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Aws Migration To Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region   By ITOC Australia
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Aws Migration To Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region By ITOC Australia


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Migrating resources to AWS Sydney region.

Migrating resources to AWS Sydney region.

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  • 1. e: aws@i u | p: 07 361 3 0020 | www .i u Introducing AP-SOUTHEAST-2 (Sydney Availbility Zones) On November 13 at the Customer Appreciation Day in Sydney, AWS announced the launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.Simple Migration The new region currently supports Amazon EC2,To The Sydney Region Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), Auto Scaling, VM Import/Export, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, CloudFormation,Currently there are more than 10,000 AWS customers based in Australia and New Zealand,many of these companies have already moved their resources to the new Sydney region to Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazontake advantage of better performance and less regulatory risk. Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Virtual Private CloudWith the prices of the new region close to being on par with Singapore, the move is an easy (VPC), Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Simpledecision for CTO’s and IT Managers based in and around Australia and New Zealand. Storage Service (S3), AWS Storage Gateway,ITOC Australia provides specialised services to assist with AWS instance migration for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), AWS Elasticcompanies throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Beanstalk, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, and AWS Direct Connect. Through our consulting partnershipKey Upswings with Amazon Web Services, our cloud architects and engineers have unique For a complete list of services we recommend Better Performance experience delivering high quality services you visit Amazon’s Global Infrastructure page. to organisations from variety of industries. “ Reduced Regulatory Risk ITOC Australia was quick to respond and Data Sovereignty effectively migrated our instances across reg ions. Linda Bengston: Program Manager Esri Australia ”
  • 2. Other ITOC Support and Services ITOC Australia provides a ‘full sweep’ of AWS instances. This includes detailed reviews and reporting, identifying key deficiencies and IT Audits vulnerabilities. ITOC Australia advises of the best actions to take and can execute the requirements accordingly. Crafting the best possible approach to migration is ITOC Australia’s specialty. Our senior architects are industry leading experts and canAWS Architecture AUTOMATED FINANCIAL REPORTS meet the needs of even the most demanding enterprises. Finding creative solutions to infrastructure problems is a daily assignment. Our automated reports provide you with real- time information regarding the financial A valuable arm of our services offers advanced financial reporting position of your AWS instances. and analysis. This helps to make the savings clear for executive Fiscal Analysis teams and can assist in future decision making. Our reporting capabilities have therefore become a CFO’s best friend! This is the perfect way to keep your CFO and executive team up-to-date , also allowing you We always ensure ongoing support is made available to assist with to establish the likely costs of future projects an effective governance of the environments. Monthly systems healthPremium Support checks are also offered to all clients, which includes any necessary and deployments. fixes or updates in addition to our reporting documentation.Can your company keep up? We’ve found that many organisations are stillnot educated enough about what cloud computing is able to achieve andtherefore are unable to design a credible strategy. We estimate that ITOC Australia has the approximately 75% qualified experience to of corporate IT establish highly intelligent Contact ITOC Australia infrastructure runs on architecture for optimal customer premises with less utilisation of the cloud Website: than 25% utilisation. The technology that is available cloud helps companies both today and tomorrow. avoid wasted investment on idle resources. Not to Moving to the cloud is not Phone: just another IT project, it 07 3613 0020 mention the increase in cashflow, reduced financial represents a transformation risk, and a healthier return that permeates throughout Contact: on assets. your entire business. Do it the right way. Save money. Be rewarded.