The best ideas for a work from home business


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Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself I should start a "work from home business" but then the thought quickly vanishes into the background and is dismissed? For a moment you enjoyed the vision of staying home with your family, taking a break whenever you want and playing with the kids when they ask

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The best ideas for a work from home business

  1. 1. Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself I should start a "work from home business" butthen the thought quickly vanishes into the background and is dismissed? For a moment youenjoyed the vision of staying home with your family, taking a break whenever you want andplaying with the kids when they ask. Well maybe you should bring that thought back to theforefront of your mind and take into consideration the following post.What Type of Person Should Consider aWork From Home Business?There are several types in todays economy to consider a work from home business. These arejust a few:1. A person who realizes that the higher you climb the ladder the more you get paid but also themore demanding and time consuming the job becomes.2. A person who realized that a work from home business will allow you to be in control withtodays tools such as social media and blogging can be successful without being an amazing jackof all trades.3. A person who does not have an abundance of time. This may sound weird because a lot oftimes that is the super excuse people have about a work from home business is they don’t havethe time, but, if you understand that a good work from home business can pay you RESIDUALINCOME and your job will never do that, you with no time all of a sudden realizes that theywill NOT EVER have time in their life because they did not create something that pays thempassive income.I would love to hear from you on other reasons people should be considering a work from homebusiness. Be sure to comment below.
  2. 2. Why Would a Work From Home Business be a Success?In most industrialized countries it is becoming very costly to have employees. Increasing taxesfor business owners is an idea that hurts all. Everyone buys into the idea of taxing the big richemployers, but it forces them to pass that cost down the line and the workers get lowerwages, longer work schedules and global outsourcing. So the cost of government-run healthcareor higher costs so the government can take care of you, "As we all no the government does sucha bang up job right?" actually hurt the middle class and poor much more as the companieschoose to just take their ball and go home or move to other countries or simply downsize.The bottom line is if this trend continues, more people will struggle to make ends meet. Thiscreates opportunity for those NOT willing to settle for government handouts and has thosepeople wanting a better life and look into alternative forms of income. These types of people findthe following:1. Franchises2. Starting their own small business (with the same problems their boss had prompting theirsearch)3. Network MarketingNetwork Marketing is the lowest overhead and has the same tax advantages as the other two. IFYOU are reading this, then you should know that this is a great time to position yourself in thisindustry either online or offline and intercept this huge trend of displaced employees.
  3. 3. How Do I Intercept This Trend with a Work From Home Business?1. Get yourself positioned. If you are not currently in a work from home business, get withsomeone who can teach you how to start. Ensure they meet these four components team,training, support and leadership.2. Learn Marketing. Marketers rule. If I wanted to I could start a construction businesstomorrow, while not knowing anything about construction, and dominate my area due to myability to market. Attend the events, read books on marketing and get around smart marketers,spend time with them.3. Have a long term vision. Network Marketing is a long term, which, is a good thing. Unlessyou win the lottery there is no GET RICH QUICK FORMULA, stop thinking that way, it’s awaste of time. With the global community we live in now, it is easy and cheap to have webinarsin multiple countries as well as prospect people in your area via social media.This is happening right now. Which side of the fence are you on? There will be a lot of displacedemployees and unhappy people goings on in different countries governments around the world.Don’t quit your job right away but at least have a PLAN B that could eventually grow into yourfull-time income. So what if I am wrong? What if the economy suddenly and magically getsbetter and leprechauns are at the end of rainbows handing out pots of gold? Well, It’s good tohave more tax advantages and multiple streams of income. If you agree with me Comment belowand even if you dont. Tell me I am nuts below, I look forward to your comments!Dave "The Sarge" SabadosSkype: tyedenEmail: dave@davesabados.comWork With Me: START YOUR OWN BLOGP.S. IF YOUR NOT MAKING $1000 PER DAY WITH YOUR BLOG THEN –CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW