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Solo & pbl mash up
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Solo & pbl mash up


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The seminar presentation that I delivered at Pedagoo London on Saturday 2nd March 2013 focusing on Project Based Learning and SOLO Taxonomy,

The seminar presentation that I delivered at Pedagoo London on Saturday 2nd March 2013 focusing on Project Based Learning and SOLO Taxonomy,

Published in: Education

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  • 1. @davidfawcett27
  • 2. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO@DKMead@Totallywired77@saidthemac
  • 3. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOAn Ethic of Excellence Ron Berger
  • 4. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 5. @davidfawcett27@davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO #pbl #SOLO
  • 6. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOProject v Project Based Learning @JamiePortman
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  • 17. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 18. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 19. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOAim• Share with you the principles behind project based learning• Share with you examples from our project of how these principles work in action• Allow time for you to get some initial ideas, thoughts and plans flowing
  • 20. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOContents:Project Based Learning Toolbox1. Powerful projects2. Models3. Experts4. Genuine research5. Building literacy through the work6. Multiple drafts7. Critique8. Making work public9. Using assessment to build stronger students10. Project tuning
  • 21. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOCreate apowerful project
  • 22. @davidfawcett27Powerful projects: #pbl #SOLO• Teaching the content in an authentic context• Driving question• Local, community or real life link• Do the project yourself!!!!• 10x rule• Timeline or calendar (critique checkpoints)• Strong final outcomes/exhibition
  • 23. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOModels
  • 24. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOAnalyse quality work Do the project yourself
  • 25. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOExperts
  • 26. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 27. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOGenuineResearch
  • 28. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 29. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO Building literacythrough the project
  • 30. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 31. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOMultiple drafts
  • 32. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 33. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOCritique
  • 34. @davidfawcett27 Process #pbl #SOLO Dedicate whole lessons to this• Model a piece of work you are asking students to create (pull out key vocabulary)• Create a success criteria with students• Draft 1• Formal class critique• Draft 2 (redraft)• Student critique….
  • 35. @davidfawcett27 Critique Rules: #pbl #SOLO• Be kind: All feedback is there to help. No personal comments. No sarcasm.• Be specific: No comments like ‘It’s good’ or ‘I like it’. These just waste our time. Ban them. Use vocab pulled out from model.• Be helpful: Aim is to help an individual or the whole class with their learning. Comments should focus on this. Anything else wastes time.• Hard on content, soft on people
  • 36. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOIn-Depth Critique
  • 37. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOGallery Critique
  • 38. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOMaking workpublic
  • 39. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO
  • 40. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO Usingassessment to build stronger students
  • 41. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLOProjecttuning
  • 42. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO“I really enjoyed yesterday evening. A terrific project. It was highly evident howmuch the youngsters had achieved and gained from the work. The presentationsshowed some very deep learning and understanding. Students were terrific too.Congratulations on your excellent work. Would be great to share with other depts.”“What a fantastic Exhibition last evening! I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for a brilliantdisplay of hard work, knowledge, motivation and excellence that I had the pleasureof witnessing. The whole evening was a true credit to you and your students. Kirsty thoroughlyenjoyed the visit to the Velodrome especially and even her presentation (after it wasfinished!). A wonderful extended period of learning that the students obviously enthusedabout.”“I am just writing to share with you what a fantastic evening Mr Fawcett and hisGCSE PE class put on for us last night. The students were a true credit tothemselves, Mr Fawcett and Brookfield School. It was lovely to see how much theyhad enjoyed the whole cycling project and how they had used it formulate some verymature opinions.”
  • 43. @davidfawcett27 #pbl #SOLO“My Apologies for taking so long to write this message but we want to praise the staffand students for such an excellent presentation evening last Tuesday on cycling.I hope you will pass on my and Tinas thanks to Mr Fawcett, the PE staff and especiallythe students for allowing us to celebrate this evening with them which MrFawcett brilliantly prepared and hosted. The students really sold the message to theaudience through a number of different communication skills; exciting and informativepresentations through their slides, videos and stand-up presentations, through theirone-to-one workshops hosting mini presentations and answering challenging questionson technical and role model aspects (amongst other areas), and through their articlesdisplayed on the evening.It was evident that the students had thoroughly prepared and worked hard to portraythe message they intended. Their communication skills were excellent and I hope thatthey will build upon these such important life-skills going forward. ”