Resolution tips for fixing blue screen of death error


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Every Windows user must have experienced the “blue screen of death error” at least once or twice in their life time.

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Resolution tips for fixing blue screen of death error

  2. 2. KNOWING THE “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH”ERROR This phenomenon usually occurs when the normal functioning of your computer is disturbed due to some serious reason. It could be a software problem or a hardware malfunction. But blue screen of death error is not something you can discard as a trivial error, because unlike other errors, the computer cannot recover from this on its own. It is a Windows stop error that requires your immediate attention.
  3. 3. HERE ARE SOME RESOLUTION TIPS Unlike other errors, this error is displayed with an error code defining the real cause of this error, if you take a closer look at it. This error code should be usually mentioned in the first few lines itself of the error. Some of the common error codes are DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR, REGISTRY_ERROR, INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, BAD_POOL_HE ADER etc. that gives you a clear-cut clue to the root cause of this error.
  4. 4. HERE ARE SOME RESOLUTION TIPS This error could have occurred due to any of the recent operations that you have performed on your computer, so just recall all of them at once. It could be a recent software update, hardware install, code change, a windows update or installation of new drivers. Just think if you have done anything new to your computer – lately.
  5. 5. STILL UNRESOLVED? Though you are sure of the recent operations and the error code, you still may not be able to find out the real reason for this blue screen of death error. If that’s the case, you may need to do a series of common checks on your system.
  6. 6. CHECK NO. 1 – CHECKING FOR SPACE One such check is to ensure that your computer’s hard disk has the required minimum space. If not, remove all the unwanted programs or files that are eating up valuable disk space. Always make sure that you leave ample free space on your primary drive (usually the C drive) of the hard disk.
  7. 7. CHECK NO. 2 – CHECKING FOR VIRUSES The presence of malicious viruses and spywares can also give rise to the blue screen of death error. So make sure that you have a licensed copy of a reputed anti-virus program installed on your computer that can check for viruses even on the boot sector, because, many of the viruses damage the boot sector of the hard disk resulting in severe errors and also rendering the hard disk non- bootable.
  8. 8. CHECK NO. 3 – CHECKING THE OPERATINGSYSTEM Check whether you have installed a licensed copy of the operating system on your computer. Without which your computer is exposed to all kinds of major security vulnerabilities and problems. Because when a problem or vulnerability is detected by the company they release the appropriate service packs and patches for plugging it, which then gets automatically installed on your system while you are connected to the internet, thus preventing any occurrence of severe malfunctions including the blue screen of death error.
  9. 9. CHECK NO. 4 – CHECKING COMMONPROBLEMS The common problems on your computer can also give rise to errors including the blue screen error. So it is very important to check for such errors by going to the respective menus or screens depending on your operating system. For eg. In Windows 7, you need to go to “Control Panel System and Security  Find and Fix Problems” for troubleshooting the common problems. Likewise every operating system will have equivalent menus to fix the general issues. You just need to refer to the help file to find that out – it’s not that complicated.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION If you are still unable to resolve the blue screen of death error despite following these steps, you might need the assistance of a professional computer mechanic to fix it. If you liked this presentation and found it to be useful, then please do share it with others using the social buttons and also give your valuable suggestion as a comment.Thanks,David Rowe About the author: This presentation is from David Rowe, the owner of, that offers a range of IT services like computer and laptop repairs, virus removal and data recovery.