Shot By Shot Analysis


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Shot By Shot Analysis

  1. 1. Shot by Shot Analysis – Short Film<br />Monday Morning<br /><br />ShotDescriptionSound EffectsLength (seconds)1Point of view shot (establishing shot), driving a car down a misty road, changing view from front windscreen to side window looking at scenery.Music containing a plucked string instrument, car driving sound effect.192Close up shot of character’s head and surrounding car, he is staring at something and thinking at the same time. He goes to open the car door.Same music, car door SF83Panning wide shot of character getting out of his car into a field, staring beyond a gate that is in front of himThunder & Car Door slam SF84Medium close up shot of character’s face, still staring beyond fenceEerie music35Over the shoulder shot of character staring down the laneRustling SF56Medium close up of character opening the boot of his white car, and pulls out a green hose pipeHeartbeat-like SF97Over the shoulder shot of the character stuffing the green hose pipe up the exhaust of his car, padding it out with a cloth to close the gap.Stringed Instrument, Heartbeat SF, heavy breathing48Medium close up/wide shot of character pulling the green hose pipe from his exhaust and inserting it into his side window of the carIdentical to shot 799A mix of close up, POV and over the shoulder shot of character pulling out a pad of paper and penBreathing510Extreme close up of pad and paper, tries to write but pen has run out of inkPen scribbling SF511Medium close up of character’s face/body as he puts pen and paper down, and begins to turn on the engine, the engine does not start and the character gets very agitatedCar Starting, dialogue1612Medium close up of character opening his bonnet of his car trying to find out what’s wrong with it, pulls out a dirty cloth413POV shot of character trying to start the engine and this time succeeds, the camera pans to a close up of his body as he lays back his head onto the car seatCar engine running as character pushes the accelerator1114Wide shot of car as engine cuts out, the character gets out and is really angry as he slams the car door shut. He opens the boot to look at the petrol canister but it’s empty and he swings it round violently. He walks off from the car as suddenly an almighty crash of thunder is heard and it begins to rain. He isn’t pleased4415Fade out - creditsFinal Seconds<br />Scene 1<br />The scene begins in a car and shows an establishing shot of the road whilst the vehicle is moving, the road is very narrow and there isn’t much civilization to be seen around. This could effectively portray isolation and show that it may be in the middle of the countryside where nobody goes. The road is very misty and a sound effect of a howling creature is played which creates suspense and is very haunting as you can’t see more than 100 meters directly in front of the car. The camera pans round to the left where you can see more fields which once again corresponds to the setting being in countryside. The music begins to play which consists of a stringed instrument being plucked which sounds and could represent a happy surrounding. The music continues to play and sets quite a gentle tone/atmosphere to the scene. These overall first few seconds create a very eerie sense of seclusion in an unknown area.<br />Scene 2<br />As the car halts to a stop the story begins with the character coming into the plot, it shows him staring ahead beyond his windscreen and it looks like he’s seen something in the distance but at the same time it looks like he’s pondering something, he gets out of the car and stands and stares at the exact same place, this represents that he has seen something in the distance, but his eyes never moved which could also convey that a thought is going round his mind. A sound effect of thunder is heard and this represents that something bad is lingering in the air and is about to occur.<br />The character then walks to the boot of his car only to reveal a green hose pipe, and this is where the ideologies start, the skies are grey, the character doesn’t look happy, the music is eerie, and the green hosepipe points to one thing only – suicide. This is then proven when the character stuffs the hosepipe in his exhaust followed by a cloth to represent that the fumes will only travel down the pipe. He then feeds the pipe through the window and from an audience point of view the inevitable is about to happen.<br />Scene 3<br />The scene now changes back into the car where the character is sitting awaiting the foreseeable future. He pulls out a pen and pad of paper which suggests he is writing a letter to the outside world for them to read after he had passed away. Then the whole short film twists and exposes its underlying comical genre, the pen he uses refuses to work and therefore the character can’t write his last words. He reluctantly throws his notepad down and wearily turns the key to start the ignition – where once again the engine doesn’t work and represents the guy having a really unlucky day. His facial expression corresponds to this because he really does not look impressed with the situation. A slight change of shot shows the character representing a mechanic and in a humorous way looks like he doesn’t know what to do because he pulls out a dirty cloth from his engine.<br />Scene 4<br />The character is then back in his car where the engine starts and he lays his head down to slowly fall asleep inhaling the fumes, until once again the comical factor steps in and the engine cuts out once again, representing a further time that the character is suffering severe unluckiness. He is portrayed as very irate when he steps out of the car because he slams his door shut, and when he finds out he has no petrol in his canister he swings it round violently. Once again the comedy genre is conveyed because the character has seen almost everything gone wrong in front of him. He holds the canister looking the opposite way and the ideology is that he will walk to find the nearest petrol station, as soon as he goes to step thunder is heard again and rain begins to fall – it really wasn’t his day.<br />