Social Media, Marketing, Outreach: Topeka's Experience So Far...


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How Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library used social media and traditional tools to to tell customers about a change at the organization.

What worked, how to plan for it.

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  • here’s what we do - in general, then with a really specific example - how it worked in practice.\n
  • Here’s what we use. \n\nIn each - focus on community, answers, engagement, fun.\n
  • some big stuff that works - asking about what you’re reading, answering questions, sharing little facts. Videos and photos to share interesting stuff going on.\n\nSome examples of that:\n
  • Twitter - interactions. it shows people doing stuff “at the library” - RTing, sharing, following, favoriting stuff we’re talking about.\n
  • People praising us - nothing wrong with that!\n
  • Facebook - we ask a question about books, customers answer it. comic books, kid’s books, Llama Llama...\n\nSomeone’s reading “Go the beep to sleep book to their kid !!! Yikes.\n\nSometimes we get questions, too - like this:\n
  • Asking about a program we do. We answered the question.\n
  • Youtube - our more popular videos:\n- quick and quirky book reviews\n- patron-created content\n- our automated bookdrop (behind the scenes video)\n- interview with a well-known photographer\n- and our ebooksforlibraries video.\n
  • Pinterest. mostly mimicking the library - craft section, teen section, etc. Seems to be growing (it’s still in pilot project mode).\n
  • huge change for us (horizon to Polaris). big change for customers. Some down time involved.\n\nWe needed to tell our customers!\n
  • \n
  • what we did - started with a brainstorming session for our communication plan. Focused on both physical and digital. Cause they aren’t two separate things. It’s part of the same thing - sharing system wide. Guess what? The digital branch is part of the system/part of the library, too.\n
  • in building signage - really important. Also went in our newsletter.\n
  • more signs... by stuff people do in the library\n
  • main entrance\n
  • and at the circ desk\n
  • tv and newspaper - still pretty big deals in Topeka. And we have great connections at both.\n
  • digital signage and info! Also huge. Huge banner on our website. Even did a daily countdown about 3 weeks before the launch, with a daily “what’s new or better” type update.\n\nThis was connected to a blog post, 35 or so comments (questions, me answering them, etc).\n
  • a video - me telling people what was happening and why. Also linked this and the blog post in our enewsletter.\n
  • Facebook announcement - we did more of these, but this was the “we just went live” announcement.\n\nQuestions came back and we answered them\n
  • similar thing in Twitter - here’s one of many announcements\n
  • answering questions about the switch in FB\n
  • asking for feedback about the new catalog ... inside the catalog. Button goes to a web form, then emailed to our Polaris implementation team. One of us answers these.\n\nMostly, people are just using the new catalog no problems. People filling this out either really like it, have a question, or those “loved the old thing and can’t imagine why we’d ever change ... what were you thinking” type comments. We answer all of them.\n
  • did it work? Yes! people asked us about the project, outside the building. In the grocery store, etc. They heard about the switch. Mission accomplished.\n
  • what worked? Constant contact. Daily sharing. wide nets - print, tv, website, social media. Not just one.\n\nmost important - already being there, interacting in that space. So when you need to share, you already have an interested, engaged audience. Means you need to work on that interaction thing BEFORE you need it for the important things.\n
  • ebooksforlibraries. catalog project was training for this one, marketing-wise. Did a similar thing, but in a bigger way. International exposure, larger numbers, more eyes. Hit our goal! Next step - mail to publishers, another video, more marketing push. \n\nBecause we are practicing this stuff already, we’re ready to do it when we need to do it.\n
  • \n
  • Social Media, Marketing, Outreach: Topeka's Experience So Far...

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    4. 4. it’s never easy.
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