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Mwmg   internet marketing - social media for business - i2i business solutions - david laud

Mwmg internet marketing - social media for business - i2i business solutions - david laud






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    Mwmg   internet marketing - social media for business - i2i business solutions - david laud Mwmg internet marketing - social media for business - i2i business solutions - david laud Presentation Transcript

    • MWMG Internet Marketing - Social Media for Business presented by@davidlaud FCIM Chartered Marketer
    • Overview• So many “experts”• Too many opinions, too much noise• Not enough practical guidance• Empowerment• Ownership• Action
    • Today• What is social media?• Review of platforms • Twitter • LinkedIn • Facebook • ++++++• Why is social media important for business• Reputation management• Staying within the Law• Having a plan• Implementation• Measuring success• The future
    • What about you• Facebook pages• Twitter• Linkedin• Google+• Youtube
    • What is Social Media?Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies toturn communication intointeractive dialogue. Social Media –These internet-based applications, Sharing contentincreasingly accessed via with trustedSmartphones, allow the creation networks to enhance theand exchange of user-generated profile and valuecontent. of your business – [David Laud]For business - A blending oftechnology and social interactionfor the co-creation of value.[source Wikipedia]
    • Technology
    • Platforms• Linkedin• Wordpress• Facebook• FlickR• YouTube• Twitter• Instagram• Pinterest• Foursquare• Klout• Others… – Vimeo – StumbleUpon – Quora
    • What is Social Media - Facts• Linkedin – Launched 2002, 175 million members, 200 countries, 9 million in UK• Wordpress – Launched 2003, 13% of top 1 million websites in the world• Facebook – Launched 2004, 845 million active users globally, 40 million in the UK 64% penetration av. 130 friends• YouTube – Launched 2005, 800 million unique users per month, av. user 20 min per day,• Twitter – Launched 2006, 200 million accounts, 55 million tweets per day• Foursquare – Launched 2009, 20 million users, Amex deal• Instagram – Launched 2010, sold to Facebook 100 million users,• Pinterest – Launched 2011, 12 million users• Google+ – Launched 2011, debatable 170 million users
    • Common Social Media Views• “I don’t get it!”• “Waste of time”• “It’s like walking down the street shouting out random things to strangers”• “It’s for people with too much time on their hands”• “If I allow it in my business staff will spend all day on it”• I’m a private person, no one wants to know about me anyway…
    • Why is it important?• Competitors• Statistics*• Cost• Connection• 10 years and growing
    • Not a lot of people know this...• 62% of adults worldwide use social media• 56% admit to using it spy on their partners• Online av annual spend £1,100• 40% of users regularly search for products/ services on twitter• 65% of world’s top companies have a twitter account• Only 10% of marketers are monitoring social media ROI• 53% of small businesses are using social media
    • Or this............• The average twitter user has 126 followers• Over 40% of twitter users do not tweet• 25% of twitter users have no followers• Facebook – 54% of users access via a mobile device• 40% of us are online whilst we watch TV• 17% of social media users access it for customer service• The UK has the highest % of people online 85% (53 million)
    • Reputation management• “We also do cut-glass sherry decanters complete with six glasses on a silver-plated tray that your butler can serve you drinks on, all for £4.95. People say, "How can you sell this for such a low price?” I say, because its total crap." • “some of our earrings are cheaper than an M&S prawn sandwich but probably wouldnt last as long“ • Speech 23rd April 1991 • Resigned November 1992
    • By far the worst part of this #blackberryoutage is that I haveto admit I have a Blackberry@Lord_Sugar: In all my years in IT biz,I have never seen such a outage asexperienced by Blackberry.I cant understand why its taking so long tofix.
    • #Awkward #Fail
    • Turning things around• Aflac, a US insurance company, fired Gilbert Gottfried the ‘voice’ of its famous duck when he tweeted insensitive remarks following the Japanese tsunami• The company staged a month-long nationwide campaign to recruit a new ‘quack’• And received 12,500 entries …• The search for the ducks voice helped increase brand recognition from 10% in 2000 to over 90%
    • Staying within the Law• Data protection – cookies – John Lewis - Our website uses cookies so that you can place orders and we can provide a better service. Continue to use the site as normal if youre happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies.• E-Commerce – The 2002 E-commerce Regulations apply to businesses that: • sell goods or services on the internet, or by email or text messages • advertise on the internet, or by email or text • convey or store electronic content for customers, or provide access to a communications network• Staff & Social Media • Recruitment • Management • Disciplinary
    • Having a plan• Business plan• Set objective(s) – To grow a targeted network on twitter of 1k – To obtain 1 piece of business in next 6 months – To provide improved customer service• Platforms• Team• Timescales – A marathon not a sprint• Measure, analyse, learn, adapt and go again
    • Implementation• Step by step • Project manage • Milestones • Training • Start small and build• Be prepared for obstacles • Lack of time • Understanding• Must be managed
    • Twitter - Who’s out there?• Celebrities’• Tech talk• Overt sales pitches/ spam• Personal chat and gossip• Those convinced size (of your follower base) matters• Anthropologist Robin Dunbar network size• Those seeking – Help, – Advice, – Support, – Someone to “share” with – Networking with like minded people• Genuine customers
    • Who you need in your network• People who like people!• Good networkers & Connectors• Mavens/ Experts in a particular field• Altruists• People who share the same interests• Future employees• Testimonial material – clients/ customers
    • How?• Twitter – search and find, recruit followers # – location – sector – interests – competitors lists• Facebook – looking for “likes” – advertise – interact • giveaways • competitions • discounts• Linkedin – – contact database inc prospects – advanced search – groups
