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BIM: Why and What?
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BIM: Why and What?


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Brief presentation to USQ L&T Systems Advisory group asking for BIM to be installed.

Brief presentation to USQ L&T Systems Advisory group asking for BIM to be installed.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Activity module for Moodle 2.xBIM Why? What?
  • 2. Activity module for Moodle 2.xBIM BAM Into Moodle
  • 3. Activity module for Moodle 2.xBIM BAM Into Moodle Blog Aggregation Management
  • 4. Why?
  • 5. Reflective learning journals are recognized as asignificant tool in promoting active learning (Thorpe, 2004, p. 327) The learning journal group obtained significantly higher marks than the control group (McCrindle & Christensen, 1995, p. 184)
  • 6. Usage in USQ courses in 2012? 20 – diary Assessment 2 – learning journal n/a to 50% 10 – reflective journal
  • 7. EDC3100 - 2013 Semester 1 – 339 students Semester 2 – ~90 students
  • 8. (Thorpe, 2004, p. 339)Reflective learning journals aredemanding and time-consumingfor both students and educators
  • 9. Blogging as a medium(Freeman & Brett, 2012)(Keawalla et al, 2009)(Osman & Koh, 2013) BIM/BAM (Ross, 2012) (Jones & Luck, 2009) (Reaburn et al, 2009) (Coghlan et al, 2007)
  • 10. I’ve been using BIM for the past year at theUniversity of Canberra and it has saved mehours and hours of work… I cannot go back tomarking Word documents ever again, butwithout BIM blogs become terribly difficult to manage… (de Percy, n.d.) - 26 offerings, 7 courses - 2790+ students - 20,000+ blog posts
  • 11. What?
  • 12. Students create and register blogs/feeds
  • 13. They answer questions (or not)
  • 14. BIM aggregates and mirrors the student posts
  • 15. BIM “allocates” posts to questions Unallocated Submitted
  • 16. BIM shows students what it knows about their posts
  • 17. BIM provides a management interface
  • 18. BIM provides a management interface
  • 19. BIM provides a management interface
  • 20. BIM provides a management interface
  • 21. BIM provides a management interface
  • 22. BIM integrates with the Moodle gradebook
  • 23. BIM generates OPML feed for staff
  • 24.
  • 25. Coghlan, E., Crawford, J., Little, J., Lomas, C., Lombardi, M., Raeburn, P., Muldoon, N., & Bookallil, C. (2009). Blended spaces,Oblinger, D., et al. (2007). ELI Discovery Tool: Guide to work based learning and constructive alignment: Impacts onBlogging: EDUCAUSE. student engagement. Same places, different spaces, 820-831.Freeman, W., & Brett, C. (2012). Prompting authentic blogging Thorpe, K. (2004). Reflective learning journals  From concept to :practice in an online graduate course. Computers & Education, practice. Reflective practice: International and Multidisciplinary59(3), 1032–1041. Perspectives, 5(3), 327–343.Jones, D., & Luck, J. (2009). Blog Aggregation Management:Reducing the Aggravation of Managing Student Blogging. Ross, J. (2012). Just what is being reflected in online reflection?Paper presented at the World Conference on Education New literacies for new media learning practices. InMultimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2009. L. Dirckinck-Holmfeld, V. Hodgson, & D. McConnell (Eds.),from Exploring the theory, pedagogy and practice of networked learning (pp. 191–207). New York, NY: Springer New York. .Kerawalla, L., Minocha, S., Kirkup, G., & Conole, G. (2009). Anempirically grounded framework to guide blogging in highereducation. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 25(1), 31–42.McCrindle, A. R., & Christensen, C. a. (1995). The impact of learningjournals on metacognitive and cognitive processes and learningperformance. Learning and Instruction, 5(2), 167–185.Osman, G., & Koh, J. H. L. (2013). Understanding managementstudents’ reflective practice through blogging. The Internet andHigher Education, 16, 23–31.