Learning About Hdtv - EDCI718
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  • 1. EDCI 718 Assignment David Riat
  • 2. Goals
    • Learn about HDTV
    • Use web searching skills
    • Apply multiplication skills
    • Develop a perspective on which HDTV format is best
  • 3. Please watch this short video… http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/avdb/news_web/video/9012da680047190/bb/09012da68004751e_16x9_bb.asx © BBC 2009 All Rights Reserved ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/terms/ )
  • 4. HDTV Formats
    • How many HDTV formats are there?
    • What are their names?
    • Search the web and find out!
    • Write down your answers – you will need
    • them to complete this exercise
    • (Hint: http://www.hdtvfaq.org/hdtv-formats.html )
  • 5. Progressive vs. Interlaced
    • What does it mean when a HDTV format includes an “I” or a “P” at the end?
    • How does this impact how the picture is displayed?
    • Which is better, interlaced or progressive? Why?
    • Hint: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_scan )
  • 6. Network TV and HDTV
    • Do all the major networks broadcast the same type of HDTV format?
    • If not, which HDTV format does ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX use?
    • Hint: (try searching "NBC HDTV format", for example)
  • 7. Pixels
    • Pixels are a unit of display – they refer to one “block” or square on the TV set. A screen is made up of many thousands (or millons) of pixels
    • The more pixels, the more refined the display is.
    • If I have a 1920*1080 display (1080p), how many pixels are on the screen?
    1 pixel
  • 8. Refresh Rate
    • We learned that interlaced displays are refreshed at ½ the rate as progressive displays.
    • How many times is each line of progressive display refreshed every second?
    • How many times is each line of an interlaced display refreshed every second?
    • If I have a 1080P display, how many pixels are displayed / refreshed in one second?
  • 9. Comparisons / Conclusions
    • For each of the HDTV formats that you identified, calculate how many pixels are displayed / refreshed in one second.
    • What does this tell you about which format is best? Rank the various network’s HDTV formats from best to worst.
    • NBC claims to broadcast “the highest possible resolution to our audience.” Is this true?