Sihi pumps   b-b 2012
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Sihi pumps b-b 2012



SIHI Pumps presentation Ausenco Mar 2012

SIHI Pumps presentation Ausenco Mar 2012



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  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • NOTES: - Piston action - Liquid ring is not smooth
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview
  • See the presentation on “Process Technology” . The advantages and benefits for the use of this system are listed.
  • Sterling - SIHI Overview

Sihi pumps   b-b 2012 Sihi pumps b-b 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Excellence by DesignSlide 1
  • Excellence by DesignSlide 2
  • Excellence by Design B&B’s Process Equipment experience includes lines from companies such as • LIGHTNIN/SPX • SWECO •SMITH & LOVELESS •SPIROFLOW •THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC •J&H •V-SEP •PERIFLO •MERRICK/BIFSlide 3
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum & Compressor Systems Bob Brindisi – Western Regional Manager Excellence by Design Ausenco Sandwell Inc. - March 29, 2012All Rights Reserved – SIHI BV
  • Excellence by Design TBG SIHI is part of Thyssen Bornemisza Group (TBG), Annual sales > Euro 2 Billion TBG was founded in 1918 Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza  third son of the German industrialist August ThyssenSlide 5
  • The TBG Group Excellence by Design Sterling Fluid SystemsFounded 1918TBG Industrial Group €2.0 bln Sales Fluid and gas handling systems IHS Management Information handling services and systems software Food Processing Systems Specialised machinery to handle delicate natural products Tri-Point Global Antennas for satellite based communications systems AVO International Test equipment and electrical measuring instruments Vulcan Petroleum Trader and provider of logistical services Extruded Metals Metal roll forming and extrusionSlide 6
  • SIHI Pumps, Inc. Excellence by Design SIHI •a recognized leader • liquid ring vacuum pump compressor technology… •Manufacturers of Engineered Vacuum & Compressor Systems •Circa 1920 •4,500,000 delivered worldwide.Slide 7
  • Excellence by DesignSihi Pumps World Wide Organization  Leading global manufacture of process plant equipment  Established 1920’s in Itzehoe, Germany (world HQ)  280 Million Euros in Sales  Over 2,000 Employees  100 Locations worldwide  Three Operating Divisions – Europe – Americas – Far EastSlide 8
  • Process – Global Operations Excellence by Design Pasadena USA Vienna Austria Grand Brussels Belgium Island USA Trappes France Santiago Chile Noyon France Bogota Colombia Itzehoe Lima Peru Germany Guelph Canada Ludwigshafen Germany Bremen Germany Athens Greece Bangkok Thailand Milan Italy Taipei Taiwan Breda The Netherlands Shanghai China Beverwijk The Netherlands Manila Philippines Warsaw Poland Bayswater Schaffhausen Switzerland Australia Madrid Spain Miranda Australia Altrincham UK Selangor Malaysia Sheffield UK Singapore Sales and Service ManufacturingSlide 9
  • SIHI Pumps - North America Excellence by Design Grand Island, NY Guelph, Ontario Pasadena, TX Over 100,000 FT2 of Manufacturing & Service capability • Full Design & Engineering Support • ISO9001-2000 registered Manufacturing Facilities • Service & Repair • New Pump and Spare Parts Inventory • Full on-site test capabilitiesSlide 10
  • PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Excellence by DesignSlide 11
  • Liquid Ring – Flat Plate Design Excellence by DesignSlide 12
  • Typical Performance Curve Excellence by Design  Average values for pumps in standard materials.  Capacity in cubic feet per minute at 68°F (20°C) using 60°F (15°C)  Water as a service liquid.  Vacuum in inches Hg.  Barometric pressure at sea level 29.92" Hg. abs. (760 Torr)  Performance data per HEI standards; subject to SIHI standard tolerances.Slide 13
  • Service Liquid Temperature Excellence by Design• 60OF seal water at a specified flow rate• Any variation off published “standard” must be accounted for in the pump selection• Variation off selection/design standard can affect pump performance• The higher the vacuum level, the greater impact seal water temperature has on performance We Like Cool Water !!Slide 14
  • Service Liquid Temperature Effect Excellence by Design 1.2 Capacity Correction, % Standard 1.1 Performance with 60° F water 1 0.9 0.8 Performance with 95° F water 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Vacuum Level, In-Hg VSlide 15
  • S-L Temperature – Capacity Loss Excellence by DesignSlide 16
  • Vacuum System Specification Excellence by Design Factors to consider in specifying a vacuum system... • Suction pressure at the pump • Suction temperature • Capacity requirements • Mass flow rates • Volumetric flow rates • Gas composition IN L E T O F 1 .0 T O R R A IR W IT H O F W A TE F D ,16 TR R A E 0 A N G D C D A S S IF IE R EG F E AM O U N TS O IL V A P O R S • Discharge pressure requirements 1S T S T A G E R O T A R Y LO B E V A C U U M B O O S T E R V - B E L T D R IV E • Seal liquid and temperature • Elevation • System leakage parameters V A P O R O U T LE T T O A TM O SPH ER E IN T E R S T A G E 160 D EG F M AX M U M I PR ESSU R E S W IT C H D IS C H A R G E S E P A R A T O R • Evacuation requirements O IL M IS T E L IM IN A T O R 2N D S T A G E S IH I L P H S E R IE S 2 - S T G LR V P • Corrosion & material requirements • Environmental constraints SEPAR A TO R T E M P S W IT C H D R A IN PR ESS TEM P TEM P • Utility limitations & goals PR ESS A IR C O O L E D • Maintenance & capital cost goals H EA T EXC H AN G ER 4 0 D E G F N O M IN A L APPR O AC H ,80 D EG F A M B IE N T T E M P E R A T U R ESlide 17
  • Applications Excellence by DesignSlide 18
  • Excellence by Design Vacuum Pumps & Compressors Typical Applications – Filtration – Flare gas recovery systems – Refinery vent gas compression – Well head gas recovery – Gas pressure boosting – Methane gas recovery – Chlorine gas compression – Hydrogen compression – Solvent recovery – Vapor recoverySlide 19
  • Custom Engineered Systems Excellence by DesignSlide 20
  • Thank You! Excellence by DesignAll Rights Reserved – SIHI BV