The 4 P's are DEAD !


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The 4 P's are DEAD !

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  • - Coming from an FMCG company (11 years at Unilever) and working now at Microsoft for 4 years, I’ve a good feeling of what’s important for the consumers (their needs) while I observe how the consumers are consuming new technologies & media now and how it could change in the Future.- In 1960, a concept was introduced by E. Jerome McCarthy that identified the four basic tenants of marketing as Product, Price, Place, and Promotion or, as it is more commonly known, the 4 Ps.- Based on that, I can confirm you that the world is changing fast and that the world won’t never been the same.The consequenceisthat the 4 P’s are probablydead
  • - The world won’tneverbe the same- We movefrom a PC Era to Consumer Era- Consumer Era = devices, applications developped in function of consumperneeds- What are you consumer needs (internet)Be connectedBe informedanywhere, anytimeBe Social - So we move fromtechnologycentric organisation to consumer centric organisation
  • This is amazing to see that adoption of new technologies has never been so quick in the history : Radio: 38 years to get 50 M people,TV: 13 years to get 50M, FB to 100M in 9 monthsAnnounced by YouTube: 1B views per day;  The global internet now stands at 2.59 billion people and the percentage of those connections that are broadband is now above 25%. Smaller group phenomenonsxBox Live 20M subscribers, makes them largest cable operator in the world  Xbox LIVE is the largest social network on TV. On average 20 million friends are made each month.  With the upcoming integration of Facebook and Twitter, it will be the largest social network in the world.  There have been nearly 1 billion downloads of gaming and entertainment content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  • Lifestyle design is the next best thing as this is a way to inscrease our personal branding, notion being really relevant in the web 2.0Generation Z is the web generation (born after ‘94), who are not that kind to advertising in the digital world. They are impatient and want immediate results.Twitter has become the new e mail as people are replacing the traditionnal computer (mouse, screen, desktop) by smartphone (touchscreen)People are no longer looking for information on traditional search engine, they are more likely to look for information on linked in, twitter & facebook.Companies have come to realize the impact of the happiness of their consumers. Mobile internet has become the fastest technology evolution over the last few decades. Companies are listening to their demands.
  • Every day, each consumers got more than 1.000 messages (brown cows)Every day, consumers ignore a lot of brown cows (if you are on the highway) but you can bet they won’t ignore a purple cow.If you were driving down a road and saw a purple cow in a field, would you stop to take a look? Most likely you would, as spotting a purple cow would be pretty rare and unique. In fact, you would probably not notice most of the other cows grazing in the field, as you would be fixated on the purple cow.So how does this apply to the business world ? To be a purple cow makes you stand out, and if you have a business or service to offer, potential customers and clients would take notice, and if you are looking for a job, being a purple cow would cause potential employers to take another look. You have to be inherently purple or no one will talk about you.In the old days, marketers targeted consumers. Today, the opposite is true. It’s the consumers who choose. They choose whether you are listened to or ignored. So, you need to invest in the Purple Cow. So, you need to develop products, services that the market will actually seek out.We have always the choice between distinct and extinct. The only route to healthy grow is a remarkable product.It’s not bout being weird. It’s about being irresistible to a tiny group of easily reached people (sneezers =early adopters) who will communicate on this and will convince larger group to adopt the product. Irresistible isn’t the same as ridiculous. Irresistible (for the right niche) is just remarkable.“Being safe is risky, and being risky is safe.” And if you’re out there creating something on the edge, someone’s going to hate it. If someone doesn’t really hate your product, it’s mediocre.” And mediocre is where you SO do not want to go.A slogan that accurately conveys the essence of your Purple Cow is a script. A script for a sneezer to use when she / he talks to her/his friends. The script guarantees that the word of mouth is passed on properly.The leaning tower of Pisa sees 6 millions of visitors every year. The positioning and message are simple and unique. Put a picture on a T-shirt and the message is easily send a received. The purity of the message makes it even more remarkable.The power of storytelling shouldn’t be underestimated! I’ve heard it said that great entrepreneurs are also often great storytellers.
