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Capability Statement                                                                         2012This document is confiden...
Introducing GMDR Group    GMDR Group is a specialist operations & strategy consultancy firm focused on the energy utility ...
Areas of Expertise    System / Business Process Review and Risk Management    From process mapping to business process re-...
Key Personnel    David Di Ramio – Managing Principal    David is the Managing Principal of the GMDR Group. David’s extensi...
Our People    Our people have a proven track record in utilities and consulting, ensuring that GMDR Group deliver measurab...
Our People - continued    Our people have a proven track record in utilities and consulting, ensuring that GMDR Group deli...
Selected Assignments –OPERATIONAL SERVICE DELIVERY    National Utility Service Provider – Telecommunications Facilities Ac...
Selected Assignments –PROCUREMENT &COMMERCIAL ASSISTANCEInternational Gold Mining Operation– Management & Commercial Negot...
Selected Assignments –PROCUREMENT Victorian Electricity & Gas Distribution & Transmission Company – Procurement Transforma...
Selected Assignments –COMMERCIAL & REGULATORY    National Electricity & Gas Distribution Company – Intellectual Property R...
Selected Assignments –RECORDS MGMT / PROCESS REDESIGN    Victorian Electricity Distribution Company – Hand Back of Asset M...
Suite 9, Level 1, 600 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000                                                                   ww...
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GMDR Group Capability Statement


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GMDR Group Capability Statement. Management Consultants specialisiing in the Energy Utility Industry

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Transcript of "GMDR Group Capability Statement"

