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GGU Promotions


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Presentation to Berkeley City College Intro to Marketing class

Presentation to Berkeley City College Intro to Marketing class

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  • Introduce self Here to speak about Golden Gate University, and how we market to our prospective students. MBA in Marketing, so I actually talking about this stuff Golden Gate University
  • Even though we are a nonprofit University providing graduate and undergraduate education, we still use the marketing mix in attracting prospective students. Product, Place, Promotion, Price Golden Gate University
  • Product Features Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Transcript

    • 1. Golden Gate University Marketing Study David Javate Assistant Director of Outreach
    • 2. Topics covered
      • About GGU
      • The GGU Student
      • Education as Product
      • Benefits of GGU Education
      • Public vs. Private Comparison
      • Positioning
      • Advertising campaign analysis
    • 3. Golden Gate University Key Facts
      • Founded in 1901
      • Located in Downtown San Francisco
      • Graduate and Undergraduate education in Law, Taxation and Business
      • Graduated approximately 60,000 alumni.
      • Average class size: 14 students
      • Providing online education since 1997.
    • 4.
      • Average age late 20s-mid 30s
      • Has work experience
      • Wants to continue working while in school
      • May want to further current career or change careers.
      • May have been away from school
      The “typical” GGU student Who is our consumer?
    • 5.
      • The entire set of benefits that are offered in an exchange
      Marketing Education as a Product Definition:
    • 6. Benefits of GGU Education
      • Greater attractiveness in the job market
      • Greater applied knowledge
      • Higher Salary
      • Access to classes which work with a working professional’s schedule
      • Access to network of alumni in variety of industries
      • Continued support throughout career
    • 7.
      • Subsidized by taxpayer money
      • Large variety of majors
      • Research focused
      • Larger class size
      • Endowment & Donors
      • Specialized
      • Application focused
      • Smaller class size
      • Personalized services
      Public vs. Private comparison Public Private
    • 8.
      • Advising
      • Classes for the Adult Learner
      • Student Financial Planning
      • Career seminars
      • Career Advising
      • Alumni Networking
      Personalized Services
    • 9.
      • Establishing GGU as a timely authority in professional circles.
        • Faculty experts, Business Times
      • Appealing to the working professional who wants to further their career.
      • Adjunct faculty
      • Responsive & timely programs
      Positioning How does GGU Differentiate itself?
    • 10.
      • 2002-2008
      • Focus groups conducted on current students
      • Flexibility, Balance, Confidence: Quality of Life
      • Advertising included Mountain Bikes, Family, Yoga
      “ Get There” Advertising campaign
    • 11. “ SHINE” Advertising campaign
      • 2009 launch
      • Consumer needs shifted
      • Highlighting moments in life where one really stood out
    • 12.
      • Radio, TV
      • Outdoor: Bus Shelters, Taxis, Buses, Banners
      • Online: Banner advertising, Facebook, Twitter
      • Free Downtown SF Shoe Shines
      • 5 days to Shine: 5 days of fun lectures by GGU faculty on timely topics
      Promotional Channels How was the campaign released?
    • 13.
      • GGU markets to its prospective students by:
        • Establishing itself as an resource for Industry Leaders
        • Differentiating itself as a Business school for working professionals by providing relevant programs and personalized services.
        • Advertising with a message which addresses current concerns through promotional channels that reach our audience.
      In Summary
    • 14. Questions? David Javate 415-265-2933 djavate@