. (800) 443-5522, ext. 4318;
  135. 135. Center for Academic Development(assessment results, tutoring, workshops, etc.)
  136. 136.;
  137. 137. Text Books
  138. 138. (859) 514-5255;
  139. 139. Lori Fedele, (800) 443-5522, ext. 4483;
  140. 140. University Library
  141. 141. (800) 443-5522, ext. 5503;;</li></li></ul><li>Contacts and Links<br /><ul><li>Help Desk(NLU portal access and Student e-mail; available 24 hours, </li></ul> 7 days a week)<br /><ul><li>on-campus: ext. 4357 (HELP); off-campus: (866) 813-1177;;
  142. 142. Counseling (confidential personal counseling)
  143. 143. Randi Altman,, (800) 443-5522, ext. 2443)
  144. 144. Office of Diversity Access and Equity(special needs accommodations)
  145. 145. (800) 443-5522, ext. 5491;
  146. 146. University Student Ombudsperson
  147. 147. Brisbane Rouzan,, Chicago Campus Room 2006B
  148. 148. (312) 261-346 or Toll Free 1-877-435-7658</li></li></ul><li>Contacts and Links<br /><ul><li>Health Services (individual health services and wellness workshops)
  149. 149. Maria Aguilar,, (800) 443-5522, ext. 3207
  150. 150.
  151. 151. Student Life (clubs, organizations, graduation, student government, student newspaper)
  152. 152.
  153. 153. (800) 443-5522, ext. 3568
  154. 154.</li></li></ul><li>The Writing Assessment<br />
  155. 155. Writing Assessment<br /><ul><li>Expectations
  156. 156. 40-minute typed essay from assigned prompt
  157. 157. clear, coherent essay with relatively few grammatical and mechanical errors
  158. 158. students must check e-mail within two weeks of completing assessment to obtain results
  159. 159. Results
  160. 160. no writing assistance required OR
  161. 161. required writing assistance through the CAD OR
  162. 162. required writing assistance through a discounted writing course</li></ul>* failure to comply with the assigned results following assessment will result in administrative withdrawal from program major<br />
  163. 163. Thank You!<br />