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Grismir 2kW high speed PMAC Generator/Alternator

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Grismir alternatorgenerator 150313

  1. 1. Compact, powerful, variable, forward/ reverse, quiet…and, recyclable. GRISMIR® G2.0kW Alternator/GeneratorThor Power will begin shipping alternative energy generators & alternators in June 2012, and we areseeking your custom.Our first high speed alternator/generator product is Grismir®. It is an alternating current slot-less stator,and a permanent magnet rotor. It is capable to operate in a high variable speed range from 700rpm upto 30,000rpm due to its specific structure. Table I shows the machine specifications in detail. Theperformance of the machine under different load condition is shown in Fig. 1. Fig.2 shows the designand dimensions of the Grismir® motor/generator. This figure demonstrates that the machine is probablythe best weight to output of its class. Table I. Grismir® motor/generator specificationsTotal length, 186.57 mmincluding housingStator structure 3-phase, Slot-lessRotor structure 2-pole , Neo magnetsRated power 1900 WRated speed 30,000 rpmRated current 7.5 ARated torque 0.605 NmRated voltage 200 VMotor Speed & Action Variable; 700 to 28800 - 30,000 rpm; Bi-directional (mm photo)Max. Power 7.6 kWNo load Current 1.6ADimension 88.9*69.58*186.57 mmWeight 3.3lbs.Expected Life 10k to 20k hours, normal environment. 2k hrs MTBF, hostile environment;Efficiency 85%+ (inch photo) Thor Power Corporation · 795 Roble Road · Allentown, PA 18109 · USA
  2. 2. Compact, powerful, variable, forward/ reverse, quiet…and, recyclable.Fig.1 Grismir® Alternator/Generator Power Output performance under different load conditionsPlease note: these units are not certified or approved by UL or any other qualifying agency.As it has 2 poles for 60Hz output, the shaft should be turned with 120*60/2=3600rpm, and for 300Hz the shaft should be turned with120*300/2=18000rpm. Thor Power Corporation · 795 Roble Road · Allentown, PA 18109 · USA
  3. 3. Compact, powerful, variable, forward/ reverse, quiet…and, recyclable. Fig. 2 Design and dimensions of Grismir® motor/generator N.B.: Production unit fixing nuts (right side, 3 each) will be set flush in the housing.Thor Power Corporation · 795 Roble Road · Allentown, PA 18109 · USA
  4. 4. Compact, powerful, variable, forward/ reverse, quiet…and, recyclable.Testimonial, May 2012: UOIT [University of Ontario Institute of Technology] Team & GRISMIR® Hydro-generator G2.0kW...The Team Report, in part, “…we were very impressed by [G2.0kW]performance…water temperature in early April was cold…did not seem to affect generatorperformance…under load and with no load, output voltage was the same for both units…majoradvantage of your design… compact; space inside our prototype was limited and your generators fitperfectly…they weighed much less when compared to others we had researched…worth the $3000asking price...we received an honourable mention." Did 9 volts/unit @1800rpm & claimed could haveeasily run at 5x that speed – no fan! [Max. operating temperature w/o fan @ 110°C; fan available onrequest; video of this application to be posted on YouTube, June 2012].Price & Delivery: $US3000 each, FOB, Allentown PA USA; expected shipment, end March 2013.Commercial Terms & Conditions: Contact us today for our commercial Terms & Conditions, includingpossible introductory volume discounts.Clients: U.S. Army; University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyYouTube Videos:, many thanks for your business; we’re proud to have you as our customer.Yours sincerely,David BonnerChief Executive & FounderDavid BonnerChief Executive795 Roble RoadAllentown PA 18109 USwww.thor-power.com dbonner@thor-power.comSKYPE: david-bonnerO-phn: +1 610 264 3582C-phn: +1 610 905 5474 Thor Power Corporation · 795 Roble Road · Allentown, PA 18109 · USA