"Push Button" Curation


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Begin to build a digital strategy around content curation that strengthens your digital brand and social identity.

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"Push Button" Curation

  1. 1. “Push Button” CurationBegin to build a digital strategy aroundcontent curation that strengthens your digital brand and social identity. @davidscotttufts davidscotttufts.com davidtufts.me
  2. 2. Understanding the Value of CurationIt is important to know what tools areavailable for content curation and howyou can start using those tools to enhancethe user experience on your web site,blog, or app—while improving your digitalbrand and social media identity.
  3. 3. We are all Curators, but...1. Find your niche2. Become a subject matter expert3. Follow some basic guidelines
  4. 4. Why you should use curation:• To strengthen your digital brand• To develop your social media identity• To become a trusted subject matter expert• To improve your web sites page rank• To increase your sites ad revenue
  5. 5. Rules of EngagementCuration… (when done right)… is not theft or copyright infringement… properly attributes ownership… points to the original source… brings awareness to quality content… establishes you as a subject matter expertP.S. Do it right
  6. 6. Recipe for Success• Establish a maintainable workflow• Use an RSS feed reader• Use bookmarking and bookmarklet technology• Focus on social media integration through sharing• Consider a personalized URL shortener• Write micro-reviews to add value and to generate unique content
  7. 7. The Curation Funnel• Content Aggregation is the top of the funnel• Curate by choosing relevant, well produced content to enhance the users experience on your web site, blog, or app• Add value by enhancing the content with tags, categories, images, and summarizing ideas• Promote by sharing your “premium” curated content through your social channels
  8. 8. Content AggregationThe first step in the curation workflow process isaggregating content from around the web•RSS Feed Reader•Google Alerts•Twitter Lists•Twitter hash tags•Google+ Circles•Pinterest Boards
  9. 9. Use Social Bookmarking and BookmarkletsBegin by having a custom JavaScript bookmarketdeveloped for your curation platform•Gives you the ability to quickly and easilycollect content from around the web•Check out "Press This" from WordPress•Check out "Pin It" from Pinterest
  10. 10. Use a Custom URL ShortenerConsider having a personalized custom URLshortener developed for curation platform•It facilitates social sharing•Compare bit.ly/asdf to davidtufts.me/asdf•It is more technically challenging to pull off•Your URL will be longer•But, it builds brand recognition
  11. 11. Social Media Integration Through SharingSocial media can be used for both contentaggregation as well as for promotional sharing•Find valuable content on any given social channel•Interact with that content on the originating socialchannel (e.g. retweet)•Curate by featuring that content in your owncuration platform•Promote by sharing that content through yourother social channels