WorldShare ILL: Migrating to the New World (or, What were we thinking!?!)


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In March 2013, the Seattle Public Library Interlibrary Loan Department began migrating to the new OCLC platform (WorldShare ILL). We will be sharing our experiences with the migration process. We will discuss what went well and what problems were encountered—and what we might have done differently to help avoid the bumps in the road. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own stories about encounters with WorldShare ILL. Presentation by Karen Barnes & Martin Burgess

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  • Welcome.Due to time, we ask that you hold questions until after the presentation.We don’t claim to be experts -- OCLC asked us to talk about our migrating experienceHow many people are using WorldShare daily or regularly?How many people are not using WorldShare at all right now (or, are waiting until later to begin using it)?How many people looked at WorldShare and considered retirement?
  • We are all starting from a different place. No ILL Management Software – used WorldCat Resource Sharing directly; no ILLiad, no CLIO, etc.Custom programming was primarily a custom printout – but also included adding the fee, created scannable barcode for patron & borrowing library, saving title info to clipboardUOK charges fees both in borrowing (patrons pay $5) & in lending (we charge what you charge)Training considerations for our part-time help
  • Think about current process & see how it fits into WorldShare environmentWrap Master is the part-time help with our mailing operations
  • Some notable WorldShare enhancements that we waited for August updates : 1. Link to lender OPAC – doesn’t work for UOK; no ILL in branch list for placing holds & often ISBN in Horizon doesn’t match OCLC 2. Record purchases in Borr workflow – Purchase Dept is completely separate from ILL at UOK 3. Edit produced Borr requests – have yet to test it (8.21.13)
  • Decided to just jump in fully committed on Monday July 1, 2013
  • Added option to context-sensitive drop down menu (invoked by right click on mouse); Could print request instantly & the data was formatted the way we wanted it to be
  • Upper right corner was our “Pull” date—the last day of our 4-day window on OCLC (had to modify every morning)The Status/Pending date told us the day that the RQ came into our files; when processing Pending in the morning, we could process RQs with previous day’s date firstThe OCLC symbol was printed in larger, bold font to make it more visible -- used the OCLC symbol to identify the materials to be shipped via Orbis CourierCustom script created somewhat unique barcode for each requesting library based on the “Ship-To” address fields; thus, we could scan a barcode to access a library’s account in Horizon when checking out itemsIf address formatted correctly by borrower, it would block print & could be used as mailing labelAble to print the request instantly
  • WorldShare platform does not allow for our custom programming to work Decision of Bookstrap or Request driven mostly by the printing process in WS – i.e., where in the work flow a print job can be sent to the print queue and the fact that all print jobs are sent to a print queue first & then the Print Queue has to be printedNo more instant printing of requestsDecided to use Bookstrap print job over Request printout – Bookstraps printed from Batch Update to shipped—could print all bookstraps from one update command Request printout would require pulling up each request individually in WorldShare & clicking on the Print button to send it to the Print QueueWorldShare requests do not indicate the date that it came into our file, so some requests will age out of our file before we respond YES or NO
  • But, our decision to print bookstraps turned our Lending workflow on its head: In FirstSearch WorldCat, we printed requests as they were received in Pending (prior to actually getting the item in ILL) In WorldShare, we print requests as they are being updated to shipped (after item has been received in ILL unit)At checkout, do Batch Update to Shipped; also Print Book Straps & Shipping LabelsSince we are printing the OCLC request after the item arrives in ILL, the rest of the lending process in WS is affected:For retrieval => print only the Horizon catalog screen with Call #For Holds => not printing anything; using Horizon Borrower Request List to track holds; Jan 2013 upgrade gave us ability to sort Request List by Date Requested & by Title in Horizon (v.7.5.2)
  • Although the WorldShare’sPrint Queue approach to printing influences the entire process, other software at our disposal allows us to maximize the WorldShare experienceWhen printing from WS-ILL, we are able to select the doPDF virtual printer, which will open up the print job in Adobe Acrobat X Professional
  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro allows us to edit text and add text boxesAdd Due Date => type due date once & copy it; then just insert text box on each book strap & paste date
  • Can create Custom Stamps in Adobe Acrobat (version X, for UOK) for text used regularly (e.g., In-Library Use Only for Reference items)Possibility of creating a dynamic custom stamp for Due Date?
