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WideTag At Picnic08: The Social Energy Meter Announcement
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WideTag At Picnic08: The Social Energy Meter Announcement


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WideTag's presentation at the Internet Of Things Special at Picnic08 in Amsterdam, announcing the Social Energy Meter application suite

WideTag's presentation at the Internet Of Things Special at Picnic08 in Amsterdam, announcing the Social Energy Meter application suite

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. @ David Orban Chief Evangelist
  • 2. Who?
  • 3. What?
  • 4. The Open Internet Of Things
  • 5. SP ace + t IME A new category of objects aware of their surroundings GPS positioning Memory Communication Sensing Bruce Sterling 8
  • 6. Shaping The Vocabulary Open Internet of Things Earth Monitoring Social Hardware P2Pscience SpimeTalk Bruce Sterling Vernor Vinge
  • 7. When?
  • 8. Spreading the Idea. Involve people. First Quarter Action Plan
  • 9. Where?
  • 10. http2007 gutter Rdesai
  • 11. Why?
  • 12. 2 7 > 100
  • 13. Necessary Autonomy Platform Order of magnitude PCs ≈ 108 Mobiles ~ Humans ≈ 109 Spimes > 1010
  • 14. • 88/215983612_eecaa930f4_b.jpg Gaspa
  • 15. Nite Owl
  • 16. The Alieness
  • 17. .EVO.
  • 18. bazusa
  • 19. How?
  • 20. Open Source XMPP extensions XML Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have (steve jobs)
  • 21. The OpenSpime Protocol Core Protocol Protocol Extensions
  • 22. Core Protocol Encryption Digital Signature Claim
  • 23. Protocol Extensions Data Reporting SpimeSeek Claiming
  • 24. Based on XMPP Aynchronous / Asynchronous Communication ['event-driven' / 'data-polling'] One-Way / Two-Way communications Presence XMPP Servers are well-known robust applications Broadcasting [PubSub] Unique identity handling Series of extensions [file transfer, remote ad-hoc commands]
  • 25. Core Technology in Open-Source
  • 26. Public Documentation
  • 27. Developer Network
  • 28. Example 1.
  • 29. CO2 Spime Collects CO2 levels Communicates wirelessly Visualizes collected data online
  • 30. CO2 sensor based mobile phone Available in ‘09 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Blue Telephony, and CPS Group Italia collaborate on a new range of environmentally aware mobile phones based on the OpenSpime technology platform Consumers who want to learn about their environment are targeted with the creation of a new category of devices for a greener future London, United Kingdom San Francisco, CA, USA Milan, Italy June 18, 2008 Blue Telephony, creator of the Onyx line of innovative mobile phones, and CPS Group Italia a leading system integrator for mobile solutions, announce the development of a new generation of green phones, capable of sensing, and displaying CO2 concentrations. Blue Telephony, and CPS Group Italia announced today their joint initiative to collaborate on a new range of mobile phones, and accessories, attuned to the needs of those consumers who are concerned about the quality of the environment surrounding them. The collaboration focuses on the development of integrated sensor technologies, starting with CO2 concentration sensing, and the visualization techniques that make the data collected easily understandable by non-technical users. quot;We are very excited to be able and extend our Onyx product line with these innovative devices,quot; said Zafar Mirza, CEO of Blue Telephony, quot;offering them to our customers who are very sensitive to the quality of their environment!quot; quot;Once again, our cooperation with Blue Telephony is strengthened by the addition of leading solutions, well integrated into the Onyx product line.quot; added Fabio Salierno, CEO of CPS Group Italia. The phones' sensor data management functionality will be based on the OpenSpime technology platform developed by WideTag, Inc., the infrastructure company for an Open Internet Of Things. quot;OpenSpime is an enabling technology platform, and we are glad that CPS Group Italia and Blue Telephony chose us for providing value to their customersquot; added Leandro Agro, CEO of WideTag, Inc. About: Blue Telephony designs, develops, CPS Group Italia is a leading WideTag, Inc. develops and and manufactures the finest mobile provider and integrator of innovative promotes the OpenSpime technology phones with Style, Elegance, and technological solutions in the areas platform to enable the Infrastructure It is not just a CO2 detection, it is a social Technology. of IT and Networking. for an Open Internet Of Things. enhancement of your phone... For more information please contact: Zafar Mirza, CEO Fabio Salierno, CEO David Orban, Chief Evangelist Blue Telephony CPS Group Italia WideTag, Inc. +39 (02) 4550-6136 +1 (650) 419-2686
  • 31. Spime as Social Hardware Rebuild knowledge from the bottom Push HW to a Web 2.0 standard
  • 32. Make HW easy, social and effective as Web 2.0
  • 33. WideTag, Inc. 370 Convention Way Redwood City, CA 94063 thank you!
  • 34. one more thing...
  • 35. Example 2.
  • 36. A Picnic 08 exclusive announcement!
  • 37. Signs of a Global Change... Status
  • 38. Social Energy Meter
  • 39. How Does It Work? ScopeNode Sensor Emotional Interface Web Service
  • 40. Addressing the Community
  • 41.