Easter revision solo learning
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Easter revision solo learning

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A revision session run in Easter, trialling SOLO taxonomy in its structure.

A revision session run in Easter, trialling SOLO taxonomy in its structure.

More in: Education , Spiritual
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  • 1. GCSE PE Revision Develop my understanding in a number of revision topicsI can remember the I can apply my I can analyse andvarious definitions knowledge to evaluateC Grade sporting examples topics, creating links B Grade between them A Grade
  • 2. Revision StarterMix and Match Definitions
  • 3. Revision Task OneIn pairs, annotate the image in front ofyou.Try and identify as many topics as youcan from the course to the picture.
  • 4. What kind of task could we do?CreatingEvaluatingAnalysingApplyingUnderstandingRemembering
  • 5. Example
  • 6. Revision Task TwoPick out the most important factors about the picture and writethem onto a hexagon. It is your task to evaluate how these factorslink together and to the sportsperson. Tip! Poor The more links you role have with each model Referee hexagon the Unsporting could deeper your behaviour send him learning and off Breaking understand is. Punished the rules by FA Player has his studs up For Example