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Applied Logix Intro (Jun \'11)
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Applied Logix Intro (Jun \'11)


Published on

Introductory presentation for AppliedLogix, LLC

Introductory presentation for AppliedLogix, LLC

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Company Overview
  • 2. Our Mission
    • Founded in 2006, AppliedLogix provides expert-level embedded systems development services.
      • Silent-partner engineering services provider to a loyal and growing Fortune 500 customer base.
      • Custom electronics, firmware, and SW apps design
      • Services and delivery model are tailored to each customer’s unique needs.
  • 3. Core Principles & Values Engineering Excellence and Tangible Business Value Teamwork: Infuse expertise and combine strengths INTEGRITY: our founding principle and greatest strength Skilled deployment of advanced technologies Robust, right-sized, refined engineering processes Lean, low-overhead operations and infrastructure
  • 4. Skills and Capabilities
    • Software and firmware development
      • Object-oriented design following UML standards
      • Hard real-time systems including safety critical applications
        • RTOS (DSP frameworks, AUTOSAR, QNX, others)
        • “ Bare-metal” development, bootloaders, in-system programming
      • Redundant, safety-critical and fail-functional systems
      • Board support packages (BSP)
      • Custom device drivers
      • Cross-platform desktop applications
      • Real-time “push” mobile messaging across multiple platforms
      • Touch-driven kiosk interfaces, capacitive overlay drivers
      • Wide variety of language and toolchain support capabilities
  • 5. Skills and Capabilities
    • Hardware development
      • Mixed signal and precision analog circuit design
      • Low power SOC-based hand-held solutions
      • Embedded wireless including 802.11A/B/G/N and Zigbee
      • High performance DSP, μP/ μ C, and FPGA implementations
        • In-depth knowledge of dataflow / pipelined architectures
        • FPGA Serial transceiver based links (GHz+)
        • Mixed-mode designs: embedded SW + HW acceleration
      • Advanced PWB layout
        • Controlled impedance stack-up and routing
        • Ultra low inductance power distribution network (PDN) design
          • Via-in-pad (mechanical drill and HDI)
      • Safety critical circuit and firmware design techniques
  • 6. We Have Implemented:
    • Microprocessors & DSPs:
      • Freescale (Design Alliance Partner) 8560, 8540, 8347, 8280, 8260, 8250, 8247, 8245, 8240, 740, 604e, 603e, MXL and ColdFire
      • AMCC 440GX, IBM 750CXe
      • Texas Instruments TMS570, TMS320 (fixed/floating), Piccolo, MSP430
      • Analog Devices ADSP21369 (SHARC)
      • Microchip (Design Partner Member) dsPIC, PIC16 and PIC18 families
      • ARM – TI Stellaris (Cortex M3), NXP ARM 7 TDMI and Freescale MXL (ARM 926)
      • Atmel AVR (Tiny, Mega, AT90S)
      • Cypress PSoC-1 and PSoC-3
    • FPGAs
      • Actel, Altera, Lattice and Xilinx device families
    • Industry standards:
      • HDMI, DVI, PCI Express 1.0 & 2.0, PCI/X-133,10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet, SATA, SAS-2.0, VME, SCSI, Fibre Channel, USB 2.0, FireWire, CAN, Camera Link, SPI, I2C, Arcnet.