  • WorldShare has the capacity to selectively print shipping labels (or book straps or requests)During the checkout process, materials are separated into Courier/USPS; So, it is simple to find titles (sorted alphabetically) in Print Queue of the USPS items, which are nicely stacked prior to printing ship labels
  • Save yourself some paper/Avery labels – Use Acrobat’s “Edit Original Document Text” function to correct the poorly formatted Ship-To addresses before you printAlso, copy & paste from PDF Preview to MS Word
  • If not using Avery labels, copy addresses from WS-ILL Print Preview & paste into Word documentCan then format addresses as you wish
  • Arranging items on cart after checkout so that our Wrap Master can easily distinguish the courier items from the USPS mail items;Courier items identified by OCLC symbol ; USPS items identified by a shipping label The WorldShare printout is not as visible as our custom print, but it does seem to work well enoughCan fold the WS-ILL bookstrap so that the OCLC symbol is at top of slip; the half sheet WS printout is not so easy to find OCLC symbol
  • With Horizon upgrade in January 2013 (to version 7.5.2), we can now sort by Date Requested and sub-sort by TitleIf item is in transit hold, we update WorldShare to shippedIf item is not yet in transit & it was requested 4 days ago, we Respond No in WorldShareUnfortunately, WorldShare does not currently (7.24.13) indicate when a request comes into our file—so, when we process the Lending-New Loans first thing every morning, there is no way to know if the item came into our OCLC file a minute ago or a minute after we left work the day before (which technically would be Day 1 of the 4-day window)Thus, some requests will age from our file with no Reason for No (our apologies)
  • No efficient equivalent method for sending Conditional in WS-ILL; WS-ILL does not allow for notes to be saved in Lending requests without changing the status (don’t want to update to shipped/in transit while waiting for our Subject Dept to make a decision) in FirstSearch, you could update Conditionals to In Process--thereby taking it out of the Conditional category— so that ILL staff would know that the request had been worked onJuly 29, 2013 – stopped sending Conditional messages for In-Library Use Only; without the ability to change the status of the OCLC RQ or to add a note to the RQ, there was no reliable/efficient way to handle a “Yes—Conditional” ; requests being sent to Subject Dept multiple times because ILL staff could not signify that the RQ was being worked on
  • Custom printout had patron’s name in bold, only had the information that we needed for processing the request (patron name & barcode, title, pickup location, notes—if any)BIG advantage => scannable patron barcode created by custom tool (patron’s barcode is in the Patron ID field)Pickup location in bold & larger font size for higher visibility (was entered in Patron Dept of Patron Request Form on FirstSearch)
  • Bookstrap vs. Request printout decision driven by which fields are printed on each type of printout.WS-ILL Borrowing Book strap doesn’t include Patron ID (field in which we put patron’s card number) (patron’s pickup location added to bookstrap in August update)So we went with the request printoutWS-ILL request printout does not include the Patron Dept field, which we had been using in WorldCatSwitched to Pickup Location field on Patron ILL Request Form
  • In FirstSearch WorldCat Resource Sharing, had custom tool that, with one click, would automatically apply the $5 fee to the patron’s accountCustom script would use patron ID field (which had patron’s library card number) & find patron’s account in our circ system; then would add the $5 fee with some title information & the Request ID number
  • In WS-ILL, ILL staff have to manually add the $5 fee to each patron’s account, including title info & request ID in the Comment field (copy & paste from the Print Preview PDF in WS-ILL)
  • We create a Fast-Add temporary bib record (title only) to track borrowed itemsAllows our circulation system, Horizon, to send notices (holds, overdues, etc) & track fines/lost chargesCustom script copied title to clipboard when request was printedSimply had to paste title into Title Box of Fast-Add Edit windowIT set up the default info in the other fields of the Fast-AddILL set up as a separate agency in Horizon – only ILL can create & delete Fast-Adds
  • We put bands on borrowed items & insert the paperwork, tri-folded, into pockets (eliminates maintaining paper files).The relevant information on the WS-ILL printout is not as easily discerned as it was on our custom printout; but, it is workable Many lending libraries provide return shipping labels If no return label provided by owning library, then we have to print a shipping label either as part of the updating to Returned on OCLC or just creating a label in MS-Word
  • Can’t easily or nicelyprint request from screen;have to send it to the Print Queue first & then print out the Print Queue.Have to figure out how to fit this new reality into the work flow. Can be aggravating/inefficient.Sept or Nov release => printing directly from request (says Christa from OCLC during webinar on Aug updates, 8.21.13)
  • With apologies to Antoine de Saint-ExuperyExact same font size with 6 shipping labels per page as with 30 shipping labels per page (screen shots both at 100% zoom)6 per page = waste of paper30 per page = truncation makes some labels unusableUOK doesn’t use Avery/sticky labels
  • Lending Request for 6 dates of microfilm/newspaper
  • Date field truncated in half-page printoutDate field not printed at all in full page printoutOCLC Customer Support: “I do apologize for any inconveniences with the missing detail information while printing in WorldShare ILL. This functionality is schedule for a future feature enhancement. Date is tentatively August or September.”
