Provide answers for the following questions   ・ What will the venture need objectively by way of management from here on o...
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Where Can I Contribute (Drucker)


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  • Aloha David, this is good info. I suggest reflecting further on the objective needs of the organization in terms of the different stages it will go through as a startup. What expertise is needed and what objectives need to be accomplished at different times? What industry is being studied? Is this a vendor situation or a business-side strategy? Who is the customer? Is your model that of Tremor or something else? And what is the exit strategy (money side), e.g., how fast and how big can it grow, and how can it become liquid (M&A? IPO?)

    I realize these are more business plan ideas than these Drucker questions above, but they will help focus on the more specific needs. E.g., first thing is needing customers, how do you get them? Ok, enough for now...
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Where Can I Contribute (Drucker)

  1. 1. Provide answers for the following questions ・ What will the venture need objectively by way of management from here on out? The venture will need me to use the human resource management type of system because each person in the venture will be a vital resource that can contribute to the venture. I will use McGregor’s Theory Y and Likert’s System 4 to manage the venture. ・ What am I good at? I am good at analyzing problems and coming up with solutions. Also coaching and managing a team. ・ What, of all these needs of the venture, could I supply, and supply with distinction? One thing that I can supply with distinction is guidance to the rest of the team. Only after thinking these (previous) questions through (and answering them), then ask ・ What do I really want to do, and believe in doing? I really want to help companies reach out to their customers to help gain awareness of their product or service. I believe that marketing today is not as effective as it was 10-15 years ago and there are new ways to go about and do things which not to many companies are doing. ・ What am I willing to spend years on, if not the rest of my life? I am willing to spend years on becoming an expert in the field of marketing in Hawaii and also willing to spend years on making this new venture a leader in the market. After becoming an expert in the marketing field through years of experience I am willing to spend the rest of my life being a consultant for other companies. ・ Is this something the venture really needs? This is something the venture needs because it aims at being a leader in the marketing industry in Hawaii. ・ Is it a major, essential, indispensable contribution? It is a major contribution because someone needs to spend the time to study the industry and see what works and what doesn’t.