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Poster Analysis

  1. 1. 18573754324350Below we have chosen and analysed many posters of the modern day film industry, each with slightly different techniques used to portray and sell their film to the audiences. We have looked at these different techniques to help us decide what kind of techniques and style we can use to advertise our short f<br />This is a poster of the very famous film, Titanic. We have circled the top of the poster where the editor has placed both characters side by side; this is very effective because to a person, who has never watched the film, he can presume that these characters are the main ones. The way that they are portrayed shows that there will be a romance, due to the posture shown by both – they look like a couple. We could use this in our poster but display our characters in a way so that the audience can easily recognise their lifestyle, and what kind of person they are. The effects are also well presented with a faded and smooth each between the ship and the characters which we could also use when blending the top of the poster with the rest of it.Just above each characters head, the actors name is displayed. This is very effective because audience sometimes determine whether to watch a film or not depending on which actors are present. We could use this same technique by adding in the names of our actors as well.<br />695325294005<br />The 3rd section presents the two main characters again in a setting that no doubt corresponds to that of the film. This is where we could have our two main characters side by side, once again displaying their personalities through posture and facial expression, this way we can show the audience all 3 characters included in this film. We could also have a corresponding setting to the film/genre.They have split this poster into 3 sections, and the top section seems to display the presumable main character. We could use this in our poster because apart from the two main characters, we also have an angry teacher who could be placed at the top of this poster, to assert his authority. Putting him at the top with an angry facial expression can make the audience realise that there will be a feud in this short film.319087543719759 times out of 10 every poster for a modern day film presents a slogan, to enhance the poster slightly. Sometimes you can determine through the slogan what kind of genre the film is due to any humour used in the words. The example to the left has used “Life, Death and something in between” which gives the audience a sense of horror and spookiness which this film is inevitably about.<br />This technique is also very effective because they have overlaid the characters according to importance. We can assume that the male character is the leading role, “Johnny Gaddaar”. The woman behind has red lips which could represent love and relationship due to the red coloured semiotic. We could overlay characters in order of importance, but this would be quite difficult because our characters are quite similar and play the same role.When looking through posters this one caught our eyes because it’s in black and white which corresponds to our short film. We are also looking to use semiotics in our film, for example we are planning to use a red car to show danger, to enhance the modernisation of black and white films. In this poster we can see that the male character has tinted glasses which could portray “killing” and “blood”, also in his glasses there are reflections of other characters to which the redness could correspond to. In our case the teacher is very irate with the students so we could use the colour red to convey anger.34099504413250On this poster we can see that the two main characters are both present, but they have cleverly cut the faces in half and put two halves together. We could use this technique and have our ditsy character with a really tired, grumpy expression on one half of the poster, and then we could have our brainy, smart character with a bright happy facial expression on the other half. This would already show the clash of personalities, and the audience could see the difference of both characters. Then above the faces display our title, actors and other details needed.323850294005<br />