  • “No matching requests found” message on ILL Home page when searching by RQ identifier;Can find requests by title, but don’t get Patron information or Request History on ILL Home page search Can get Patron & RQ History info if you find the request in the appropriate Borrowing category (e.g., Received/In Use, Renewal Requested) OCLC’s response to my email : “We are working towards a fix and expect to include it in our next quarterly release”WorldShare Print Preview wasn’t working for me when I first started using WS-ILL in March 2013; OCLC recommended that I upgrade to Adobe Reader XI (11); IT downloaded it for me & then I could get the Print Preview in WSCan’t add notes to certain statuses of Requests -- problem with ConditionalsCopying & pasting issues => often won’t paste from browser to Excel or Horizon; our solution is to paste into Notepad first to strip formatting & then copy & paste from Notepad to other application, OR to copy from Print Preview PDF Browser => Chrome printouts lighter than IE printouts; anyone using Firefox? (some folks using Firefox as they feel there are fewer issues in that browser)Status changes automatically from Not Reviewed to Reviewed in Borrowing; New to Considering in Lending
  • WorldShare will let you send the request to the print queue, select it, you can change from 1 per page to 2 per pageYou can click the Print button all you want –- but the request won’t print until the open copy of it on the ILL Home page is closed
  • In FirstSearch WorldCat, we used Patron Dept field as criteria for MOB profileBut, Patron Dept field does not print on WS request printout 8.14.13 – modified Direct Request Profiles to use the Patron Status field as the criteria for MOB pickup or other pickup; But…Patron Status field not printing correctly in WorldShare – it prints as “Other” regardless of the data in the field on the requestHave to modify the Patron ILL Request Form in the OCLC Admin Module
  • RQs with diacritics/characters can cause a Batch Update to fail – very frustratingFind & delete the offending RQ with the diacritic & try the Batch Update againOCLC Customer Support response : “This functionality is a known issue with getting an error message when trying to process a Request with Characters in the title. The functionality scheduled to be fixed tentatively September launch. The workaround is to say NO to the request in FirstSearch.”
  • Incomplete drop down menus in IE; Could get the drop down menus in Google Chrome
  • IT deleted the Ntuser.dat files in IE & re-installed with the default files (in Microsoft Windows registry) [re-ghosted or re-imaged my profile]NTUSER.DAT is a registry file that contains the registry settings for their individual account. The Windows registry…is a "central hierarchical database" that contains information about the software, hardware and user profiles contained on a computer. User profile corruption – This occurs when the Ntuser.dat file (the file that contains the user’s Current User registry hive) contains only part of the profile information. The file becomes inconsistent.
  • My 92 emails to OCLC Customer Support as of July 24, 2013 (started using WS-ILL for most transactions on Monday, July 1, 2013) – 3 ½ weeks or 18 work days
  • I wish I could take credit for this delightfully honest message…but it was just one of many message & error boxes that popped up while using WS-ILL.Take a deep breath…Be willing to experiment with different ways of utilizing WorldShare & other resources available to you.And remember,WorldShare is an evolving system.Hopefully, it will mature into a functional one -- sooner rather than later.
