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Online Work From Home Business Model

Online Work From Home Business Model






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    Online Work From Home Business Model Online Work From Home Business Model Presentation Transcript

    • Proven model to Make Your First $1000 in 30 Days By Sean Quah http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
    • Why 95% of Internet Start-Up Fail?
      • There are various models to earn money from internet by working from home free or paid.
      • Disaster for newbie working on few models at one time.
      • Failure mainly due to lack of focus and influence by hype.
      • Often never complete what they started and hopping from one project to another. Expecting different result.
    • Making Money Model #1 Making Money Model #2 Making Money Model #3 Making Money Model #4 Making Money Model #5 Making Money Model #6 Making Money Model #7 Try, No Expertise & Give Up Try, Earn Little Money & Give Up Try, Never Complete & Give Up Try, Insufficient Resource, Pending Try, Too Complicated & Give Up Try, Fail & Give Up Try, Losing Money & Give Up http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
    • Understand The Big Picture
      • Opportunity to make money online by working from home is out there.
      • Success is not easy, but it is also not difficult, requires discipline to focus on just one proven business model.
      • Same games rules changes, but the fundamental remain the same.
      • Competitors come and go, the secret of success is longevity.
    • Right Mindset
      • Right mindset is important, like magnet, either attract you repel from your goal.
      • Success is about getting thing Done! Most of proven model and technique works. Just has to stick to one and develop from there.
      • Determine a goal and work toward it with a plan. The path success may be straight.
      • Delay gratification, success is not instant, one must constantly put effort and work according to the plan.
      • Avoid interference, hype and negative influence.
    • Create A Business Plan
      • Create a details plan as guide from you from current status toward your goal.
      • Again stick to your plan toward completion. Discipline and consistency is important.
      • You need to know
        • Your target market
        • Where you can reach your market
        • What type of offers/advertising your market responds to
        • How to leverage your efforts, to get more leads and traffic at minimum cost or free.
        • How to nature your prospects long term and turn them into repeat customers.
        • What is the following step once you have reach your first goal
    • Various of Work from Home Model
      • Model #1 :Affiliate Marketing.
      • Model #2:Auction Business.
      • Model #3:Private Label and Resell Right.
      • Model #4 :Create and Selling product from Public Domain
      • Model #5 :Selling Knowledge via Paid E-Classes and Teleseminars .
      • Model #6 :Turning Your Knowledge Into Video Tutorials
      • Model #7 :Freelancing Money.
      • Model #8 :Blogging for profit.
      • Model #9 :Paid Survey Profits.
    • Affiliate Marketing
      • Focus on just one model, Affiliate Marketing
      • The top model for work from home entrepreneur to get started.
      • Reasons because
        • No inventory needed.
        • Ready Payment System.
        • Minimum Customer Service.
        • Ride on merchant reputation and credibility.
        • Opportunity to learn, experience and practice basic essential marketing skills.
    • Select the Right Affiliate Program
      • Determine your niche before you choose the product.
      • Product must be high-demand, quality and competitive pricing.
          • Google Keyword Tools to determine market size and competition.
      • Do research to investigate the affiliate merchant in the customer standpoint and affiliate stand point .
        • Go to forum and blog to check if the merchant reputation, customer service and support, product quality, customer satisfaction.
    • Select the Right Affiliate Program
      • Reverse engineer on how the sale commission, product conversion to reach your target and goal.
        • Crunch the numbers, to determine whether it is an achievable target and align with your goal.
      • Resource :
        • ClickBank.com.
        • PayDotCom.com,
        • CJ.com,
        • linkshare.com,
        • Amazon.com, and etc.
    • Affiliate Sale/Capture System
      • Create a sale system that will help to capture list and make sale.
      • Each conversion require cost or trade with valuable products or services. (as give away or complimentary)
      Web Page Opt-in Affiliate Link Internet Conversion Conversion Conversion Sale and Income Conversion http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
    • Drive Traffic to Sale Page
      • Drive the target traffic from internet using service like,
        • PPC – Pay Per Click, Yahoo, Googlr, MSN
        • Link - Blog, Forum, Article, Social Networking, Groups
        • Search Engine, Directory, Listing Service, Auction Service (Ebay).
        • Digital Media – Video (Youtube), Picture/Photo, Audio, Presentation.
        • News, Classified, Press Release, Encyclopedia, Report, Email and referral.
      WebPage Internet Conversion http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
    • Capture Leads using Opt-in
      • When traffic arrived at your webpage, your challenge is to get the visitor to opt-in to your lists capture.
      • You can provide free product or service to exchange with the contact details to build your list.
      • As competition getting more intense, you would like to offer unique product or service which is different from your competitors.
      • Remember to provide product or services that is related and relevant to the topics to avoid being accuse as spammer.
      Opt-in WebPage Conversion http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
    • Offer Your Solution to the Market.
      • You can directly send them the affiliate link right after Opt-in.
      • Or you might want to follow with them using blog, emails to build some rapport before you send them the affiliate link. This will probably boost higher sale.
      Affiliate Link Opt-in Conversion http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
    • Offer Your Solution to the Market.
      • Convince them why they must buy from you and what is the benefit buying from instead of your competitors.
      • Educate, and influence them the value of the product or services.
      • You can resell to the same customer with other product which is related and relevant to increase you sale and profit. Therefore , it is important to capture their contact details before send the affiliate link.
      Sale and Income Affiliate Link Conversion http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
    • Discipline and Consistency
      • Once you setup your system and position yourself correctly, all you have to do is to consistently driving targeted traffic to your webpage.
      • Instant traffic like PPC usually is not a long term strategy and it is highly competitive and require higher cost.
      • Long term will be slow but it will be long term consistent traffic.
      • Remember don’t give half way, you just need to go through the initial hurdle, once you understand the customer behavior and get the conversion tune.
      • The beauty about this business is that you can duplicate the same system over and over again across different niche and market.
      • Stick to one model and get it to work first before hopping to other niche. Every things is millions dollar business, you just need to commit yourself on a proven.
    • To know more…
      • Kindly visit for more details http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/
      • Download Free Report http://www.workfromhomespecialreport.com/F1kIn30Ds.pdf