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Crowdsourcing at TripAdvisor

  1. 1. Crowd Sourcing Travel Group E – MDMK2012
  2. 2.  Wikipedia (The mother of all crowd sourcing websites) defines crowdsourcing as – “the act of outsourcing tasks … to an undefined, large group of people or community (a "crowd”) Crowd Sourcing has been one of the biggest features of successful websites on the internet through getting millions from all the world to contribute in creating some of the top projects-
  3. 3.  The term "Crowdsourcing" is a mix of "crowd" and "outsourcing," first coined by Jeff Howe in a June 2006 Wired magazine article "The Rise of Crowdsourcing".* Crowdsourcing can be used for emergency situations: fires in Moscow, earthquake in Japan, when people create the online databases of missing and found people, collect donations, posting helpful information etc Oxford English Dictionary (OED) may provide one of the earliest examples of crowdsourcing. An open call was made to the community for contributions by volunteers to index all words in the English language and example quotations for each and every one of their usages. In the 70 year project, they received over 6 million submissions. Facebook has used crowdsourcing since 2008 to create different language versions of its site. The company claims this method offers the advantage of providing site versions that are more compatible with local cultures.*
  4. 4. TripAdvisor History TripAdvisor Features Founded in USA in February of 2000  Traveler reviews Subsidiary of  Flight and accommodation search w/ World’s largest travel site fees estimator, Top Values Index, Also offers business service that Restaurants, Gas Tank Getaways, providing tourism industry access to Quick Guides, Traveler Network, TA’s millions of monthly visitors Video, Content Distribution, Saves, TripAdvisor Media Group offers travel Maps, Inside Pages, goLists, suppliers adverts and CPC marketing Checkrate, Tripwatch, and MORE! platforms  Works in conjunction with 3rd party 19 Business partners including Orbitz, applications for “Cities I’ve Visited”, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, & more “Local Picks”, & “Travelpod’s Traveler IQ Challenge”
  5. 5.  Two MAIN factors (concerning TripAdvisor): 1. Very high number of users, the content generators  45m+ travel reviews/opinions  1m+ businesses  89k+ cities, 495k+ hotels, 145k+ attractions, 689k restaurants, & 7m+ candid traveler photos  50m+ unique monthly visitors 1. Quality of the reviews itself In order to become No.1 travel site, TripAdvisor worked on BOTH
  6. 6.  High quality of the site and easy to use interface Advantage of being a pioneer on crowdsourcing, especially on crowdsourcing concerning trips brought TA much favorable PR Word of Mouth as a key success factor Investors behind TA: Buying 18 different travel related sites to bring more traffic to TA (aquisitions began in 2007) Building up agreements with different travel companies Affilliate programs to build up traffic on TA Sponsoring Mega Global Air
  7. 7.  Checking reviews by the crowd itself • The most important tool and additionaly improved (our slide improvements) Real Images + Videos • shared by various users shows guarantees real life expectations and not marketing work. Checking the reviews by TA-officials • Enforced after September 2010; 420 hospitality operators considered to take TA to US court Checking the social graph of posters • Checking the profile on facebook and business associates on LinkedINCONCLUSION: The quality of a ranking depends mainly on the number of posts; the quality of a single post is uncertain
  8. 8. Creation OrganizationGenerated Ownership Create Organize Content Service Users can join in on the blogging fun. They have a lot toUsers can generate content to relay confidence and share with other users such as travel trends and news,belief in a service or location, or to air grievances of company culture, frequently asked questions, anddisappointments in the service choice. If the reader amazing member photos/videos. Here we can see howreads good reviews they are likely to purchase the crowdsourcing also includes employees of the company,product since there is an established faith other people who are logged in as users, since they are also includedhave for a certain level of quality. Bad reviews warn in the blogs and can participate (not all of them). Theyothers of the lackluster and upsetting experiences. help to create new content and the other users canInfluence on the criteria selection. organize this information and comment about it. Invention Prediction Predict Relations with Ranking Guide Trends InfluencersPopularity index incorporates traveler ratings to TA built relationships with Digg users, who tell storiesdetermine traveler satisfaction. Calculated by an about traveling, hotel, restaurants, things to do, amongalgorithm, it dynamically ranks hotels, restaurants and other popular categories. These users are familiar withthings to do worldwide. This is based on the popularity of the said themes and are beginning to “digg” TA articles.the aforementioned, as measured by both the quantity In regards to tripadvisor/wordpress, there is a Digg iconand quality of the content written about the hotel on for sharing some posts that are on this page. From thisTripAdvisor, as well as written reviews elsewhere across there is a prediction of trends created by users thatthe Web. share, vote, and post their comments.
  9. 9. Fan us on Watch us on Follow us on Facebook Youtube TwitterA Facebook Page is a great way to Video blogging is becoming It is already being used for manyuse crowdsourcing for building increasingly popular, especially now crowdsourcing efforts. The best waybrands, calling people to action, that smartphones have better video to use it is to create a hashtag,and/or building ideas. TA page is a cameras. Using uploads in YouTube explain what you are trying toplace where they invite all travelers is great because then you can also accomplish, and have your followersto join in on the travel conversation. receive video responses. TA uses tweet away. TA in Twitter is helpingIn order to ensure all users feel this mean as such a channel. You travelers to plan and to ensure theysafe, have fun and are able to gain can subscribe to the TA video blog have the perfect trip. Usingaccess to useful travel information, and be notified when there are new microblogging they can have a one-they ask that posted comments, videos. Also, all videos about the on-one relationship with theirvideos and images are both company and its core business, followers by generating interactionrelevant and respectful to their provide a reciprocal relationship with them in real time, providing acommunity. based on the comments viewers unique experience for the user. make.
  10. 10.  Rating reviews - This aids you and Tripadvisor to work in synergy and is rewarding for both sides. Also, you contribute the most relevant, fresh ideas in your reviews. If there is a “problem with the review” you can specify if it violates the guidelines, if it is suspicious, or if it was posted to wrong location. Help Center Forums, such as TripAdvisor Support and Owners Forums, are friendly and interactive discussion areas where members can ask for and share their opinions, advice, and experiences as travelers TripAdvisor – Marketing Tool and Crowdsourcing 1. Go to the Owner’s Center: As a registered owner, simply click “Manage Your Listing “ at the top of the page. 2. Upgrade to Business Listings: Get started by providing the information necessary. 3. Create a special offer to promote your property: Post a deal to attract new guests and stand out from the competition. 4. Travelers see your listing and contact you directly: Your offer will draw more travelers to your TA listing where they see your phone #, email, and web address. 5. You get direct bookings: By speaking with your customers directly, you save money and create a good customer experience from moment they book.
  11. 11.  TripAdvisor is one of the best examples of crowdsourcing working to create the leading travel destination The Long Tail in action - In the past, people would pick hotels on limited personal recommendations or go with the "safe" choice of big brands. Crowdsourcing allows users to pick the hotel that suits their exact preference (singles, seniors, honeymooners ... etc) as chosen by thousands of others. • Best proof of Long Tail is – 3 of the top 5 hotels in the world are not 5 star hotels ( Financially, TripAdvisor is a great asset for Expedia -Its profits are tremendous. In 2010, TripAdvisors third-party revenue grew 48% to $314.5 million with a margin of 82.5% compared to 29% for the sector. The future looks great for TripAdvisor, with the new spinoff planned by Expedia, and with adding new services such as rail, TripAdvisor looks like going from strength to strength.