Energize Your Business with SharePoint! - #SPSSV


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Learn how to accurately capture business requirements from end users and content owners to create a SharePoint strategy that meets expectations and delivers results. See how a customized demonstration of SharePoint capabilities can get users excited and stakeholders interested in learning more about the possibilities. We will learn how to quickly prioritize business needs and recommend the best bang for the buck to your customers. This session will help you understand how to work with users and stakeholders to successfully gather and prioritize business requirements that get people excited.

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Energize Your Business with SharePoint! - #SPSSV

  1. 1. @davidsamoranskiEnergize Your Businesswith SharePoint!David SamoranskiDirector, Western Regiontwitter @davidsamoranskidavid.samoranski @robbinsgioia.com
  2. 2. @davidsamoranskiRobbins Gioia GiveawayBusiness CardorSmall Piece of Paper with:• Name• Title• Company• Company Email Address
  3. 3. @davidsamoranskiSession SummaryAudience Energy Demos Planning
  4. 4. @davidsamoranskiAUDIENCE
  5. 5. @davidsamoranskiTheir WorldChange ComplexityCompliance Consolidation
  6. 6. @davidsamoranskiExplore PainTrends CustomersInformation Teams
  7. 7. @davidsamoranskiSymptomsCosts ProductivityQuality Time
  8. 8. @davidsamoranskiUnderstand the ProblemSituation ProblemImpact Need
  9. 9. @davidsamoranskiBe the SolutionTranslator Problem SolverAdvisor Partner
  10. 10. @davidsamoranskiENERGY
  11. 11. @davidsamoranskiDreamforce 2012Laptops Smart PhonesTablets Technology
  12. 12. @davidsamoranskiTony RobbinsHuman InvoluntaryInfectious Contagious
  13. 13. @davidsamoranskiRealistic OptimismPain OpportunityProblems Solutions
  14. 14. @davidsamoranskiBetter TogetherBusinessProblemsSharePointSolutions
  15. 15. @davidsamoranskiDEMOS
  16. 16. @davidsamoranskiThe DemoEducational KnowledgeCapability Vision
  17. 17. @davidsamoranskiMental GymnasticsMake it Easy! Connect the DotsCurrent Needs Future Possibilities
  18. 18. @davidsamoranskiStart with the ProblemsSample Data DocumentationProcess Model Questionnaire
  19. 19. @davidsamoranskiProve the ConceptSites & Pages Lists & LibrariesWeb parts Columns & Views
  20. 20. @davidsamoranskiThe Art of the PossibleContent SearchIntegration Reporting
  21. 21. @davidsamoranskiCreate a VisionToday TomorrowInvestment Benefit
  22. 22. @davidsamoranskiPLANNING
  23. 23. @davidsamoranskiProblem StatementFocus PriorityEngagement Expectation
  24. 24. @davidsamoranskiSolution StatementCharacteristics OutcomeBehavior Results
  25. 25. @davidsamoranskiBreaking it DownUsers ServicesProducts Features
  26. 26. @davidsamoranskiUser and Services ExampleStandardizedData EntryContinuousCollaborationSelf-serviceReportingDataIntegrationFM Analyst
  27. 27. @davidsamoranskiProduct & Features ExampleForms Services Lync ServerExcel Services BCSSharePoint
  28. 28. @davidsamoranskiArchitect the SolutionConceptualLogicalWebUsersSolutionMicrosoftOffice 2007SearchDocumentManagementWeb ContentManagement[ Search ‘x’ ][ Get ‘y’ ][ Enter ‘x’ ][ Get ‘y’ ]LOB DataSQL ServerIdentityManagementCustomerEnvironmentRights ManagementApplication Pool 5Web Application: TeamSitesWebApplication:My SitesApplication Pool 4Web Application: Published Intranet ContentFacilitiesHR Purchasinghttp://myCustomAuthentication = IntegratedWindows (Kerberos orNTLM)IntranetAuthentication = Integrated Windows(Kerberos or NTLM)DefaultAuthentication = NTLM (Integrated Windows)using ISA Server 2006 SSO—or—Forms with an LDAP providerExtranetAuthentication = formsauthenticationInternetAuthentication = AnonymousUsersFarm A[ Load Balancer ]Farm BApplication Pool 8SSP Site - DefaultApplication Pool 9http://teamTeam1Team2Team3Application Pool 6Web Application: Partner WebProject 2Project 1 Project 3 Authoring StagingWeb Application:CompanyInternet SiteProductionContent DeploymentPartnerEmployeesRemoteEmployeesInternalEmployeesFarmAdministratorsCustomersApplication Pool 3SSP Site -PartnerWebApplication Pool 2SSP Site - DefaultApplication Pool 1Central Admin Site[ Load Balancer ]Application Pool 7www.fabrikam.comhttp://PartnerWeb/sitesCentral Admin Sitehttp://my/personal/<user>Product Services Support
  29. 29. @davidsamoranskiIdentify the GapsCurrent StateFuture State
  30. 30. @davidsamoranskiCrunch the NumbersDeployment SupportConfiguration Customization
  31. 31. @davidsamoranskiSolution RoadmapReview and Refine TaxonomyProcure and Install Hardware/SoftwareDesign Information Architecture (Controlled Vocabulary and Taxonomy)Design Mockups and WireframesCreate Graphic Standards GuideDesign Master Pages and CSSDesign Site TemplatesImplement Controlled Vocabulary and TaxonomyConfigure Production FarmConfigure DR EnvironmentDevelop Internal Training Materials (Visitor, Member, and Content Owner)Document Governance and Content Migration Plan Migrate Intranet ContentContinuously Gather Feedback, Prioritize Suggestions for Improvements, and Provide Visibility into the Status of the ProgramTrain Administrators and DevelopersEvaluate System for ReleaseDocument Backup/Recovery PlanDocument Disaster Recovery PlanProvision SitesBuild Site CollectionsSearch Configuration (Search Center, keywords, best bets)Customize SitesDeliver Internal TrainingWeekly Tactical Team Meetings and Monthly Strategy Team MeetingsImplement Backup/Recovery PlanImplement Disaster Recovery PlanDevelopment in Pilot Environment Configure Test and Dev Farms
  32. 32. @davidsamoranskiIterative ImprovementBuild ReviewRepeat Feedback
  33. 33. @davidsamoranskiSprintsIterativeResponsiveImage courtesy of SSWhttp://rules.ssw.com.au/Management/RulesToBetterScrumUsingTFS/Pages/ScrumVisualImage.aspx
  34. 34. @davidsamoranski
  35. 35. @davidsamoranskiJoin us right after the event at the Firehouse Grill!Socialize and unwind after our day of learning.1765 E. Bayshore RoadEast Palo Alto, CA
  36. 36. @davidsamoranskiQUESTIONS?David Samoranski | @davidsamoranski | (707) 843-3082david.samoranski@robbinsgioia.com
  37. 37. @davidsamoranskiRobbins Gioia GiveawayBusiness CardorSmall Piece of Paper with:• Name• Title• Company• Company Email Address
  38. 38. @davidsamoranskiTHANK YOU!