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Full Ast Presentation Nov 09
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Full Ast Presentation Nov 09


AST Global - summary presentation of data centre solutions and services, NOV-09

AST Global - summary presentation of data centre solutions and services, NOV-09

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  • 1. POWER EFFICIENT/ GREEN/ MODULAR/ Fast Deployment/ Highly Secure Data Center Solutions AST Confidential
  • 2. Vision AST as the Company of reference for secure , resilient and energy efficient Modular I.T. Physical Infrastructures, present in all Companies and Institutions world wide. AST Confidential
  • 3. Culture CUSTOMER FOCUS Total Commitment to our customers success and satisfaction Sense of Urgency to our customers requirements Availability 24x7 Flexible to customer needs Deliver beyond expectations INNOVATION GROWTH New Products Profitable New niches Realistic Constant improvements Self-funded by Proven performance profit reinvestments Open to change Energy efficient TEAM Teamwork QUALITY Individual Development Processes documented Respect Detailed Planning Diversity Project Management Transparency Productivity Self risponsibility Attention to detail Team up with Partners & Suppliers AST Confidential
  • 4. Intellectual Property International Patents on Modular Data Centres and Shielding solutions. Trademarks registered. AST Confidential
  • 5. Policy AST is a Carbon Neutral Quality Policy Company   Internal Policies to: ISO 9001 Optimize AST´s own power consumption. Counter-balance CO2 emissions by AST Quality Management ´s own activities (manufacturing, transport, facilities, travelling,…). ISO 14001   Audit Services to reduce power consumptions at our customers´ existing Environmental Data Centres.   Products and solutions to optimize Power OSHA 18001 consumption at our customers´ existing and new Data Centres. Health & Safety   Include in all our quotations, an optional contribution to counter-balance CO2 emissions origined by AST supplied solutions.   Create consciousness among our suppliers, partners and customers to apply policies towards Carbon Neutral goal. AST Confidential
  • 6. Global coverage AST Partners AST Corp Offices Manufacturing AST Confidential
  • 7. AST Manufacturing & Assembly Plants AST Confidential
  • 8. Official memberships Official Members of the Project Management Insititute (Nr. 368 386) Other Official memberships AST Confidential
  • 9. AST Confidential
  • 10. Some AST Customers EDS Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi SOCIETE GENERAL Wipro AST Confidential
  • 11. AST Confidential
  • 12. Plates for Transformer Rooms SPP SMART SHIELD Tray Power Cable AST Confidential
  • 13. SHIELDING Application: Data Center above the Electrical Room (HUSKY – Calgary) i AST Confidential
  • 14. SHIELDING Application: Data Center above the Electrical Room (HUSKY – Calgary) ii AST Confidential
  • 15. Enterprise Smart Shelter+ (project based) SS Container SMB Shelter Small Medium IT, Power Data Center package Business (product based) Smart Shelter Smart Bunker 46U LC 120 Shelter Smart Bunker Kit-type IT modular room 23U Smart Data Smart Data Safe + Safe LC AST Confidential
  • 16. Common Main Add Value Technical Specs in all AST solutions AST Confidential
  • 17. EFFECTS in HIGH SECURE DATA CENTERS NO Water flooding Risk: concrete ceiling is not water proof, but Secure Data Center is. NO Water Steam emitted as wall materials are dry (no wet Emitted steam remains out material). Temperature rises < 125 °F (max 165ºF as per EN 1047-2 and UL72) Rel. Humidity up to 85% (max. 85% EMI/RFI shielded as per EN1047-2 and UL72) Hardware operates normally. Tapes and disk preserved. NO Water condensation in plenum: Sealed Room. Flames > 2000ºF HIGHLY SECURE DATA CENTER structure (Fire resistant 120 min.) -  NO Environmental Contamination -  NO human hazard -  NO burning possible as internal temperature is below 165oF 17 AST Confidential
  • 19. Perfectly Sealed Cable Openings AST Confidential
  • 20. Door: Triple Edge Water Sealant Fire Sealant AST Confidential
  • 21. Water tightness Water above the roof of the SMART SHELTER NO Water inside the SMART SHELTER AST Confidential