  • 7. Specialized Capabilities
    • Signal integrity analysis and EMC optimization
      • PWB stack-up and routing constraints, bus topologies, termination, IO buffer drive strengths & slew rates, timing budgets, low skew common clock tree design, source-synchronous design, crosstalk analysis
      • Tools: Mentor HyperLynx EXT (LineSim, BoardSim, Crosstalk)
    • Power integrity analysis and PDN optimization
      • Develop Z0 target (impedance over frequency range) based on max load transients and device package cutoff frequency
      • PDN PWR / GND loop inductance minimization techniques
      • Deploy SSN minimization techniques
      • Tools: custom spreadsheets (1-D); Sigrity PowerSI (via partner)
    • Worst case AC timing margin analysis
      • Over full range of process, voltage, and temperature (PVT)
      • Includes all interconnect path delays and signaling effects
  • 8. Specialized Capabilities
    • System Architecture Analysis and Definition
      • Tie functional & non-functional requirements to system functions
      • Apportion functions to logical system components and modules
      • Define critical behavioral characteristics and processes
      • Establish critical aspects (i.e. security, reliability, redundancy, scalability, etc.) that all development activities must incorporate
    • Cross-Discipline Agile Development Methodologies
      • Employ agile techniques across disciplines using iterative processes
      • Accommodate changing requirements
      • Deliver hardware, software, firmware early and often
      • Establish iteration and release plans for all system components
      • Direct, regular stakeholder involvement validates work products
      • Provide sustainable commercial support for agile practices
  • 9. Engagement Options On-site co-location limited to sites within ~75 miles of Rochester, NY AL Client
    • Complete Project Outsource
    • Turn-key product development
    • Subsystem and module design
    • Decouple specialized disciplines
    AL Client
    • Collaborative Integration
    • Deliver early and often
    • Direct stakeholder access
    • Reduce decision turn-time
    AL Client
    • Dedicated On-Site Personnel
    • Rapid staffing capability
    Specialized Options Standard Options Group/1-on-1 Training Peer-to-Peer Design Review Tiger Team Leader
    • High speed design techniques
    • Electromagnetic compatibility
    • Embedded Linux & real-time
    • Agile software development
    • Customized content available
    • Detailed parametric analysis
    • On-site or off-site reviews
    • Cross-disciplinary attention
    • Written report of findings
    • Suggested improvements
    • Critical EMC issues
    • Expert analysis
    • Rapid diagnosis/resolution
    • “ Fresh eyes” perspective
    • Best practices integration
  • 10. Flexible Project Management Multiple project approaches address the cost and risk spectrum. Fixed Price Projects Target Cost Contracts Time and Materials Specialized Personnel Training Architecture Studies
  • 11. Domain Expertise
    • Medical device design
      • Concept and Feasibility
      • Systems Requirements
      • Safety Critical Systems Analysis and Design
        • Hazards/Risk Analysis
        • Defensive Design
          • Redundancy/Diversity and Self Checking
          • Intrinsically Safe Design
        • Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis (QFTAs)
        • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA and DFMEA)
        • Safety Critical Software
      • FDA 510K Premarket Approvals
      • IEC 60601, Programmable Medical Devices, Plus Particular and Collateral Specifications
  • 12. Domain Expertise
    • Automotive device design
      • Concept and Feasibility
      • System Requirements
      • Component Evaluation & Selection
      • Design of Safety and Real-Time Systems
        • DFMEA following SAE practices
        • AUTOSAR Automotive RTOS Deployment
        • Orthogonal Computational Assurance
        • High-voltage / High-energy Systems (i.e. HVIL)
      • CAN/LIN Bus Design, Analysis & Integration
      • Environmental / Reliability testing
      • HALT & HASS
      • Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 13. Additional Experience
    • Military
      • Multiband Man pack Radios
      • Microwave Radar Components
      • Air To Air Combat Flight Simulators
      • Helicopter Simulators
      • Video Scan Converters
      • Flight Simulator I/O Acquisition
      • Avionic Stimulation/Simulation
      • Components Engineering
      • Obsolete Parts/Redesign
      • COTS Integration
  • 14. Domain Expertise
    • Digital Imaging
      • Hardware-accelerated FPGA pipeline
      • Low-level printer operating software
      • Multi-core processing pipelines
      • Image management software
      • Digital workflow applications
      • Custom Photoshop plug-ins with hardware acceleration
      • Raster image processing servers
      • Wireless image transmission from point-of-capture (camera interface)
      • PTP / Pictbridge hosts & devices
      • Geotagging, data association and metadata access
  • 15. Case Study #1 IP2 Project HW Subsystem Design
    • Embedded Controller Image Path Gen-II: AppliedLogix developed the complete hardware subsystem – from writing the requirements document to validating the quickturn prototypes
    • Custom Flex-ATX compatible main board with unique PCI/X planar edge connector for slot expansion
      • 12-layer controlled impedance PWB w/ low inductance PDN design
      • Freescale MPC8560 @ 833 MHz, DDR333, PCI/X-111, Gbit Ethernet
    • Custom 4-slot PCI Expander board
      • Meets full ATX form factor when mated to the Main Board
    • Embedded disk array (RAID-0) w/ enterprise class SATA drives
    • Industry standard PC chassis and DC power supply
  • 16.