    • Avoid• Obvious and annoying self promoters• Spammers• Flirts “xox” nb I know a good family lawyer!• Follower junkies, you’re only a number• Messaging whilst very,very happy• Damaging your reputation/ brand #Habitat
    • Good Practice• Make time and invest• Talk to people you know who use twitter,facebook,linkedin etc.• Create an account – seek followers and watch conversations• Be brave and use a photo, it significantly increases the quality of the followers and will encourage those you target• Find a level that fits you and your business• Don’t “over” promote, be yourself, personality works• It’s not all about business• Use as part of a of viral campaign – case study
    • Good Practice contd.• Twitter – Follow Friday - #FF & generally appropriate use of #, #MWMG – Consider creating additional accounts for specific products/ services/ functions get others involved• LinkedIn – Groups are good way to segment and target specific individuals – Keep your profile updated Always shorten any hyperlinks eg http://bit.ly/ – Photos – don’t be shy• Website – Start blogging – you don’t need to be Stephen Fry or JK Rowling, be yourself – Point your social media networks back to your website hosted blogs• Facebook – Make your messages relevant to the medium, is it personal or business? – Use separate pages for your business – look at the demographic data available and consider advertising to specific sectors• Foursquare – Register and establish your business – put yourself on the map! – Offer tips, promotions, special offers – ideal for retail outlets, bars, cafes etc.• Set aside a few moments during each day to check your accounts• Respond to messages, mentions and likes• Keep it contained and don’t over promote – be careful not to wear your followers out with promotions.• Share useful content, news, RT/ like others comments,
    • Measuring successDetermine what success will look like• Quantitative – Followers – Likes – Mentions – RT• Quality of interactions• Actual business• Positive feedback• Brand awareness• Klout Score 30+
    • I’m still confused – dot com!
    • What to Say?Think of yourself as a broadcast channel and adopt a style to suit your business objectives• Entertain – share light hearted content• Inform – provide timely newsworthy updates, but not from competitor sites, check BBC each day• Respond to requests for help, support your network• Don’t bombard your network with press releases• Promote yourself but don’t overdo it offer value to your network – use the 1 in 6 rule. (1 advert for every 6 tweets)• Use the # (hashtag) appropriately, only on subjects you’re talking about
    • When to BroadcastThere has been a great deal of debate over the best time to message your networks. My view is that there are certain obvious times in the working day.• Important message/ blog - first thing in the morning, lunchtime and about 4pm.• As for days, there are conflicting reports but the consensus appears to be WednesdayThursday/ Friday as peak days followed by Wednesday. To be sure use stats packages and analysis that support your platforms• Less activity at weekends and they tend to be of a more social nature.• If you have a number of influential followers it can be useful to know when they are “online” and ready to see your tweets. Keep an eye on their tweet timeline by visiting their profile and seeing when they tweet.• If you have a blog or important announcement/ promotion you can schedule your message to be sent 3 or 4 times in a 24 hour period but we would suggest no more than that.
    • Case study - spread a little love
    • Making it workTwitter is but one method of driving traffic to you and your business – be sure to integrate it with all other online and offline marketing• Your blog – www.wordpress.com• Your LinkedIn profile – www.linkedin.com• Your YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com• Your Facebook page – www.facebook.com• Your Foursquare location – www.foursquare.com• Add links to your account(s) to your e-mail footer• Add links on your website• Add account information to your printed media• Include account details in advertising online and offline
    • Analyse and adaptKeep an eye on the traffic you’re generating• Network members and responders, who are they? Are you following them back?• What are people saying about you and your business?• Who’s visiting your website from the social media platforms and how long are they staying?• Use Klout and Google Analytics to drill into the impact of social media on your website
    • Useful ResourcesThere are literally hundreds of applications to help you manage your twitter account and add value to the experience. The difficulty is in wading through the forest of solutions to find those that best suit your needs. Here are a few that we would recommend.• Who’s talking about your business – Social Mention - http://socialmention.com/• Shrink hyperlinks – http://bit.ly/ or http://tinyurl.com/• Managing multiple social media sites or business accounts: – Desktop: – Tweetdeck http://www.tweetdeck.com/ great for multiple views of multiple accounts – Hootsuite http://hootsuite.com/ – even more functionality and analysis but you pay for it – Seesmic http://seesmic.com/ neat app for keeping on top of multiple accounts – Smart Phone: -TwitBirdpro http://appsto.com/twitbirdpro• Searching to see who’s following/ not following – Justunfollow http://www.justunfollow.com/login.do• Analysis of your profile –http://www.twitalyzer.com or www.twitstats.com• Adding pictures – www.Flickr.com www.instagram.com www.pinterest.com• Adding video – www.youtube.com ; www.vimeo.com or www.dailymotion.com• Adding sound – http://www.Audioboo.fm
    • The Future• Visual – image sharing, Instagram Pinterest• Siri – voice activated search via mobile• Location smart apps• Consumer network power• Brands creating entertainment channels• MWMG – Investment Twitter and Linkedin
    • Summary• Create a strategy and objectives for your social media marketing, keep it simple• Listen and learn from active, successful businesses using social media• Personality first but protect the brand• Have a policy to manage risks, take legal advice• Involve colleagues but provide guidance• It takes time to deliver results• Be creative, be positive and have fun being your own channel• Keep an eye on developing platforms
    • Questions uk.linkedin.com/in/davidlaud @davidlaud http://www.facebook.com/i2isolutions david.laud@i2isolutions.co.uk