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Consumer revolution Consumer revolution Presentation Transcript

  • David MerzelCountry ManagerEntertainment & DeviceMicrosoft
  • Agenda
  • Agenda
  • Consumer (R)evolution Personalized Anywhere, AnytimePre-PC Era PC Era Internet Era Consumer Era (1980) (1995) (2000) (Today+) Informed Choice Connected
  • Facebook: 100M 9 months iPod Internet TV Radio 3 years 4 years 13 38 years years 50 45 40MILLIONS OF USERS 35 30 25 20 15 10 5
  • Seismic Shift calling for New Marketing Broadcast > Interactive Single platform > Multiple Media Platforms Publisher Timetable > My Timetable Passive > Engaged Mass > Targeted Interrupt > Relevant Advertiser Control > Consumer Control 30 Seconds > Extended time
  • Agenda
  • Opportunities for Future Marketeers 1. Market Dilemna 2. Rise of Multi-Taskers 3. CMO Priorities 4. Targetting
  • The Marketer’s DilemmaHow do you manage:• The changing media landscape?• Evolving consumer needs and behaviour?• Measuring success?• Fragmenting audiences?• Breaking through the clutter?
  • 12
  • We’re not in the business of keeping the media companiesTraditional Media Spend alive. We’re in the business of1996: 55% connecting with consumers.2006: 33% Trevor Edwards CVP Global Brand and Category Management, NikeNike
  • Opportunities for Future Marketeers 1. Market Dilemna 2. Rise of Multi-Taskers 3. CMO Priorities 4. Targetting
  • The Rise of Media Multi-taskers • 2 out of 3 European internet users • The number of media multi-taskers use the internet whilst watching TV will increase as netbook and laptop penetration grows • Men and women equally are media multi-taskers • TV and internet can converge perfectly offering much deeper engagement • More people are surfing the internet Used in combination can increase during TV commercial breaks purchasing intent by up to 50%SOURCE: MEET EUROPE’S MEDIA MULTI-TASKERS“THE RISE OF SIMULTANEOUS TV AND INTERNET CONSUMPTION ACROSS EUROPE”
  • Europes multi-taskers• Usage of the Internet whilst also watching TV is now very much a mainstream activitySource: Media meshing - UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, DK, BE
  • What are they doing whilst watching TV?Source: Media meshing - UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, DK, BE
  • Opportunities for Future Marketeers 1. Market Dilemna 2. Rise of Multi-Taskers 3. CMO Priorities 4. Targetting
  • Top CMO Challenges 53% 1. Quantify & measure the value of marketing investments 46% 2. Grow customer knowledge, insight & conversations 3. Upgrading the efficiency & effectiveness of the 43% marketing organization Source: CMO Council Marketing Outlook 2009
  • The opportunity… Marketers need to track, &measure react as never before. To & connect integrate marketing across all media.
  • …. The Solution Customer Audience Insight & Agility Target & Reach Engage & Excite Relationships & Sales
  • A Unique Portfolio of Media Assets 167 million users in Europe per month WL Hotmail WL Messenger WL Sharing MSN Bing Office Online No.1 Portal No.1 email service No.1 73million users 80 million users 17 million messenger service in Europe per month European pro’s per in Europe per month month Over 119 million users in Europe per month 121 million users 113 million users in Europe per month in Europe per month Microsoft Media Network Microsoft Mobile Media Microsoft Gaming Media Xbox LIVE Premium inventory from 36 million 300 of the Web’s 90+ active users top publishers partnerships who have with mobile spent carriers in 15 billion 48 markets hours interactive worldwide Over Massive (in 19.4 million game ads) Unique Users Over every month 5.5 million gamers playing 59+ titles in Europe Source comScore Q4/09 – European Monthly Average/ comScore M:Metrics, average ending December/Microsoft Internal
  • Opportunities for Future Marketeers 1. Market Dilemna 2. Rise of Multi-Taskers 3. CMO Priorities 4. Targetting
  • We offer technologies to target the right audiences at the right time, in the right place
  • Agenda
  • Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7 Launch 10 th November 26
  • Kinect changes the way we see entertainment & games Games Interface/Entertainment Recognizes: Movements, voices, facial expressions 27 Communication
  • Kinect : Offer on November 10 Sensor Kinect Xbox 360™ Xbox 360 4Gb Kinect Xbox 360 250Gb Kinect ERP : 149€ ERP : 299€ ERP : 349€ 28
  • Kinect : 1st Party Launch Games 29
  • Kinect: 3rd Party games for launch window• • Nine 3rd party titles due at Nine 3rd party titles due at launch*Dance Central launch is 2nd Party *Dance Central is 2nd Party• Fifteen due by Christmas 2010• • Fifteen due by Christmas Varity of genres 2010 • Dance • Sports • • Varity of genres Racing • • Fitness Dance • • Family Sports • • Party Racing • Fitness • Family • Party 30
  • Conversation Marketing with the Diverse groups is KEY 2 2 •. • 31
  • OfflineOnline
  • Kinnect Case: Parallel engagement throughoffline and online Kinect Loft Brussels November October MIC E3 – Cirque du Mons Soleil Fiesta Latina Los Angeles Brussels Septembre August July September Brandialog / DH Awareness Trial Xbox Elite Team Facebook MSN Blog Fan Page Portal + Newsletter Community Marketing Trial
  • Trying is Believing
  • Thank you for your time David Merzel , Cell: 0477 451490BLOG =