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FASTEST s.r.l. (2007) has developed an innovative and cost effective methodology for the collection and analysis of the fatty acid composition of the blood.
The FAsTEST method is simple, fast and cheap. The key advantages can be summarized in: low cost of analysis, skills and competence of the team in performing analysis, interpreting data and evaluating nutritional and biological aspects related to the reference levels assessed by large population studies. FASTEST team has also designed a kit that allows test collection, transportation and storage of samples at room temperature.

Fatty acids are the major dietary components responsible for the health status, more than carbohydrates and proteins. Intakes of inadequate Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (FA), especially of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids, may affect endogenous levels and consequently may lead to metabolic dysfunctions and pathological conditions, such as arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and hormonal alterations, mood disorders, altered immune responses, cancers.

FASTEST performs: fatty acids analysis, manage and carries out studies and interventions in the field of nutrition, functional foods and supplements, and observational studies in populations leads to the correlation between diet, lifestyle and circulating fatty acids.

The analysis is not invasive and allows the assessment of indicators of the health status of the individual modulated by the diet. The outcome of the analysis identifies natural foods capable of restoring optimal health for the prevention of serious diseases.

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FAsTEST Fatty Acids Test

  1. 1. Fatty Acid TM“ Laboratory for Fatty Acid analysis“
  2. 2. The Market Need Disease Prevention ♥ FAsTESTTM is a new method for fatty acids analysis (including Omega3) Fatty Acids validity is scientifically proved starting from ’50 receiving in 2006 a "qualified health claim" to omega-3 fatty acids in the area of coronary heart disease by
  3. 3. Fatty Acids Analysis: The Problem Conventional Fatty acid Analysis -80°CVenous blood sampling Shipping -80°C Storage Preparation Processing Profiles comparision Report Complicated Slow Expensive Optimal levels of the Markers are not standardised
  4. 4. FAsTEST: The Solution FAsTESTTM Low Price Provided by the Pioneers The inventors of the FAsTESTTM method The better fast and cheaper alternative to Fatty Acid analysis by a leading scientific authority accreditated by FAO RELIABLE
  5. 5. Examples of projects Some Study about the effects of moderate amounts of dairy products with Omega3 Studies... Study of different oils and their use in the preparation of bakery Effects of their horse meat on circulating levels of omega 3 fatty acids in healthy individuals Levels of Omega 3 in the blood and neurodegenerative diseases Omega 3 and PND Levels of DHA during pregnancy Profiles in AG in malnourished child population in Cambodia Effects of supplementation with DHA in children with cystic fibrosis Effects of cigarette smoking during pregnancy Fatty acids as indicators of risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease Dental disorders and fatty acids AG in the elderly population in relation to Alzheimers...
  6. 6. Target CustomersMedical Brokers - Disease prevention Insurance Companies, Wellness, .. Public Government Institutions Research Centers and HospitalsPy-Efficency Companies - Physical and mental readiness Companies Physical intensive Companies Psychological Readiness needs e.g. Airlines, Army, Sport Teams, Transport Services, Top ManagementFood & Pharma - Functional foods Align foods to customer needs Supplementary to drugs treatments
  7. 7. Management teamClaudio Galli – Scientific Management, R & D Laboratory Manager More than 30 years experience in Fatty acids studies. Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Univ Milan. He has published over 200 scientific articles.Franca Marangoni – Marketing, Sales PhD in Pharmacology. Scientific coordinator of Nutrition Fundation of Italy. She has managed studies for many food and pharma companies.Davide Cilano – Administration, Finance, Information Technology MBA with more than 15 years experience in consultancy and project management. 6 yrs experience in Technology Transfer supporting 5 startups
  8. 8. FAsTEST Food-Functional Food Prevention Wellness Food Prevention Needs Wellness Scientific Findings FAsTEST: Competence in Fatty Acids Analysis + Network for Healthcare promotion and disease prevention = Fatty Acid analysis for driving food balance for Wellness
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