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Design for mobile
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Design for mobile


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8 simple things to remember when designing for mobile devices.

8 simple things to remember when designing for mobile devices.

Published in: Design

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Design for Mobile 8 things to remember when designing for mobile
    • 2. 1– Mobile phones, ADHD Most likely your application won’t be used for more than Smartphones are mostly used to fight boredom and You need to help your users to get to their goals
    • 3. 2– Don’t waste space you Does your logo use 20% or more of the screen real estate on each page of your mobile Be creative promoting your Create a great user experience and your logo will sit on their home screen all day.
    • 4. 3– One hand to rule them There is a good chance that your application will be used with one hand only. Make sure everything is at thumb reach. HTML markup is valid, If your even regular websites could be easily accessible with one hand.
    • 5. 4– Just follow the flow. Think direction. Not all swipes are created equal. It’s always easier to pull your Each action should feel like the natural continuation of the previous one.
    • 6. 5– Let the guidelines guide Guidelines don’t kill creativity. Try to be creative inside them. Navigation bar Guidelines make sure that your user won’t have to learn your interface in Tab bar Don’t be lazy. If possible design an specific interface for each
    • 7. 6– Size matter. Any size. Make sure your website or app is optimized for the size of What’s a good idea on a 3.5” screen, Don’t forget about orientation.
    • 8. 7– Keep it real. Real life. Make it easier for your users, use something they already know. Real life metaphors are often self-explanatory. The challenge is to keep your elements Apple ships phones without instructions. Can you do the same
    • 9. 8– Forget :hover. No touch, Show everything or make sure you can “click to Make clear to the user what’s clickable and what’s not. Using your app shouldn’t be a treasure hunt.
    • 10. Thank you! @DavideDiCillo