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Consumer Revolution.Presentation @ BMMA
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Consumer Revolution.Presentation @ BMMA


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. BMMA PresentationDavid Merzel, Country Manager Entertainment & Devices Ervan Pouliquen, General Manager Consumer & Online September 21st 2010
  • 2. The Situation Lifestyles are evolving 01 and becoming more and more digital Regardless of where 02 and when, we can always be connected PCs and TVs are 03 becoming one and the same There are now generations 04 that didn’t know life before the internet
  • 3. Consumer (R)evolution Personalized Anywhere, AnytimePre-PC Era PC Era Internet Era Consumer (1980) (1995) (2000) Era (Today+) Informed Choice Connected
  • 4. Facebook: 100M 9 months iPod Interne TV Radio 3 years t 13 38 years 4 years years 50 45 40MILLIONS OF USERS 35 30 25 20 15 10 5
  • 5. Seismic Shift calling for New Marketing Broadcast > Interactive Single platform > Multiple Media Platforms Publisher Timetable > My Timetable Passive > Engaged Mass > Targeted Interrupt > Relevant Advertiser Control > Consumer Control 30 Seconds > Extended time
  • 6. The Marketer’s DilemmaHow do you manage:• The changing media landscape?• Evolving consumer needs and behaviour?• Measuring success?• Fragmenting audiences?• Breaking through the clutter?
  • 7. 9
  • 8. 10
  • 9. The Rise of Media Multi-taskers • 2 out of 3 European internet users • The number of media multi-taskers use the internet whilst watching TV will increase as netbook and laptop penetration grows • Men and women equally are media multi-taskers • TV and internet can converge perfectly offering much deeper engagement • More people are surfing the internet Used in combination can increase during TV commercial breaks purchasing intent by up to 50%SOURCE: MEET EUROPE’S MEDIA MULTI-TASKERS“THE RISE OF SIMULTANEOUS TV AND INTERNET CONSUMPTION ACROSS EUROPE”
  • 10. Europes multi-taskers• Usage of the Internet whilst also watching TV is now very much a mainstream activitySource: Media meshing - UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, DK, BE
  • 11. What are they doing whilst watching TV?Source: Media meshing - UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, DK, BE
  • 12. Seamless Multiscreen ExperiencesMulti-Screen brand building for ‘Avatar’ Expressed Engaged with Liked the Saw the interest in seeing the brand campaign movie Avatar 65%: One Screen 58%: One Screen 67%: One Screen 15%: One Screen 73%: Two Screens 68%: Two Screens 76%: Two Screens 23%: Two Screens 88%: Three Screens 88%: Three Screens 81%: Three Screens 44%: Three Screens
  • 13. Continuing the partnership
  • 14. Online video ads increase the efficacy of TV spots Online Video+TV Online Video+TV exposed TV exposed 64% 47% 47% 44% 26% 17% 19% 13% General Recall Brand Recall Message Recall LikeabilitySource: Nielsen IAG, P13+, Premium Online Video Measurement 2007-09 for Personal Care products
  • 15. Create the mosttargeted campaigns
  • 16. Targeting is more important than ever
  • 17. We offer technologies to target the right audiences at the right time, in the right place
  • 18. Right audience, right time, right place
  • 19. Driving engagementOnline ads are more than banner. They can be veryimmersive as long as you choose the righttechnology, creative and context
  • 20. Context Matters People don’t just surf the web, they are fulfilling fundamental needs Communication Information Entertainment Surfing Transactions CreationSource: Context MattersUK, FR, DE, NO, CA, BR
  • 21. Context Matters Users are most attentive when info seeking or doing Transactions; conversely they’re most distracted when Surfing, Creating or being Entertained online Distracted Information Communication Creation Completely Focused Transaction Entertainment SurfingSource: Context MattersUK, FR, DE, NO, CA, BR
  • 22. OfflineOnline
  • 23. Conclusion
  • 24. 01 Your audience is online - more than TV02 They are using Microsoft properties – 94% reach Our insights tell you who they are – our technology03 allows us to target them04 You choose who you want to speak to – Targeting is key05 And Microsoft Advertising can help you start the conversation – from increasingTV ROI through online to multi-screen engagement campaigns
  • 25. A Unique Portfolio of Media Assets 167 million users in Europe per month WL Hotmail WL Messenger WL Sharing MSN Bing Office Online No.1 Portal No.1 email service No.1 73million users 80 million users 17 million messenger service in Europe per month European pro’s per in Europe per month month Over 119 million users in Europe per month 121 million users 113 million users in Europe per month in Europe per month Microsoft Media Network Microsoft Mobile Media Microsoft Gaming Media Xbox LIVE Premium inventory from 36 million 300 of the Web’s 90+ active users top publishers partnerships who have with mobile spent carriers in 15 billion 48 markets hours interactive worldwide Over Massive (in 19.4 million game ads) Unique Users Over every month 5.5 million gamers playing 59+ titles in Europe Source comScore Q4/09 – European Monthly Average/ comScore M:Metrics, average ending December/Microsoft Internal
  • 26. Thank you for your timeN’hésitez pas à nous contacter:• David Merzel, , cell: 0477 451490• Ervan Pouliquen,, cell: 0475 630463
  • 27. The End