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Vitality introduction 2010


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  • 1. vitality™ Dramatically improves medication adherence, through wireless packaging, reminders, reports, and rewards. VITALITY
  • 2. GlowCaps are recognized as important and innovative
  • 3. This is what non-adherence looks like... Each row is person, each column is a day. Red indicates a missed dose. Control groups=70%
  • 4. This is what adherence looks like with GlowCaps Over 95%
  • 5. cost effective Existing studies have quantified the cost- savings of high medication adherence: Low adherence High adherence savings per Condition care costs care costs year Diabetes $8,867 $4,570 $4,297 48% High $6,888 $3,924 $2,964 43% Cholesterol High Blood $10,916 $6,752 $4,164 38% pressure Multiple $16,498 $8,886 $7,612 46% ailments Medical Care, 2005, vol. 43, no6, pp. 521-530 SOKOL Michael C. ; MCGUIGAN Kimberly A. ; VERBRUGGE Robert R. ; EPSTEIN Robert S.
  • 6. Source: IMS Health
  • 7. Chronic disease affects 25% of adults in the US, yet most take medication 50% of the time. VITALITY
  • 8. Simple to use • Plug it in to connect • No PC, phone, or Internet required • One-button refill
  • 9. 1) Pharmacist deliver your medication in a GlowCap and explains how it works. “The smart pill cap will help you to remember with light, sound, and if you want, a reminder call.”
  • 10. 2) At home, you plug in the reminder light.
  • 11. 3) Every day, the GlowCap and reminder light flash for an hour, then play a ring tone every few minutes until you open the GlowCap.
  • 12. 4) If you forget, Vitality can call to remind you.
  • 13. 5) Weekly emails show which days you did, or didn’t, take a medication.
  • 14. 6) Every month you receive a printed progress report in the mail.
  • 15. 7) Cap embeds a “Push to refill” button = Patent pending
  • 16. Vitality addresses each of the root causes of non-adherence Adherence Issue Vitality’s Approach Forgetfulness Reminders escalate from subtle to insistent Poor Education Personalized interactive media educates No Social Support Progress is shared with a buddy No Accountability Reports inform your doctor, via e-health record Refill Inconvenience Refill requests automatically flow into pharmacy Low Motivation Rewards motivate via loss aversion VITALITY confidential
  • 17. Vitality addresses each of the root causes of non-adherence VITALITY
  • 18. Working with Vitality: What you receive 1) GlowCaps and Services • Wireless GlowCaps and Reminder light (cellular gateway) • Missed-dose calls • Weekly email summaries • Monthly printed reports mailed to patients’ homes 2) Program Support • Dedicated IT administrative portal • eMail and printed reports customization • Customer surveys (periodic) 3) Access to Real-Time Reports • Sort by condition, medication, member number, MPR, mean refill frequency, demographics, etc. • Consolidated physician reporting across patients
  • 19. An unprecedented, secure data feed updates daily. Vitality radar pharmacies CVS 145 Walgreens 93 Walmart 22 Express Scripts 3 RiteAid 1 physicians Rose 1 Smith 3 Goldblatt, 8 conditions Hypertension 65 Asthma 3 Diabetes 22 medications Diovan 34 Liptor 13 Gleevec 5 adherence >80% 60-80% 40-60% <40%
  • 20. Vitality™ Contact: David Rose 617 517 6037 One Broadway, 14th floor Cambridge, MA 02142 VITALITY
  • 21. APPENDIX Patents pending
  • 22. Medicine Bottle Cap with Embedded Curved Display
  • 23. &' Medicine Bottle Cap with Embedded Trigger for Refilling !!"# !!"# $"" $"" !!"# $""
  • 24. Medication Compliance System, Method and Devices with Configureable and Adaptable Escalation Engine 115 External Local End Back end Entities (e.g., Patient’s home) Network Operations 111 110 116 Center (NOC) Connector I Doctor(s) 112 Patient Cap 106 Database S Medication Pharmacies Container Learning 108 System Algorithm manager 102 Other(s) 120 Container Rules / Escalation 118 engine 107 104 External messaging Peripheral Feedback Sensors Indicator 122 Messaging Messaging Platform 114 device(s)
  • 25. Our patented learning engine adapts to the motivational profile of each GlowCap owner to tailor services. 1. Enroll 2. Ingest 3. Survey 4. Observe Intervention plans Patients via Demographic Attitudinal features Patterns of behavior Programs to motivate behavioral pharmacy partner features. (ongoing) change. Each intervention activates a specific personalty type, and has an associated $ and duration. Financial incentive Social incentives Strong social norming message Modality preference: SMS, paper Bayesian classifier statistically matches Doctor information sharing Profiles dB interventions to people, minimizing price while People features optimizing behavioral and usage history outcomes. is stored Vitality Programs Each individual is prescribed a tailored plan.
  • 26. APPENDIX Market details
  • 27. Pharma Vitality targets chronic asymptomatic conditions worth billions in drug sales
  • 28. Pharma Vitality targets chronic asymptomatic conditions worth billions in drug sales
  • 29. Pharma The market opportunity for a 25% lift in adherence amounts to over $24B.
  • 30. Pharma The pharma market opportunity in heart disease alone is over $24B.