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Palazzo Parigi

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. An innovative platformfor managing a great and uniqueGuest Experience2
  3. 3. 3A Market Metrix Study 2011Guest Experienceis factor n. 1 whenchoosing a hotelHappy Guest Relationship Management philosophy
  4. 4. Why ?4A Market Metrix Study 2012
  5. 5. What?Our HGRM (CRM) tool & business philosophy has been created – totallyex novo - in order to dramatically enhance the Guest Experience byintegrating in one platform – and absolutely on the same level – allthe interactions of the two faces of Hospitality:Guest Staffengaging with them through multiple touch pointsin a “seamless and proactive” wayAs far as we know, our HGRM concept is absolutely unique in the market.5Guest Experience
  6. 6. MaintenanceWelcomeBarBreakfastHousekeepingReservationsSales & RevenueMarketingReceptionWith 80 rooms at least 750.000 interactions in a year…6Moments ofTruth
  7. 7. THE STAFF7THE GUESTPMSHGRMdataBaseData + MetadataOutlook &all otherplatformsHow can we really do that?The same platformfor Guest & Staffdevoted to theRelationship
  8. 8. How it works?GuestFor every booking made, a personalized confirmation with a link is sent tothe guest and brings the customer - in a very intuitive and secure way -to his/her personal page.StaffThe HGRM platform is also implemented in all departments of the hotelin order to ease the acquisition and sharing of guests information, witha particular attention to the quality of the internal communication andthe way it is used to add value through service.Seamless connectivityAll this information provided by the Guest and the Staff is recordedseamless and, being made on an electronic page, can be easily used inall touchpoints, stored and analysed for the next stay of the customer.All this is made with the idea of gaining a strong interaction.8
  9. 9. How it works?A single initial point of data entry, the most important one: the reservation.The reservation agent simply has to insert and check the quality of the reservation, needs an emailaddress and types in the “CRM Check “ field  YesThe reservation details will be transferred onto the HGRM platform, which will take care - from thismoment on - of the entire relationship by covering all touchpoints.From thismoment onstarts theRelationship9
  10. 10. How it works?Confirmationwith direct linkto the MypageThe Reservationagent10
  11. 11. My page- Quick check-in- Myroom- My messages- My reservation- Meet the Team- Travel Tips- Book online(one to one rates)The guest…11
  12. 12. 12MypageThe guest’spersonal page
  13. 13. 13Reservationdetails
  14. 14. Mypage:to customize yourstay14
  15. 15. 15Choose thecontent ofyour minibar
  16. 16. 16Thatsomethingextra
  17. 17. 17Exclusive offersand channelconversion
  18. 18. For the Staff…Cockpit- Reservations- Marketing- Reception- Welcome- Housekeeping- Bar- Breakfast- Maintenance18
  19. 19. All what theagent needsin a simpleCockpit19
  20. 20. 20You have amessage
  21. 21. 21Conversationsthreading
  22. 22. 22Room plan
  23. 23. MarketingSMS: we arewaiting foryouWelcomebackHave anice tripHappyBirthday23
  24. 24. 3 days beforearrival: havea nice trip24
  25. 25. 25Same day ofarrival SMSsending
  26. 26. Guest’s mobile26
  27. 27. Fidelity card, printedupon departure27
  28. 28. We ask afeedbackI took care ofyour check outThank you28
  29. 29. HousekeepingPC + IPADAll theroomsReportsShifts andrequestsArrivalsRoominglistMessagesTo do list &guestspreferencesAssigningthe roomsStatistics29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. The HousekeepingMgr. assigns therooms to be cleanedin less than 5 minutes31
  32. 32. 32The guestThe luggage is inthe roomA baby cot isneededthe guest’spreferencesVIP? Pictureof the guestTo dos fromOPERAThe room
  33. 33. 33Minibar
  34. 34. Breakdown list: if urgent itis sent to the maintenancevia SMS34
  35. 35. 35Lost & Found
  36. 36. 36Lost & Found
  37. 37. Letter of thesecond night:proactivity37
  38. 38. Message for theHousekeepinglady38
  39. 39. The lady in chargeof the roomreceives a POP UPon her IPADLe sue funzionalitàRicezione del messaggio39
  40. 40. 40All departments…
  41. 41. Staff training41
  42. 42. ConclusionsThe Customer Satisfaction: we can cover all major Key performance indicators (Cornell, No. 5 – July 2010)- reservation was accurate- check-in in less than five minutes- no problems occurred during the stay- no billing errorsThe Guest really feels to be recognised and treated personally at every touchpoint (in 2011 we counted85.000 E_CRM touchpoints)The Staff is more motivated, has tools which can help them to avoid the typical waste of time in collectingall relevant and useful information at the right time and in the right place, being very proactive and inseamless environment with the guest.More than 250 functions covered by our HGRM, growing daily.The Service: this business philosophy adds value through service, exceeds guest’s expectations andfosters positive feedbacks, loyalty and advocacy.42