How to handle the objection i don't have any money


Published on Probably the most common objection to your business that you will hear from people, so how do you handle it when they say I don't have any money? This post in my mindset series will surely help.

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How to handle the objection i don't have any money

  1. 1. How to Handle the Objection I Dont Haveany MoneyProbably the most common objection to your business that you will hear from people, so howdo you handle it when they say I dont have any money? This post in my mindset series willsurely help.I Dont Have any Money - Is Mostly Likely a DiversionYou need to know that the majority of the time a person says "I dont have any money", they aretrying to divert you from your goal of helping them. They tend to say this for a couple ofreasons:1. They think its an objection that you cannot counter. So, they believe that they are blowing youoff.2.You as the seller has not placed your opportunity into their minds as something they desire, orrequire to solve their current problems or help them reach their personal goals.3.You are being seen as "pitching" them something to purchase for which they dont have any"extra money". You need them to view your opportunity for them as just that, an opportunity!Something that will aid them, help them and be viewed as something they want and need.
  2. 2. I Dont Have any Money - The Secret to Overcome this ObjectionNow, below I am going to show you three ways to overcome this objection. If you dont find away to combat this objection, you will lose at least 20% to it during your recruiting, than if youlearned how to overcome it. Take a look at three of the best responses to answer with when theysay I dont have any money.1. Im curious so tell me, if you were interested, whats the biggest factor that would have helpedyou to raise the money? This will reverse their current thought of not raising the money tofinding ways in their mind to actually find it.2. Listen I can appreciate where you coming from, but wouldnt the better question be how youcan enjoy the benefits right now without further suffering? This response will make them realizethat they actually are suffering without the solution you are providing, and anyone would preferto enjoy the benefits now, not 5 years from now.3. Let me ask you this, if you had the money would you move forward? If they say no, this willhelp you find out the real objection. If they say yes, do this…Have them pull out a piece of paper and write at the top, I am so happy and grateful that I joined_________ (insert company name). Then, tell them to write 10 ways for them to come up withthe money to join. For example, my company is only $25 to get started, and there are levels toupgrade to that are more but not necessary to get going. So, I would tell them to come up with 10ways to come up with $25 and I help them get the list started with some very simple ways tocome up with the money, I tell them to write down. This shows them that coming up with a littlemoney is much easier than they believe. Now your opportunity may cost more but the principleis the same. Help them! Tell them you will follow up with them in three days to get them startedand send that energy into their efforts.People who really want to make a change, will come up with the money or realize that its worththe effort.
  3. 3. Try the options above when you reach the objection of I dont have any money. You will besurprised at the positive responses that you will receive. Now will they all change their mind? Ofcourse not, but your recruiting efforts will increase exponentially.Dave "The Sarge" SabadosSkype: tyedenEmail: dave@davesabados.comWork With Me: START YOUR OWN BLOGP.S. IF YOUR NOT MAKING $1000 PER DAY WITH YOUR BLOG THEN –CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW