Acquire, grow and retain customers with IBM Big Data & Analytics - Client Examples


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Are you effectively converting your audience insights into added value for your consumers? 80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree. With IBM Big Data & Analytics solutions you can acquire, grow, and retain customers by improving customer interaction, building long term relationships and realizing value from customer sentiment.

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Acquire, grow and retain customers with IBM Big Data & Analytics - Client Examples

  1. 1. Big Data & Analytics Acquire, Grow, & Retain Customer Greatest Hits October, 2013
  2. 2. Data integration at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina enables superior customer service Need • Integrate and consolidate disparate data sources to provide members and providers w/a single source of the truth in an efficient, concise, consistent & cost effective manner. Benefits • Enables access to consistent member/ provider data to deliver services faster, adjudicate claims faster, and improve customer service, while lowering costs. • Integrates and consolidates member and provider data from various sources to provide members w/an accurate picture of their health history. • Centralizes data and enables reusable and repeatable processes to provide authorized access to information in a way that exceeds user expectations. • Provides a single source of truth & scalability to meet future data mgmt requirements. 22 Home
  3. 3. Brocade accelerates big data analytics with IBM Need • Powerful analytics platforms that help explore big data as the volume, velocity and variety of data increases Benefits • Gives companies unparalleled insight to help identify and respond to customer needs in near real time • Increases customer satisfaction and retention, and lowers customer churn for Communication industry clients • Improves service levels across the network and enables optimization of IT resources 33 Home
  4. 4. Cincinnati Zoo transforms customer experience & boosts profits w/analytics Need • Increase attendance and revenues by enhancing the customer experience Benefits • Provided a 360 degree view of customer behavior that helps to optimize marketing decisions, resulting in savings of $40K+ on marketing in the first year, while driving enhanced and measurable results. • Increased overall attendance, prompting at least 50,000 new "visits" in 2011 through enhanced marketing. • Saves the Zoo $100K+ per year by identifying less effective promotions and discounts, allowing resources to be redeployed to more productive initiatives. 44 Home
  5. 5. © 2013 IBM Corporation5 Duke University Health System gets smarter for its patients Need • Transform healthcare to provide patients with the capability to proactively manage their health; adapt best practices to rapidly determine which treatments and approaches work best – and which don’t Benefits • Increased patient engagement from zero to 30,000 users in less than three months • HealthView is now used by more than 150,000 patients, roughly one third of Duke’s overall patient base • Collected US $16 million in co-pays through the new portal 55 Home
  6. 6. © 2013 IBM Corporation6 Edith Cowan University looks into the future with IBM predictive analytics Need • Advance its business-centric, analytics-based approach to control costs and maximize income from key funding sources Benefits • Performs revenue calculations in 30 minutes, accelerating the process by a factor of 24 and enables a wide range of “what-if” analyses • Predicts factors influencing student outcomes and helps support students to succeed • Provides a comprehensive data warehouse as a single source of accurate, timely and reliable information 66 Home
  7. 7. Equifax Canada Co uses predictive analytics to develop new credit risk scores and value-added services Need • Complement its traditional credit- scoring offerings w/innovative analytics services based on modeling vast quantities of customer data gathered by its banking, utilities and communications customers Benefits • The mover’s model boosted one service provider’s ability to predict which of its customers are most likely to move in the next six months by approximately 40 percent over the provider’s original model. • The model also proved 365 percent more effective when compared with a baseline of random selection scores. • Using intelligence provided by the new credit risk score to better gauge applicants’ creditworthiness, one Big Five bank in Canada saved an estimated CAD2.5 million annually. 77 Home
  8. 8. Will you buy a car today? IBM SPSS Statistics helps Fiat identify the most likely customers and prospects. Need • Determine the likelihood that future and returning customers would buy specific brands/models of Fiat cars, so dealers could optimize available marketing funds. Also, needed to better understand customer experience w/dealerships and repair facilities. Benefits • Improved customer response rate to marketing initiatives by 15-20 percent. • Improved customer loyalty by 7 percent. • Supports continuous improvement of dealerships and repair facilities. • Centralized analytical reporting and modeling system enhances productivity and lowers costs. • Efficiently works with large Oracle database containing history on 64 million customers. 88 Home
