Setting – Joe’s House<br />In our short film, each character had their own house where we filmed most of their activity ou...
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C:\Fakepath\Setting Joe

  1. 1. Setting – Joe’s House<br />In our short film, each character had their own house where we filmed most of their activity outside of school. We wanted the audience to see the variety of settings and not just see the same house used for both characters.<br />center-319405Joe starts off his scene walking up to the bedroom. We used a male’s room for obvious reasons, so that they can correspond to Joe’s features. This is where we filmed him fall asleep after a day at school. He walked in and slammed the door shut, making items of clothing fall off the back of the door – this was to convey the message to the audience that the room was untidy. In the morning we used an alarm clock that was in the room to wake him up, after which he sits up and stares into space for quite some time. He gets up, scratches his bottom and then exits the room.centercenterHe is then followed into the bathroom. We filmed him getting ready to school, but in a rush. In the scene he can’t find his toothbrush so he frantically opens up all the cupboards and even lifts the toilet seat up. He ends up using his fingers as a brush, we decided on this because he is portrayed as a very unintelligent boy and therefore has lost his toothbrush. We then carried on filming him brush his hair, and then he pushes the camera out of the room for some privacy as he uses the loo.centercenterAfter the bathroom scene, the camera continues to follow him where we next enter the kitchen. Joe goes straight to the cereal where we laid out a wide selection of boxes. This was done because we wanted Joe to take ages to pick out a cereal box to add to the comical feel of the film. He picks up two boxes and stares at them for quite some time – he picks one and sits down at the table (pictured left) where he tries to complete the “Crazy Maze” on the back, he fails. He stands up abruptly, hits the table and then exits the kitchen not having actually eating anything.<br />He is then followed to the hallway where he puts his shoes and coat on and exits the house and begins his journey to school.<br />