  • So what are the 4 C’s:From Product to Co-created solutions and experiences. Work with the customer to captivate and engage them.From Promotion to Communication with communities. Customers want interconnected. interactions with like-minded people not just information. Social communities are the new-age promotion channel.From Price to Customisable personal value. Give each individual customer something that they want and suits them.From Place to Choice and convenience. Make sure your product can reach your customers. Use the internet and be online 24/7.Here-below, great tips from on how to apply these 4 C’sWork with customers to create products that they want.Go online and create a group on a social network site about your product or business.Give the customer more choices of your product whether it be colour, shape or size.Get you business operating 24/7 worldwide – make a website where customers can buy your products.Build your products so customers can customise it to suit their budget.
  • People spend 38% on line whilemarketers / CMO invest 8% there !Email is the dominant activity (as it is overall for all Internet activity) – 75% of all media multitaskers state email as an activity they undertake.In fact, three of the top four activities relate to communication (see chart below), with social media, networking and instant messaging the third and fourth most popular activities. General web surfing comes second. 
  • On-top of that, the world of advertising has changed since advertising’s glory days in E. Jerome McCarthy’s 1960s, in the way we should interact / dialogue with the consumers. We can observe following evolution (from broadcast / mass marketing to interactive / targeted marketing) as you can see on the slide.- As SeithGodin would say, there is an evolution from interruption marketing to permission marketing.- What’s interruption marketing ? Imagine it’s later in the day at the same airport. You’re late for your flight, and someone asks you the same question. Will you give him the same attention? Finally, a third scenario: You’re late for the flight, the airport is crowded, and this is the fourth person to ask you the same question. What are the chances you will pay any attention at all? You’re probably going to even develop a strategy for avoiding further interruptions –not making eye contact, brushing them off, refusing to help.- What’s permission marketing ? Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. It recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing. It realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.- Real permission works like this: if you stop showing up, people complain, they ask where you went.
  • Don’tinterrupt me.Entertain MeMakeit relevantCreate a dialogue not a monologue !Use the different Media1. Bought / Paid Media : TV, Abribus, Radio, Paid Search, Display Advertising, MSN, …  2. Own Media : Own website(s) & Blogs, Twitter Account, Email newsletter, Mobile site, Video demo 3. Earned Media : Reviews on yourwebsite, Reviewsfrombloggers, conversation on social networks
  • Kinect strategyChange the way people see gaming & entertainment
  • How to getour consumer audience enchanted for the Kinect Launch ?3 objectives for Kinect Consumer awareness Consumer trial Consumer EngagementPotentialy, 1 personengagedcanconvince 75 other people
  • Great example on how weapplythis model of Bought / Paid Media , Own Media , Earned Media for the launch of Kinect.The platformwe’veused to create an authentic dialogue = Kinect Loftwherewe’veinvited 2 monthsbefore the launchPress, Key Opinion Leaders, Celebrities, Consumers (exclusive contests), Partners, BloggersGreat PressCoverage : 17 TV, 30 Print, 6 Radio, 20 consumer contests …
  • Other good exemple from CokeOnline, we’ve thought of it in terms of display and paid search advertising. Today their role of building awareness and bringing traffic to your site remains, but the tools have changed. Social media don’t replace paid media, but they can work even more effectively when used in an integrated strategy. Paid advertising from Microsoft Advertising, for example, has many rich media social elements that can be incorporated into campaigns to build awareness, engage customers, drive traffic to your site. Today, paid media incorporates social elements to help advertisers build earned media. Links might be to owned sites, or to special sites, e.g. MSN with special interactive content.
  • Traditionally owned (no interaction – a one-way conversation) but now they are any site, including those that create earned media. Owned is a channel you create and control - from your website to your Facebook® fan page, or your WindowsLive™, YouTube™ or Twitter accounts.  Benefits: you have some control, it can be cost efficient, has longevity, is versatile and you can reach niche audiences. At the same time, it can be challenging to satisfy consumer demands/expectations and manage word-of-mouth. And you still have to bring traffic to your sites and generate conversation and action out of them. So a clear strategy is vital.
  • Earned media: Getting people to talk about your brand and share your content, providing free and trusted word-of-mouth publicity.Earned media are the conversations that arise between you and consumers, and among consumers through the use of social elements in paid and owned media. It helps generate and build awareness, engagement, intent, and loyalty.
