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QuickBooks Hosting Services - Cloud Vertex. Get QuickBooks hosting solutions for all versions of QuickBooks Accounting applications such as QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise. Anytime anywhere application access with QuickBooks hosting services. Full free tech support, Secure backup with QuickBooks Hosting Services.

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What is quick books hosting

  1. 1. What is QuickBooks Hosting ?<br />QuickBooks hosting is an example of Cloud Application <br />hosting wherein:<br /> <br />The QuickBooks Accounting Application is hosted on Third party Cloud Servers<br /> <br />The Database can be accessed centrally over the Cloud Servers from Anywhere on the Broad Internet Cloud<br />The Network is managed by the QuickBooks Hosting Services Provider<br /> <br />The end-user accesses the QuickBooks Application as a desktop User Face <br /> <br />Cloud Vertex<br />Complete Small Business Cloud Solutions <br />
  2. 2. How it differs from desktop based QuickBooks Access?<br />Desktop based QuickBooks Application access needs application installation on each user’s Desktop whereas QuickBooks Hosting implies Central Cloud server installation<br />As Against Customization and configuration for each user individually, QuickBooks hosting leads to central customization and configuration setting <br />Data backed and accessed for all users centrally as against individual desktop based backup and access. Hence QuickBooks hosting also enables simultaneous access and collaboration. <br />Cloud Vertex<br />Complete Small Business Cloud Solutions <br />
  3. 3. Benefits of Cloud Hosted QuickBooks<br />No Local IT infrastructure: IT infrastructure is available on demand anytime, and completely third party managed so no local IT Infrastructure required<br /> <br />IT management: The small business gets application environment as a readymade solution. Hence no need to invest in setting up local servers and IT personnel to manage this.<br />Secure backup: All data centrally baked up in multiple location automatically, network continuously monitored by experts for data safety.<br />IT Support: Right from Software Installation to network management, application upgrades and troubleshooting full tech support fro the provider is assured. <br /> <br /> <br />Cloud Vertex<br />Complete Small Business Cloud Solutions <br />
  4. 4. How does small business reduce costs with QuickBooks Hosting Services? <br />Costs benefits from QuickBooks Hosting Service for small business are: <br /> <br />No Long term IT investment: Get required Infrastructure readily available ant time you desire. No System upgrades each time you decide to move to different version of the QuickBooks program.<br /> <br />No Local Servers to manage: Since application accessed through cloud servers through any online connection no need to invest in local enterprise servers for multiuser access.<br /> <br />Application holding costs: Further reduced due to saving on application lifetime costs which includes installation, troubleshooting, upgrade and administration costs.<br /> <br />Backup and security costs eliminated: Cloud Hosting comes with full automatic backup and robust security environments for your application included in the subscription price. Also no ongoing costs of maintaining and upgrading on-site storage system’s hardware and software.<br />Cloud Vertex<br />Complete Small Business Cloud Solutions <br />
  5. 5. Collaboration features of QuickBooks Hosting Services  <br />Collaboration is the cornerstone of QuickBooks Hosting in the Cloud.<br /> <br />Always on application access: Access the central database from anyplace you desire from any internet connection irrespective of Browsers, platforms and network constraints<br />Centralized database: Central database access allows you to know in real time the updates by other users<br />Multiuser collaboration: See what other designated users are making changes to the files, access QuickBooks simultaneously with other users, collaborates with them in real time, and manage different clients in real time manner.<br />Scalability: Add any numbers of concurrent users at short notice based on business and client needs <br />Cloud Vertex<br />Complete Small Business Cloud Solutions <br />
  6. 6. QuickBooks Hosting: Security and Reliability benefits  <br />Cloud based data is more secure and reliable than the local data storage:<br /> <br />Central database: Central database automatically updated daily and stored in multiple location whereas fragmented local storage is more susceptible to data loss. <br />Monitoring: Dedicated, Technical experts monitoring network in real time ensures that the storage is completely secured from online threats, which may not be possible for a small business to implement locally.<br />Guaranteed Access and Uptime: Latest virtualization and load balancing ensures that your network is always upright and accessible and high bandwidth availability ensured through distributed computing framework.<br />Cloud Vertex<br />Complete Small Business Cloud Solutions <br />