Proximity As A Service


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Presented for the Internet of Things Meetup, Washington DC, March 24, 2014

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Proximity As A Service

  1. 1. 1 Radius Networks
  2. 2. At The Museum 2 Have a personalized experience with the art and exhibits
  3. 3. On the Train 2 Display your electronic ticket automatically as the conductor approaches
  4. 4. At Home 2 Notify you when your kids come home and when they leave the house
  5. 5. At Your Hotel 2 Be greeted and personally escorted by your host as you arrive at your hotel
  6. 6. Radius Networks We create new and innovative ways to use mobile device signals for proximity and presence detection, analytics and event triggering. Radius Networks Mobile Analytics Proximity Engagement 6
  7. 7. Internet of Things The Internet of Things is about building relationships. Proximity is the ‘Hello’ of the Internet of Things revolution. 7
  8. 8. iBeacon Basics 8 ● iBeacons are Bluetooth Smart advertisers ● Transmitters with a range of 25m - 40m ● iBeacon Advertisement includes ○ UUID - 16 bytes - Organizational ID ○ Major - 2 bytes - Group ID ○ Minor - 2 bytes - Unit ID ○ Measured Power - 1 byte ● Proximity zones can be determined by ranging ○ Immediate - Less than 0.5m ○ Near - 0.5 to 3m ○ Far - Greater than 3m but still in region ● Mobile devices detect iBeacons and notify apps of presence, even when in background ● Apps execute procedures or present content based on iBeacon identifier and proximity to iBeacon Enter Region Ranging In Region Exit Region Far Near Immediate
  9. 9. Radius Networks Open Technology Stack Radius Networks 9 iBeacon Developer Tools Software Libraries, Sample Projects iBeacon Scanners, iBeacon Emulators High Performance iBeacons Plus Support for 3rd Party iBeacons Proximity Kit Open Proximity Services Platform & SDKs ● Over 3,000 Developers ● iOS & Android SDKs ● Sample Projects & Source ● Open Support for 3rd Party Beacons MacBeacon ScanBeacon Locate for iOS & Android ● Over 35,000 Downloads ● iOS, Android & OS X Tools ● Open Source Libraries RadBeacon USB Third Party iBeacon Support
  10. 10. CES 2014 Fully operational deployment: gamification of trade show experience designed to drive traffic to less frequently visited exhibition areas Radius Networks `0 "As I wandered the back halls, I was at first dubious that CES' goal made sense. But the more I wandered, I began to be a convert. I realized that I was walking through halls I wouldn't have visited otherwise and wished I could spend more time in." -Daniel Terdiman, CNET CES 2014 iBeacon Scavenger Hunt
  11. 11. Verizon Center Fully operational deployment: in-game seat upgrades, concessions offers & rewards program redemption Radius Networks 11
  12. 12. Quick Service Mall Restaurant (Not Blimpie or Wendy’s) 2 sites in testing, 100 site pilot April 2014, 1000 site rollout CY2014: real- time offers and loyalty program targeting walk-by’s Radius Networks 12
  13. 13. Convenience Store Chain Radius Networks 25 site pilot March 2014, customer visit and dwell time analytics, offers and promotions 13
  14. 14. IoT Beacon Scavenger Hunt Available: ● iOS App Store ● Android Google Play Store Search For: Beacon Scavenger Hunt Start and Enter Code: 00000000 Discover Beacons at Capital One Labs! Radius Networks 14
  15. 15. Contacts, Links & Follow-Ups 15 David Helms Vice President of Business Development Radius Networks @davidhelms Radius Networks @radiusnetworks Proximity Kit Sign up for a free developer account Developer Tools for iBeacon RadBeacon Proximity Beacons Sample code and projects http://