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Mydex opentech2010

  1. 1. The Case for Personal Information Empowerment The rise of the personal data store It’s a question of when, not if OpenTech 2010 David Alexander Mydex Community Interest Company Wherever possible, we believe that personal data should be controlled by individual citizens themselves. UK Conservative Party Manifesto, 13 April 2010 - All right reserved
  2. 2. Society is facing some big challenges   Information flow about people is increasing –  This happening between corporations, NGO’s, government departments, countries, individuals and communities, much without control or approval   Information exchanged is broadening and deepening –  Basic demographics, preferences, relationships, future plans, financial status, views and opinions, transactions, education, career, medical history   Accuracy of information on individuals is decreasing –  Cost of maintaining data is too high, dilution occurs through sharing and exchange   Speed of information exchange is nearing real-time levels –  Impacting decisions, pricing, targeting, access and mobility   Privacy is a central issue for people around the world –  Control over who has access what information and for what use is increasingly sensitive   Proving identity and prevention of its theft are constant challenges –  Becoming a daily and time consuming challenge, determining how and what to verify is becoming confusing   Acquiring and proving trustworthiness is increasingly complicated and error prone - All right reserved
  3. 3. Individuals and organisations are facing real but different challenges Individuals Organisations   How to administer and manage   Trust is eroding between individuals personal data, preferences and and organisations relationships   Customer churn increasing,   How to minimise time required for perception of value offered is benefits gained decreasing   How to secure value from sharing   Cynicism is increasing and apathy information and complacency declining   How to meet their legal and   Customers sourcing their own contractual obligations and protect solutions not waiting to be targeted their rights in a cost effective,   Data volumes growing exponentially efficient manner   Analytics and insight are not   How to protect their identity and delivering fast enough verify it to the level required   Privacy laws and data protection legislation is increasingly demanding and costly - All right reserved
  4. 4. Personal Data Stores offer a practical answer   It’s where people can store information securely about any aspect of their lives   It’s a mechanism for sharing information which allows people to choose who can… …and explicitly and finely control what information is available to whom   It’s their master record that can feed and maintain other records   It provides individuals with means of realising value from their information   It creates a networked ecosystem for service providers to develop new services - All right reserved
  5. 5. A Personal Data Store ecosystem provides fertile ground for innovation PDS Data Service Feeds Subscribers Aggregators Supermarkets Providers Credit Cards Educators Exam Boards iTunes eBay eTailers Service Service Telco / ISP Members Subscribers Aggregators Provider Providers Content Providers Core services operation API’s and routing Personal Data Stores – Hosted by certified PDS Service Providers PDS Framework of Policy, Standards, Processes, API’s, Commercials Oct-1-10 Mydex CIC All rights reserved 5
  6. 6. Developers will make the difference  Build out the ecosystem platform  Deploy the reference architecture  Create innovative applications - All right reserved
  7. 7. Mydex is focusing on making it happen  Developing key components for the ecosystem –  Standards –  Trust Frameworks –  Data Model  Delivering a core reference platform  Bringing it alive through community prototype  Providing education and awareness  Operating as a social enterprise with a legally enshrined social purpose to empower people - All right reserved
  8. 8. Personal Data Stores it’s a question of when not if Discussion, questions