Reclaiming the Blade


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A film scored by David James Nielsen.

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Reclaiming the Blade

  1. 1. GALATIA FILM A JoHn rHys-dAvIes nArrATed by MorTensen KArL urbAn bob Anderson FeATurInGvIGGo rIcHArd TAyLor JoHn Howe JoHn cLeMenTs HAnK reInHArdT JoHn wALLer sydney AnGLo TIM GoodwIn AnIMATIon by JoHnny Mo orIGInAL MusIc by dAvId JAMes nIeLsen AddITIonAL MusIc by AdAM FrAnKLIn edITed by peTer IseLIn dIrecTor oF pHoToGrApHy erIcA bLAcKexecuTIve producers rIcHArd bLAcK AyMe rIcHArd MusIc supervIsor producerd by erIcA bLAcK wrITTen, produced, And dIrecTed by dAnIeL McnIcoLL SWORDS LTD
  2. 2. General website: Exclusive info, including unreleased trailer: Password: sword Reclaiming the Blade is a documentary on the culture and craft of swords and the Hollywood legends and academic warriors who wield them. Galatia Films has taken the topic of swordplay and created an audience-driven adventure documentary with strong commercial value. A solidly identifiable genre film with notable stars and large audience fan-base, Reclaiming the Blade is narrated by Welsh actor John Ryhs-Davies (Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings) and was produced with the support of Peter Jackson, Weta Workshop, Skywalker Sound and the Royal Armouries. Talent • Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises) • Karl Urban (Bourne Supremacy, JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek) • Richard Taylor (The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, The Chronicles of Narnia) • Bob Anderson (Hollywood Sword-master to Errol Flynn, Johnny Depp, Star Wars, etc) • John Howe (Legendary Illustrator The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia) ... and many morel SUMMARY In a confusing and ambiguous world, nothing makes more sense than a good, old-fashioned sword fight and Reclaiming the Blade delivers. The film explores the Medieval and Renaissance blade, a profound and beautiful object handcrafted by master artisans of old. The ancient practitioners lent us all they knew through their manuscripts. As gunslingers of the Renaissance they were western heroes with swords, and they lived and died by them. Yet today their history remains cloaked under a shadow of legend. MARKETING Market strategy includes direct outreach to fans at major fantasy, comic and martial arts conventions around the world. Galatia Films and cast from Reclaiming the Blade reached out to fans of the film at this years Comic-Con ‘08. Promotional partner,, is one of the most well-known and prestigious fan-based groups on the internet. TheOneRing wishes to inform their audience about Reclaiming the Blade and have subsequently begun promotion of the film that will continue through final release. Soundtrack The soundtrack features an original orchestral score by composer David James Nielsen and pop/rock hits from the Doves, Yo La Tengo, The Dandy Warhols, and Juliana Hatfield, among others. For rights and further information please contact: Erica Black • Galatia Films, LLC • ph. 864.654.1180 • fx. 864.654.8122 •