  • ObjectiveBuild brand love for Coca Cola amongst an audience of 16-19 year olds Game Plays add up on Messenger Results Within one month, Happiness Factory became the UK’s no 1 game Over 915,442 game plays Over 288,112 Unique UsersKey Results Playing to win Microsoft Advertising gaming channels proved the campaign’s key driver of ‘brand love’ amongst 16-19 year-olds. Per person exposed: l Messenger game by far the most effective single channel Impact on ‘brand love’ over 7 times that of TV l Impact of Xbox Live on ‘brand love’ 41% more effective than TV l 4 of the campaign’s 5 most effective elements involved user participation Numbers game adds up on Messenger Within one month, Happiness Factory became the UK’s top performing Messenger game l Over 915,442 game plays l Over 288,112 unique users
  • So, dare to beremarkableLaunch and SustainPurpleCows !
  • The 4 P's are DEAD !

    1. 1. Are the 4 P’sDead ?<br />
    2. 2. David Merzel<br />Country Manager <br />Retail Sales & Marketing<br />Microsoft BeLux<br />Blog:<br />Xbox 360 : Mazalchief<br />Twitter : @davidmerzel<br />
    3. 3. Welcome to the New Consumer Era !<br />Personalized<br />Anywhere, Anytime<br />Internet Era<br />(2000)<br />Consumer Era<br />(Today+)<br />PC Era<br />(1995)<br />Pre-PC Era<br />(1980)<br />Informed Choice<br />Connected<br />
    4. 4. Adoption of New Technologies, never been so Fast. <br />Facebook: 100M <br />9 months<br />50<br />Internet4 years<br />Radio38 years<br />TV13 years<br />iPod3 years<br />45<br />40<br />35<br />30<br />25<br />20<br />MILLIONS OF USERS<br />15<br />10<br />5<br />
    5. 5. The New Generation Z iscoming !<br />Generation Z<br /><ul><li>Control the information
    6. 6. Personal branding
    7. 7. Online Reputation Management</li></ul>Mobile everywhere<br /><ul><li>BOOM of Internet mobile
    8. 8. # mobile surfers > desktop users</li></ul>Internet of People<br /><ul><li>Social search > Web search
    9. 9. Twitter = new mail</li></li></ul><li>Dare to beremarkable !<br />
    10. 10. 4 P’s Marketing are dead ?<br />
    11. 11. 8<br />
    12. 12. ><br />><br />Broadcast<br />Interactive<br />Single platform<br />Multiple Media Platforms<br />><br />Publisher Timetable<br />My Timetable<br />><br />Passive<br />Engaged<br />><br />Mass<br />Targeted<br />><br />Interrupt<br />Relevant<br />><br />Advertiser Control<br />Consumer Control<br />><br />30 Seconds<br />Extended time<br />Seismic Shift calling for New Marketing <br />
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Kinect changes the way we see entertainment & games<br />Games<br />Interface/Entertainment<br />Recognizes: Movements, voices, facial expressions<br />Communication<br />
    17. 17. 14<br />WITHOUT LOSING OUR CORE<br />
    18. 18. How to getour consumer audience enchanted ?<br />Consumer <br />Trial<br />Consumer <br />Engagement<br />Consumer <br />Awareness<br />Kinect LOFT<br />
    19. 19. Kinect LOFT<br />
    20. 20. Advertising as we known it. <br />
    21. 21. Channels you create and control.<br />
    22. 22. People talking about your brand.<br />Online games<br />Fans/likes<br />Shopping sites<br />Forums<br />Blogs<br />Product review sites<br />
    23. 23. Objective: <br /><ul><li>To build ‘brand love’ among 16-19 year olds</li></ul> Coke and Gamification<br />1. Determine your audience<br />1. Determine your audience<br />Solution: <br /><ul><li>Teen consumers invited to participate in the Happiness Factory through social media and gaming (WLMessenger Game and Xbox Live Dashboard) </li></ul>Increased agreement Brand Love statements<br />700<br />Results: <br /><ul><li>Impact on ‘brand love’ over 7 times that of TV
    24. 24. Over 915k game plays
    25. 25. 3.6m impressions onXbox Live </li></ul>100<br />Messenger Game<br />TV<br />
    26. 26. Dare to beremarkable !<br />