Ast Corporate Presentation 09


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Overview of AST\'s activities, locations, services and examples of installations

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Ast Corporate Presentation 09

  1. 1. Corporate Profile
  2. 2. Mission Vision To become the leading Global provider of AST as the Company of reference for secure , - Secure resilient and energy - Resilient efficient Modular I.T. - Energy efficient Physical Infrastructures, - Modular present in all Companies I.T Physical Infrastructures and Institutions world wide. To our Partners and customers, to Secure and Maximize their Return On their Technology Investments, whilst creating a better environment for people and machines.
  3. 3. GLOBAL COVERAGE Our Partners Our Offices
  4. 4. Modular room and Container Plant in Europe (by Barcelona International Port) 60 CDC units production capacity/ yr 1.000 m2 of high-ceiling production area
  5. 5. Modular rooms and Container Plant in the US (by Savannah, Ga International Port) 80 CDC units production capacity 3.000 m2 of production area 7.000 m2 of open field area for expansion
  6. 6. Culture CUSTOMER FOCUS Total Commitment to our customers success and satisfaction Sense of Urgency to our customers requirements Availability 24x7 Flexible to customer needs Deliver beyond expectations INNOVATION GROWTH New Products Profitable New niches Realistic Constant improvements Self-funded by Proven performance profit reinvestments Open to change Energy efficient TEAM Teamwork QUALITY Individual Development Processes documented Respect Detailed Planning Diversity Project Management Transparency Productivity Self risponsibility Attention to detail Team up with Partners & Suppliers
  7. 7. CORE BUSINESS Secure Modular Data Centers and related Technologies & Services MODULAR DC DC STORAGE , SECURITY -Smart Shelter Container & PERFOMANCE -Smart Shelter + -Smart Data Safe -Smart Shelter -Smart Bunker -LC 90 -Smart RD Cooling -Smart Air Deflector - Air Conditioning -Smart R.M.S EMF SHIELDING -Smart Shield EMF (low freq) SERVICES Shielding -Ecoptimization -EMF Audits -Strategic DC Design -Electric Field (high freq.) Shielding -I.T Care -Tempest -I.T. Check -Tech Cleaning
  8. 8. Offering Portfolio Enterprise (project based) COMPLETE Smart Shelter+ Systems Small Medium DATA CENTER Protection Scope Business (product based) SS Container Smart Shelter NAS, SAN Smart Bunker and SERVERS 46U LC 120 Shelter Kit-type room Smart Bunker NAS , SAN 23U Smart Data Safe + Smart Data Safe LC Budget
  9. 9. Intellectual Property International Patents on Modular Data Centres and Shielding solutions. Trademarks registered.
  10. 10. Policy AST is a Carbon Neutral Company Quality Policy  Internal Policies to: Optimize AST´s own power consumption. ISO 9001 Counter-balance CO2 emissions by AST ´s own activities (manufacturing, Quality Management transport, facilities, travelling,…).  Audit Services to reduce power ISO 14001 consumptions at our customers´ existing Data Centres. Environmental  Products and solutions to optimize Power consumption at our customers´ existing and new Data Centres. OSHA 18001 Health & Safety  Include in all our quotations, an optional contribution to counter-balance CO2 emissions origined by AST supplied solutions.  Create consciousness among our suppliers, partners and customers to apply policies towards Carbon Neutral goal.
  11. 11. Corporate Millestones
  12. 12. AST SERVICES OFFERING Operational services Strategic services Stress Check IT Care ECOptimization Data Center Integral Data Center Services Commissioning Maintenance Energy Efficiencies tests IT Check Data Center Data Center Data Center Infrastructure Technical Strategic Design functional Audit Cleaning Consulting
  13. 13. STRATEGIC DC DESIGN SMART CIO The SMART CHIEF INFORMATION ORGANIZER is a Data Centre Maintenance and Inventory Management software as per ISO 17999 and TIA/ANSI 942. A 3D visual data-base of all hardware in the Data Centre and LAN connections, providing all information about any item selected. Benefits • Data Centre Centralized Management • Data Centre Centralized Maintenance • Data Centre Centralized Inventory • Facilitates ISO 17799, Fed. Std., ANSI/TIA 942 request for regular update inventory. • All Corporate DCs inventory and critical IT data (passwords, …) in one single data-base. • Power and Cooling knowledge per Rack and per Data Centre. • Security (restricted access). • Easy Usage
  14. 14. Electro Magnetic Shielding EMF Audits Tem/Sem Consultancy service regarding Protect your equipment for electro magnetic protection. wrong measure readings. Protect your equipment and people! Bugging protective chamber Tempest Tempest plus acoustic Protect your data against protection. electro magnetic attacks, it can Protect your data against be easily robbed or destroyed. electro magnetic attacks, it can be easily robbed or destroyed. Smart MRI Room Smart Shield EMF RF – MR Systems Generate RF Protect people and equipment Operating Frequency against electro magnetic fields. Magnetic Shielding – MR's Are Superconducting Magnets High Magnetic Fields Are Potentially Dangerous
