Critique - Quotes, perspectives and useful links


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A number of quotes and positive experiences on the process of critique. Links and resources.

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Critique - Quotes, perspectives and useful links

  1. 1. Critique Quotes from teachers usingcritique and links to essential resources
  2. 2. Critique develops the culture of improving student work byharnessing the power of student to student dialogue. It focusses on the work rather than theindividual and leads to informal critique sessions in class that promote the goal of producing beautiful work. Tait Coles
  3. 3. For me its a shared craft dialogue, where the craft of writing gains equalteaching time with Russell Hall
  4. 4. When a draft itself becomesimportant, the quality is sure to improve. David Fawcett
  5. 5. For me it comesdown to the rigor and culture of the word critique. Russell Hall
  6. 6. It clearly is assessment but critique focusespupils on a parallel craft dialogue. Russell Hall
  7. 7. Critique is highly visible and encouragesindividuals to raise their standards, as does its focus on redrafting. David Didau
  8. 8. Assessment has always seemed unfocused as a term, critiquezooms in on work. Russell Hall
  9. 9. Critique forces studentsto focus on content; thenorms exist to empower students to expect exceptional work from each other. Martin Said
  10. 10. Student quote "You get the most of the class. [Its like] I get the brain power of the whole class..."!/2012/07/on-power-of-critique.html Martin Said
  11. 11. A collective view of assessment that WE are responsible for OUR success focus all on what quality is it builds trust and requires trust. Darren Mead
  12. 12. It‟s how classroom culture of success, mutual respect and community can develop. Darren Mead
  13. 13. “If it isn‟tperfect it isn‟t finished” Ron Berger
  14. 14. It‟s also a highly motivating mechanism for teaching the content! Darren Mead
  15. 15. Critique provides a learningdialogue focusing on the evolution of beautiful work Russell Hall
  16. 16. Essential resources„An Ethic of Excellence‟by Ron BergerExcellent „must read‟ for allteachers.
  17. 17. Essential resourcesRon Berger basic explanation of critiquePart 1 - 2 -‟s Butterfly - Coles Critique presentation from TMClevedonPart 1 - 2 - Tech High guide - P27 of the book explaining critique Mead blog posts on critique Coles blog posts on critique Didau (Learning Spy)