  • 22. Smart Data Safe Up to 10 TB capacity SESOLINC GSA Contract Number. GS07F-0360K Product name: Armored, Force Data Protection GSA Price: 23,940.00 (that includes stand and cage) AST Confidential
  • 23. AST Confidential
  • 24. Advantages 1. 1.  3 NAS Options (soon SAN option available): 1.  PROWARE 2.  NETGEAR 3.  EMC-IOMEGA 2.  Includes* an insurance for Data and Business Income up to $500,000 (* add. $400/year). 3.  Lease Option: less than 500-700 usd/month for a 3-5 year lease. 4.  Disks backups are hot swappable, SMS via built in modem and EMAIL alert in case of smoke, flood or vandalism. Real time environmental monitoring. 5.  Easy to use and install (PLUG & PLAY) – ONLY 3 to 4 hours to set it up. 6.  Integrated with continuous data back up software AST Confidential
  • 25. The normal conditions of the Current SDS are with the environmental Ventilation Ducts values of the SDS OPEN and the Maintenance Door CLOSED Min. And Max. recorded values in last 24 hours AST Confidential
  • 26. 3 mobile numbers can be pre-set, where the SDS will send the alarm messages to. In order to do so, a SIM card (with the security pin disabled) must be located in the slot of the GSM modem, which is at the rear of the SDS. Paramount conditions: -  Insert a valid SIM card in the GSM modem -  Modem must be connected -  Modem must have signal and its led must have a green light, which must blink slowly (pulse-type) Important: always put the country code at the beginning of the mobile numbers. AST Confidential
  • 27. Warning message showing an alarm in a fan Alarm message showing a vibration Change in the System Mode to RUN AST Confidential
  • 28. References AST Confidential
  • 29. SmartBunker AST Confidential
  • 30. Smart Bunker: Modular Highly Secure Rack •  42U 19” Rack. •  F 120 min. fire tight and water tight.. •  PDU Built-in •  Fire Suppression, built-in • 5 or 17kW cooling capacity built-in •  Security Access Built-in •  PLUG & PLAY solution – 1 day to set up AST Confidential
  • 31. Door: Triple Edge Water Sealant Fire Sealant AST Confidential
  • 32. Examples SmartBunker 23U / 46U •  Local authorities: hospitals, city halls, schools, police stations, government buildings, etc. •  SMBs •  Bigger corporations with sites in different locations. •  Professional organizations: lawyers, solicitors, engineers, dentists, doctors, … •  Ideal solution to protect CRITICAL servers (email) or data storage units (disk units, NAS, SAN, etc.) References AST Confidential
  • 33. References AST Confidential
  • 34. SmartShelter AST Confidential
  • 35. Smart Shelter in a Manufacturing Plant AST Confidential
  • 36. Smart Shelter: Data Center in a Warehouse i AST Confidential
  • 37. Smart Shelter Application: Data Center in a Warehouse ii (Calgary Board of Education) AST Confidential
  • 38. Smart Shelter Application: Data Center in a Warehouse ii (Calgary Board of Education) AST Confidential
  • 39. Smart Shelter Application: Data Center in a Warehouse ii (Calgary Board of Education) AST Confidential
  • 40. Smart Shelter: modular, secure, IT room for any size and application. AST Confidential
  • 41. Smart Shelter Outdoor Solutions AST Confidential
  • 42. Smart Shelter: Data Center in a Warehouse AST Confidential
  • 43. References Data Center AST Confidential
  • 44. References Telecom Room AST Confidential
  • 45. References Lab AST Confidential
  • 46. CONCLUSIONS SMART SHELTER •  Better SECURITY: –  Fire, Water, Heat, Humidity, EMI-RFI, Dust, Smoke, Tornado, Vandalism,… •  EASY, MODULAR, FLEXIBLE, CLEAN and FAST Installation •  Better ROI – DIRECT SAVINGS –  Power EFFICIENCY: THERMAL ISULATION plus better cooling performance, up to 30% –  Insurance Premium reduction (up to 50%) –  Faster Taxes Depreciation (up to 40%) – from 1 to 7 years •  GREEN SOLUTION because: –  Safeguarding Water (Water tight) –  Energy Efficiency – incl. ONLY 100 Watts as thermal transmission losses –  Conservation of Materials and Resources (MODULAR and REUSABLE) –  Indoor environmental Quality (CLEAN INSTALLATION and CLEAN ENVIRONEMENT) AST Confidential
  • 47. Smart Container AST Confidential
  • 48. Modular DC Main Design Highlights •  Modular Data Centers are suitable for any standard 19” racks, multi-vendor equipment and legacy equipment •  Replicate the advantages of a traditional Data Center space within an ISO container •  Flexible cooling system for all types of IT equipment cooling requirements: Heat Exchangers, Overhead fan-coils, Water, Refrigerant, CRAC units, InRow Cooling,.. •  Multiple design points: up to 36 kw/rack configurations. •  Maximize Standard equipment to simplify deployment and service. •  Optimize energy efficiency Smart Shelter high thermal insulation (R up to 34) •  Maximize security and environmental protection (fire, water, smoke, humidity, EMI-RFI, heat, burglary proof, etc.) •  Cost effective, scalable, and full Plug & Play •  FULL MODULAR DESIGN CONCEPT: AST propietary CAD library allows immediate combination of various of types of standarized components (cooling, racks, etc) to produce any specific design in a matter of minutes •  Global Patents (US Patent Office and European Patent Office registered for over 50 countries) AST Confidential
  • 49. CONTAINER Options AST Confidential
  • 50. Single Container Solution •  All-in-one design –  IT equipment and infrastructure in a single container –  Very compact solution –  Use when space for containers is limited –  Use when IT equipment needs are minimal –  20’ solution: up to five 19” racks (up to 420 servers) –  40’ solution: up to eight 19” racks (up to 672 servers) Multi-container Solution •  IT Equipment Container (Server Container) –  IT equipment, cooling, power distribution, fire suppression, remote monitoring, physical security –  Use for maximized IT equipment installations –  20’ solution: up to eight 19” racks or 7 iDPx racks –  40’ solution: up to 17 - 19” racks (up to 1428 servers) or 24 iDPx racks (up to 2016 servers) –  Supported by physical infrastructure container or existing building services •  Physical Infrastructure Container (Services Container) –  UPS/batteries, power switchboard, chiller, fire detection/suppression, cooling, monitoring –  Designed to support IT equipment container –  N, N+1 and 2N configuration designs 50 AST Confidential
  • 51. Ease of Installation – Stand-alone Solution 1 Water Feed Utility Electrical 2 Feed Concrete Pad C O N C P H W D I O I A W L T T E L E I R E R O N D E D 3 Network Connection Concrete Pad 51 AST Confidential
  • 52. Ease of Installation – Client Supplied Mechanical and Electrical Client owned MEP Plant C O N C P H W D I O I A W L T T E L E I R E R O N D E D Network Connection Concrete Pad 52 AST Confidential
  • 53. 40´ High Density: Redundant Service Container configuration – DESERT (Water Cooling) AST Confidential
  • 54. Infrastructure Container - Chiller Unit 54 AST Confidential
  • 55. CONTAINER Alternative Solutions AST Confidential
  • 56. 40´ High Density: Redundant Service Container configuration – DESERT (Water Cooling) AST Confidential
  • 57. Park Example (i) AST Confidential
  • 58. Park Example (ii) AST Confidential
  • 59. Real Installations AST Confidential
  • 60. AST Confidential
  • 61. AST Confidential
  • 62. AST Confidential
  • 63. AST Confidential
  • 64. Rear of the Racks Front of the Racks AST Confidential
  • 65. Before Fixing for transport After Fixing for Transport AST Confidential
  • 66. In the truck AST Confidential
  • 67. Data Center Container Park AST Confidential
  • 68. Services Container AST Confidential
  • 69. Conclusions AST Confidential
  • 70. •  Essential to Plan for the next 10 years, considering the Companies´ needs and its criticity, legal environment, resiliency needs... •  Security Vs. catastrophic events is a must: fire and water are main risks. DC thermal stability must be ensured! •  Modularity: essential to adapt to the future. Modular “Smart Shelter” building technique is ideal. •  Scalability: importance of planning ahead for added power and cooling equipment. •  Mobility and Outdoors DC: the future. Containerized or Smart Shelter modular. •  Power Efficient: thermal insulation provides great side benefit; DC consolidation and virtualization. GREEN AST Confidential
  • 71. THANK YOU AST North America Joseba Calvo Office (330) 472 2800 AST Confidential