  • Whether you have yet to use WorldShare or even if you have been working with it for months, we hope that there has been some bit of helpful information in this presentation.And for those people who prefer to take a third approach, this is one suggestion for how you might spend some time after retirement (also a good scene to imagine while taking a deep breath).
  • The ILL-L list has had interesting and thoughtful discussions of World Share issues – e.g., sending email of RQ to themselvesFrom OCLC Webinar session on Thursday, Sept. 5th => Oklahoma City University Law Library is saving Print Preview PDFs to Drop Box & using iPads to do their pull list (retrieving requested books from the shelf)
  • WorldShare ILL: Migrating to the New World (or, What were we thinking!?!)

    1. 1. Migrating to the New WorldShare Martin Burgess & Karen Barnes Seattle Public Library
    2. 2. WHERE WE STARTED No ILL management software Custom in-house programming UOK charges fees Member of Orbis Courier
    3. 3. Other considerations • Minimize printing/use of paper • Minimize filing • Minimize keystrokes • Minimize handling of materials • Maximize batch processing • New printouts impact on Wrap Master
    4. 4. Enhancements worth waiting for • May 2013 –Batch processing for Yes and No –Printing bookstraps and shipping labels from batch • June 2013 –2 per page printing of bookstraps and requests
    6. 6. Custom programming - Lending
    7. 7. Custom print in WorldCat - Lending
    8. 8. WorldShare Lending : Book strap or request?
    9. 9. Printing book straps & shipping labels
    10. 10. Just doPDF
    11. 11. Adding Due Date to book strap via doPDF
    12. 12. Using custom stamps to insert notes
    13. 13. Selective printing for USPS labels
    14. 14. Edit shipping labels in doPDF
    15. 15. Copy from Print Preview
    16. 16. From custom to bookstrap printouts
    17. 17. Holds maintenance in the New World(Share)
    18. 18. Requests for Reference Items FirstSearch WorldCat • Send Conditional to inform requesting library that all reference are restricted to In- Library Use Only • If borrower accepts Conditions, update status to In Process so that other ILL staff know that request is being worked on • Send paperwork to Subject Dept for decision WorldShare-ILL • Send paperwork to Subject Dept for decision – or just say No
    20. 20. Custom print in WorldCat - Borrowing
    21. 21. Borrowing : Book strap or request?
    22. 22. Patrons charged $5 fee
    23. 23. Adding the $5 fee in WorldCat
    24. 24. Adding the $5 fee in WorldShare
    25. 25. Tracking Borrowed Items
    26. 26. WS-ILL vs. Custom printouts
    27. 27. PROCESSING BORROWING REQUESTS Review File => very similar WorldCat Resource Sharing (Display Bib Data, Transfer to Record, Submit) WorldShare (View Holdings, Update Request, Send) Unfilleds => similar, but have to go back & delete the Unfilled request after creating the New request
    28. 28. It’s all about the Prints
    29. 29. The Little Prints (with apologies to Antoine de Saint-Exupery) 6 Shipping Labels per page 30 Shipping Labels per page
    30. 30. And the No Prints 6 dates requested
    31. 31. The case of the disappearing dates… 1 request per page printout 2 requests per page printout Date field truncated ?
    32. 32. TIPS & TIDBITS • Searching issues at the ILL Home Page • Can sort all lists by any column in it • Response times can be slow – be patient • Can’t add notes to Requests in some statuses—e.g., Conditionals • Browser can make a difference • Copying & pasting issues • “Search my library’s catalog” searches by ISBN; UOK doesn’t use since ISBN in OPAC often doesn’t match OCLC ISBN
    33. 33. Close request (or it won’t print)
    34. 34. Direct Request Profile
    35. 35. Troublesome Characters
    36. 36. Case of the missing menus
    37. 37. SOLUTION TO MISSING MENUS Have you checked your NTUSER.DAT files lately? User profile corruption can be caused by : 1. Workstation turned off before the profile is fully copied back to the network share location 2. Network connection from the file to the workstation (or server) is severed 3. An application encounters an error during a write operation to the registry, causing the write operation not to complete
    38. 38. Don’t hesitate to communicate with OCLC Customer Support 92
    39. 39. RESOURCES  doPDF (free PDF converter) =>  OCLC links of note: o o ill.en.html o o  To subscribe to ILL list-serv: