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The evolution of technology has always influenced our perception of reality. The acceleration of technological change today is having an unprecedented impact on how people live, work, learn, shop, socialize, and get entertained.

What we used to call computers, are now in our pockets, and we call them phones. Where are they going to go tomorrow? How are they going to shape our behavior, our relationships, desires, and opportunities?

In this talk, David Orban, futurist and visionary entrepreneur, CEO of dotSUB, the New York City startup leading the use of online video to eliminate the barriers to cross cultural communication, is going to share what are some of the new rules of that organizations can usefully employ as guidelines to cope with the onslaught of this forthcoming revolution.

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ArLoMoSo Futures

  1. 1. ArLoMoSo FuturesHow Will You Cope With the Oncoming Changes? September, 2011 – Milan
  2. 2. David Orban CEO, dotSUB
  3. 3. Exponential TrendsSocial NetworksGlobal marketsLocationMobile
  4. 4. Exponential Trends Questions Ignorance Answers Kevin Kelly -
  5. 5. Exponential Trends
  6. 6. Complex PictureMonetization Sponsorship Advertising Licensing Subscription GlobalDistribution Web Mobile Tablet Satellite Industry Vertical A B C D ... Content Discovery Social Networks Search Engines RESTful SocialTechnology HTML5 Javascript Location 3D ... API Graph
  7. 7. The Privilege of Failure "The formula for success? Double your rate of failure." Thomas J. Watson, IBM “The Internet multiplied a thousandfold our failure rate, without increasing the cost of our success” Cory Doctorow
  8. 8. Virtual Reality, Yesterday Photo: williamcromar
  9. 9. Immersive Experience Photo: adactio
  10. 10. Emotional Bandwidth
  11. 11. Real Time Information Photo: familymwr
  12. 12. Empathy
  13. 13. Never Lost Again Photo: Google Maps
  14. 14. Unless You Want To Photo: The Welsh Poppy
  15. 15. Thank You!
  16. 16. dotSUB – 360 E. 72nd St. – New York NY 10021