Ambient Furniture


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Furniture is the infrastructure for human activity. Every day we sit down at the breakfast table, settle into our desk chairs, open cabinets and drawers, and fall into bed. How can digital technology augment these everyday rituals in subtle, natural and delightful ways?

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Ambient Furniture

  1. 1. Ambient FurnitureFurniture is the infrastructure for human activity. Every day we sit down at the breakfast table, settle intoour desk chairs, open cabinets and drawers, and fallinto bed. How can digital technology augment theseeveryday rituals in subtle, natural and delightful ways? David Rose <>
  2. 2. versusAfter all, why are you so thrilled about mobile?
  3. 3. versusdo you live in the woods?
  4. 4. versus really?
  5. 5. MIT Media Lab
  6. 6. Approach: Analyze traditional furniture forms, then embed technologyapps that allow each to be a better version of itself. FURNITURE FORM PSYCHOLOGICAL STATE APP cabinetry discovery, surprise, presence, communication revealing coffee table communion, casual sharing photos Wall clock pacing resource consumption Table conversation, storytelling turn-taking Reclining chair relaxation, respite music Lounge chair reflection diary Desk productivity, teamwork team status Trash bin recycling satisfaction, need restocking, reordering to replenish Doorbell signaling arrival, family whereabouts or excitement, anticipation status Chandelier dazzling energy, social activity extravagance Door handle, Door transition traffic congestion, mat, key hook NextBus schedule Mirror preparation weather conditions, pollen count
  7. 7. Ambient Furniture Situated, Embodied, Apps. David Rose <>
  8. 8. Ambient Furniture research themes:Glanceability Energy ClockIncidental interfaces Facebook CoffeeTableAmbient sound design Google Latitude DoorbellPeripheral awarenessEveryday gestures Skype Cabinet Pandora Chair Amazon Trash Can
  9. 9. Skype Cabinet
  10. 10. Ideal for generation-jumping conversations: kids to grands 3 year old 8 year old 44 year old eye height 3’ eye height 4’ eye height 5’ connected to grandma connected to aunt molly connected to dad
  11. 11. Skype CabinetThe Skype Cabinet is always on. No moresetup, log-ins, bad lighting, or headphones.Each cabinet is a dedicated portal between youand your closest friends or family.Place itwherever you live most and assign a space toeveryone you know. The translucent doors glowwhen your friends are nearby, and you canopen the cabinet to start a conversation. Withcrystal clear sound and perfect lighting, youcan share a special moment or just hang outtogether. Skype Cabinet: Instant video calls,for the people that matter most.
  12. 12. This coffee table recognizes topics of conversation in the room with voiceFaceBook Coffee Table recognition, then displays photos of people and places from each person’s FaceBook account to complement the conversation.
  13. 13. FaceBook Coffee TableLike an instant photo album, the FacebookCoffee Table shows your digital photos rightwhen you want them most. Realtime speechanalysis understands keywords from yourconversation and pulls up relevant Facebookfeed photos while youre talking. Imaginedescribing your latest trip to the Rockies, andphotos from the trip fade up to complementthe conversation.Facebook Coffee Table: Bringyour conversations to life.
  14. 14. Energy Clock
  15. 15. Energy ClockWhen youre serious about saving energy amonthly bill doesnt cut it. The energy clockgives you realtime, instant feedback on yourhousehold energy consumption. It learns yourenergy consumption habits, then gives yousubtle feedback on how youre tracking againstyourself. Sometimes a gentle reminder is all ittakes to make a difference!Energy Clock: Saveenergy on your time.
  16. 16. Pandora Chair This chair plays music from different parts of the world based on which direction you are facing and your angle of repose.
  17. 17. Pandora Chair
  18. 18. Pandora Chair
  19. 19. Pandora ChairWe all need moments of relaxation and respiteto recharge throughout the day. Just sit backand reset your mood. Using the incline of yourchair as a guide, the chair selects from yourfavorite Pandora stations. Whether its edge ofyour seat rocknroll, or laidback lounge, thePandora Chair plays the right tunes for yourmood.Pandora Chair: Your personal DJ.
  20. 20. Google Latitude Doorbell This augmented doorbell uses location-based-services to provide subtle audio cues about the state of your family.This augmented doorbell uses location-based-services to provide subtle audio cues about thestate of your family.
  21. 21. Google Latitude DoorbellEarly evenings are always a little hectic, butfamily planning just got a lot easier. TheGoogle Latitude Doorbell plays subtle chimesto tell you when someones on their way, andgetting home soon. Knowing that Mom’s tenminutes away lets you put the pasta on at exactlythe right time. Each person in the house hastheir own signature chime.Google LatitudeDoorbell: Fun family radar
  22. 22. Amazon Trash Can
  23. 23. Amazon Trash CanRunning out of something in the kitchen is adrag. Amazon Trash ends that problem forever.A bar code scanner zaps anything that needsrestocking on the way out. Lift the lid, pause toscan, and then toss. Use it for every type oferrand, from the hardware store to thesupermarket, and youll never run out ofanything again. Amazon Trash: Make yourtrashcan smarter.