  9. 9. First Tennessee Bank: Analytics drives higher ROI from marketing programs Need • An accountability framework that looked at overall marketing spending and the results that spending generated for the bank. Benefits • 600% overall return on its investment through more efficiently allocated marketing resources • 3.1% increase in marketing response rate through more accurate targeting of offers to high- value customer segments • 20% reduction in mailing costs and 17% reduction in printing costs due to the ability to target the most attractive segment for specific offers 99 Home
  10. 10. Fiserv saves USD 8M in five years and helps banks improve business outcomes Need • Small and midsize banks and credit unions seek to attract, retain and grow profitable customer relationships while competing with the analytic capabilities of new mega banks Benefits • Turn billions of transactions into actionable insights that help these banks better target offers and maximize their marketing dollars • Estimated increase of 100% or higher in the response rate of targeted marketing • Estimated IT savings of USD 8M in 5 years 1010 Home
  11. 11. Analytics Gives Jabil Circuit Better Insight Into Financial Performance Need • A detailed understanding of every aspect of its finances. Spreadsheet-based reporting processes were no longer providing the degree of insight that the business needed to maintain a rapid rate of growth. Benefits • Provides insight that the finance department can use to guide action – enabling a more proactive response to business problems • Improves service delivery to internal customers, raising the profile of the finance department within the organization • Reduces the monthly financial close • Enables self-service analytics, reducing the reporting requirements of the finance teams Home
  12. 12. Security First Insurance deepens connection with policyholders using IBM Content Analytics software Need • Be available to its customers no matter how they chose to get in touch and integrate its social media responses into the claims process to comply with regulations Benefits • Turn social media into an actionable communications channel during a major disaster • Speed claims processes by initiating claims with information from email and social media posts • Facilitates prioritizing urgent cases by analyzing social media content for keywords • Helped ensure compliance by automatically documenting social media communications 1212 Home
  13. 13. Start Today Co. Ltd achieves a 500% increase in email open rates and 1000% increase in conversion rate with the PureData™ System for Analytics Need • Enhancement of customer relationship management strategy - Start Today didn’t have that capability or the resource bandwidth to process large volumes of data and implement campaigns in a short period of time. Benefits • Three to five times higher email open rates • Five to ten times improved conversion rate • Drastically reduces the data extraction workload 1313 Home
  14. 14. Telerx achieves proactive service solutions through social media web insight Need • Move beyond a commoditized customer contact center to combat increasing competition and offer consumer behavior/ trend analysis to support its business customers product and marketing objectives Benefits • Gains more consumer insight by combining analysis of consumer phone calls with unstructured social media data • Reduces customer costs by helping establish appropriate staffing levels and estimated call volumes based on predicted hot topics • Enhances competitive advantage by embedding data analytics services into the company’s contact center offerings 1414 Home
  15. 15. Trident Marketing increases revenue nearly 1,000 percent with predictive analytics powered by PureData System for Analytics Need • To acquire the maximum number of paying customers, while minimizing the cost of sales, Trident needed insight into which customers are most likely to buy which products, and when. Benefits • Tenfold increase in revenue in four years • Ten percent increase in sales in 60 days • Thirty percent decrease in paid search marketing costs 1515 Home
  16. 16. VAASAN Group improved forecasting and order fulfillment rates while reducing stocks by analyzing sales data Need • Accurately forecast fluctuating sales orders across the Nordic region. Benefits • Ability to rapidly respond to and fulfill a 30 percent increase in sales orders • Achieved an on-time delivery target of 98.5 percent • Reduced business risk by aligning raw materials, human resources and production schedules with customer demand. 1616 Home
  17. 17. XO Communications uses PureData System for Analytics to analyze and manage call-based data Need • Identify customer-churn risks so that it would be able to take preventive actions and contact high-risk customers before they decide to make a change. Benefits • Retained additional customers and saved more than USD11 million. • Helped client reduce data query times by up to 90 percent. • Ability to analyze customer traffic and profitability faster. 1717 Home