  • 17. IP2 Project Details
    • AppliedLogix deliverables:
      • HW requirements spec with supporting application performance estimate, and bus / memory / disk bandwidth analysis
      • Component selection / circuit design / schematic capture
      • Signal integrity, power integrity, and AC timing margin analysis and optimization
      • Comprehensive PWB stack-up and trace routing constraints document (with DFM, DFT, and EMC considerations)
        • Component placement and routing oversight
      • HW prototype bring-up & test per detailed HW Validation Test Plan Document
    • OEM’s firmware group developed the BSP/drivers
      • A’Logix provided register level programming recommendations
      • Collaborative debug and test approach
  • 18. Case Study #2 CCB Project SI / PI Design Support
    • Color Channel PWBA
      • Low profile, 32-bit PCI/X @ 100 MHz Adapter Board
      • Stratix EP2SGX90 (FPGA-1152 package)
        • (5) board-to-board 2 Gb/s serial links (via 3 meter Infiniband cables)
        • (2) x 16-bit DDR2 @ 150 MHz
        • 18-bit SIO RLDRAM-II @ 200 MHz
        • (5) x 16-bit SyncSRAMs @ 150 MHz
      • 16-layer controlled impedance PWB w/ BC PWR // GND planes
      • Deployed plated and filled via-in-pad PWB technology - achieved the PDN target impedance of 7 milliohms for the FPGA 1.2V core voltage rail
  • 19. CCB Engagement details
    • Background: OEM was resource constrained on tight schedule, they focused their resources on the VHDL / FPGA development effort
    • AppliedLogix deliverables:
      • Specified / validated optimal 2 Gb/s, 3-meter cable interconnect
        • Tek TDR/TDT with iConnect utilized to capture serial interconnect S-parameters
        • S-params processed by Altera’s PELE program for GX transceiver settings
      • Uitilized HyperLynx LineSim to complete pre-route SI analysis, optimize memory interface termination & IO drive strength, & facilitate AC timing margin analysis
      • Managed all aspects of the PWB layout
        • Specified optimal controlled-impedance PWB stack-up
        • Applied rigorous DFx techniques during the PWB layout phase
      • PDN simulated and tuned with Sigrity PowerSI tool (working with OEM’s SI Engineer)
      • Extensive post-route SI & Crosstalk verification with BoardSim (batch mode)
      • Created and implemented detailed HW Design Validation Test Plan
        • High speed serial links validated w/ PRBS & Tek RT-Eye
  • 20. “ Walk the Talk” “ I'm glad to say that our high risk area - the DDR2 interface, is working flawlessly. Thanks again for all your help”. “ Thank you for all the help that you have shared with the team.  Much of our layout success can be attributed to the wealth of knowledge and experience that you’ve shared with us over the past couple quarters”. “ AppliedLogix has earned special recognition for having exceeded our expectations…AppliedLogix was the driving force behind the architecture specification…board detailed design, PWB layout, and prototype design validation of this high-performance image path subsystem”. “ Over my 35 years in the business I have worked with design engineers from almost every company in New York and I have to say that you are one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to have worked with”. Design Service Bureau Senior Design Engineer Fortune 200 HW Development Team Leader Fortune 500 HW/SW Product Development Manager Top 20 Semiconductor Mfr. Global Accounts Manager
  • 21. Summary
    • AppliedLogix: Proven. Trusted.
      • Flexible customer-focused, integrity-driven approach
      • Advanced digital electronics, firmware and software
      • Robust high-speed design process expertise
      • Innovative embedded systems implementations
      • Extensible resources via highly selective partnering
      • Stellar track record of commercialization success
  • 22. Next Steps
    • We will support your digital product development with uncommon engineering expertise, teamwork, commitment, and passion… Let’s get started!
    • Contact Information:
        • Jim Herrmann, Managing Partner
        • Mobile: 585-507-3464
        • [email_address]
        • Steve Griffith, Managing Partner
        • Mobile: 585-734-7975
        • [email_address]
        • Angelo Caruso, Managing Partners
        • Mobile: 585-414-8193
        • [email_address]