  15. 15. Modular Data Centres Highly Secure Data Centre Structure Conventional Data Centres SMART SHELTER Electro Magnetic interference Water flooding. NO Water flooding. Temperature > 300ºC RH = 100% Temp< 70ºC RH < 85% Electro Magnetic No Hardware Interference Survives Hardware (serves, DATs,...) Fire > 1100ºC operates (tapes, hard disks protected). Contamination risk (human hazard): 1 kg PVC burned (a 300ºC) creates 5.800 m³ of acrid gases. SMART SHELTER Structure No contamination (gas sealed).
  16. 16. Modular Data Centres SMART SHELTER SMART SHELTER + SMART SMART SHELTER Modular & Secure Modular & Secure SHELTER FD 90 CONTAINERIZED IT Room IT Room with + benefits Fast deployment, Container Data Center for profitable, IT Room Small & Medium Modular & Secure Data Centers IT Room Picture 56
  17. 17. Modular Data Centres Smart ShelterKey Advantages • Turn-key solution • Superior performance • Cost effective • Designed to most demanding standards • Fast delivery •Global coverage • Configurable to any size and any shape • Unique propietary 3D design and simulation software Main Advantages Vs. Competing Products •Cost effective. •Flexibility and modularity. •According to Int´l standards.
  18. 18. Modular Data Centres Smart Shelter+ Installation with AST Project Management •SGS Certification with temperatures according EN-1047-2 •SGS Certification with humidity according EN-1047-2 •SGS IP x5 certified according EN60529 •Special Door Design (WK4 acc. EN1627) •Panel Spec Construction according to Fire Resistance Panels F120 minutes according to UNE 23802 (official lab) or equivalent EN 1365-1 •Thermal Insulation •Acoustic Atenuation 33 dB •Electromagnetic Protection (20 dB HF and 5 dB LF)
  19. 19. Modular Data Centres SSC Containerized Mobile Data Center Main benefits •Mobility: can be easily transported anywhere in the world, by train, road, ship or air. •Ultra-fast deployment: no installation on-site required. •Multiple applications and extended product life. •Anti-vandalic protection. •Fire Resistant and thermally stable to most demanding standards. •Thermal isolation made of organic material, with fusion temp. > 2000ºC , non-toxic smoke release (safe for operators inside). •Minimum cool air losses are per extraordinary isolation. •Flexibility (custom designs possible). •Modular design allows to join various SS HDC together and create larger spaces, even opening larger openings between them. •Can be even buried underground as a pre-fab Bunker. •Blast resistant. •Water sealed.
  20. 20. Modular Data Centres Top 20 world Bank EUR 30 Billion Oil & Gas Secure Tape Storage room Company New 150 m2 Data Storage Room (5 meters high). Mission-critical room: all Corporate back-ups are stored in the room – legal requirement to keep them for 10 years.
  21. 21. Modular Data Centres Largest Super-Computer in Europe Back up Secure Data Center for one of the largest Within AST´s SMART SHELTER Highly Utility in Europe Secure Data Centre New secure 200 m2 Data room
  22. 22. DC STORAGE, SECURITY &PERFORMANCE SMART DATA SAFE • Plug & Play Data Storage solution for SMBs • Ideal for small IT needs (Small Co´s, subsidiaries, video images,...). • Provides high environmental security • 5TB Storage capacity, Raid 5 • Fits within 19” racks. • F120 min. Fire tight and water tight. SMART BUNKER • Plug&Play solution • Ideal for Medium Data Storage needs. • Provides top security •Up to 30kW cool¡ng capacity built-in. • 19” Rack 42U rack. •F 120 min. fire tight and water tight.
  23. 23. DC STORAGE, SECURITY & PERFORMANCE Smart Air Deflector •Cold Air is directed straight where is needed, by installing it under raised floor. •Insulates Cold aisle and Hot aisle, by installing it on top part of racks, without installing complex and expensive hoods. •Easy and clean installation with no need for mechanical works. •Preliminary tests have showed 20% cooling improvement in Data Centre by Smart Air Deflector usage. Benefits •Make curves with seamless joints and avoid cold air losses. •Save pipes and cable trays •Adjust its width therefore improving air velocity by Venturi effect to reach distant points where cold air is needed.
  24. 24. Official Memberships Official Members of the Project Management Insititute (Nr. 368 386) Other Official memberships
  25. 25. Strategic Alliances Global Partners Regional Partners
  26. 26. Main Customers EDS SAP
  27. 27. References
  28. 28. Contact us AST Global Henry Daunert, C.E.O. T +34 93 475 14 81 M +34 609 30 56 89 F +34 93 377 28 80