  1. 1. Capability Statement 2012This document is confidential. No part of this material can be shared with anyone other than the intended party. No part can be quoted, distributed or reproducedwithout written approval from GMDR Group.
  2. 2. Introducing GMDR Group GMDR Group is a specialist operations & strategy consultancy firm focused on the energy utility industry. We specialise in: • Electric & Gas Distribution and Transmission Networks; Regulation; Generation; Retail and Metering Operations • Procurement and Commercial processes across the energy utility area • System & Business Process & Operational Review and Redesign • Regulatory & Commercial Compliance Our methodology differs from those of other consulting firms in that we leverage our deep knowledge of the energy utility industry to deliver on tailored solutions for our client’s situation. Key points of difference include: • Former senior company executives with a proven track record in utilities and consulting • Unique depth and breadth of utility functional and operational delivery expertise • We are a small firm and employ a partnering approach with our clients. The individuals you deal with will deliver the services • GMDR Group Principals have greater local industry depth, providing value for money when compared to multinational consulting firms© GMDR Group 2012 2
  3. 3. Areas of Expertise System / Business Process Review and Risk Management From process mapping to business process re-engineering, we ensure that our clients’ processes deliver effective and efficient outcomes supported by targeted training; education regimes; & KPI development & review. Our risk management and audit capabilities and experience provide additional depth and value to our clients. Procurement Strategy and Operations GMDR has deep experience in energy utility procurement, covering: Planning & spend analysis, Procurement strategy and process redesign, Tender operations management, Purchasing operations management, Commercial and contract analysis & support, and technical writing support. Strategic Review and Organisational Transformation Our experience extends to transformation of functional areas such as procurement operations, commercial operations, back office operations and process oriented activities. GMDR also has experience in assisting in ERP (SAP & Oracle) business process design, implementation, & roll out. Financial & Commercial Analysis and Modelling Our understanding of the utility industry enables us to carry out in-depth financial analysis and develop models, tools and techniques to assist clients to quickly assess their business and quantify commercial issues and parameters. Market and Product Review The GMDR Group can provide an invaluable resource in assisting with the review of utility products and services. Clients can benefit from techniques ranging from value chain analysis through to product and tariff analysis, resulting in constructive evaluations.© GMDR Group 2012 3
  4. 4. Key Personnel David Di Ramio – Managing Principal David is the Managing Principal of the GMDR Group. David’s extensive management consulting experience in the energy utility industry in Australia is further augmented by additional background in the petrochemical industry at a senior level. David’s expertise includes project & change management; strategic and commercial analysis and modelling; procurement strategy and management; business and product development; operational & regulatory process review and re-engineering. Joanne Rankine – Senior Consultant Jo is an experienced consultant who utilises well developed project management and facilitation experience, along with business process and analysis skills to efficiently project manage a range of business projects and commercial initiatives. Jo has deep utility industry experience with back office operations and processes, along with strong experience in associated regulatory frameworks. Jo’s experience has been gained predominantly in the electricity, gas and petroleum industries and spans across the major functions within energy utility organisations. Sue Bensted - Senior Consultant Sue is an experienced procurement and supply chain executive who utilises well developed business process and analysis skills to manage and deliver a comprehensive range of procurement projects and strategies. Sue has been involved with a significant number of Procurement activities including the development of procurement strategies, category analysis, and the development of specifications. Sue’s strong strategic skills are supported by detailed planning and communication capability. Sue’s experience has been gained in key positions in the energy utility, manufacturing and defence sectors. Penny Cayzer – Senior Consultant Penny Cayzer has over 25 years experience in providing consulting advice and project management expertise that has been gained across a number of technically oriented industries. Penny has been levering this experience to provide assistance in the energy utility industry. In particular, Penny has been a key team member with projects at Jemena involving project managing the review and update of Gas Transmission controlled documents; Content management redesign & implementation (ECMS); and Functional hand back to UED of the Asset Management; Stakeholder Relations and Technical Compliance functions. Penny has provided management and technical writing experience to assist a number of utility clients with their NECF initiative. Brief resumes are available for each of the above key personnel.© GMDR Group 2012 4
  5. 5. Our People Our people have a proven track record in utilities and consulting, ensuring that GMDR Group deliver measurable value to our clients Senior Positions Held Specialist Areas • Change Management • Navigant Consulting: Consultant • Project Management David Managing • AlintaGas: General Manager Business Development • Business Process Redesign Di Ramio Principal • IKON Energy: Sales & Marketing Mgr • Regulatory and Commercial Review & Analysis • EnergyAustralia: Sales & Marketing Mgr • Market and Product Development & Strategy • Alinta Asset Management: Business Analyst • Business Process Analysis & Redesign Senior • Project & Workgroup Management Joanne • United Energy: Business Improvement Co-ordinator Consultant Rankine • BHP Petroleum: Project Team Leader – Management and • Change Management Office Systems • Performance and KPI framework development • SP AusNet : Tender Support Services Manager • Procurement Strategy and Operational design Senior • SP AusNet : Contract Services Manager Sue • Tender management & planning Consultant • Norske Skog Paper Mill: Procurement Specialist for Bensted • Contract management & negotiation Australasia • Procurement Category Management & Strategy • Tenix Defence Systems: Procurement Officer • CSC: Bid Proposal / Project Manager • Project management skills • BHP Information Technology: Team Leader Software • Tender management experience Penny Senior Development • Bid management skills & experience Cayzer Consultant • BHP Information Technology: Project Manager EDI • Business analysis and improvement skills • BHP Information Technology: Supervisor Graphics & Technical Services • Commercial / pricing / cost analysis skills© GMDR Group 2012 5
  6. 6. Our People - continued Our people have a proven track record in utilities and consulting, ensuring that GMDR Group deliver measurable value to our clients Senior Positions Held Specialist Areas • Colonial Mutual Life : Program / Project Manager • Financial analysis and data management Stephen Senior • RBC Dexia Investment Services : Head of Business Solutions (IT) • System oriented project management Jones Consultant • MLC : Manager Asset Valuations • System / Process solutions design • NAB : Project Manager • Commercial and risk review • CSG: Business Analyst • Project management skills Jade • Thaicom PCL: Business Development Specialist Consultant • Business Analysis / Process Improvement Rhodes • UCMS: Technical Business Analyst skills • UCMS: IT Service Desk Team Leader / Analyst • Strong Risk Management skills • GMDR Group • Business planning & analysis skills Wayne Business • Gloweave Consolidated: Inventory Management • Procurement & inventory management Condello Analyst • Haymes : Administration & Trade Management experience • Strong project administration skills© GMDR Group 2012 6
  7. 7. Selected Assignments –OPERATIONAL SERVICE DELIVERY National Utility Service Provider – Telecommunications Facilities Access Process Review and Redesign • Developed detailed procedures to process Applications for the Installation of Teleco Antennas on Distribution Poles. Activities included: • Developed process maps (Receipt of Application from Telco’s through to completion & signoff of Installation, including contract lifecycle mgmt) • Recording of the Telco Installations (including NMI) in the Distribution asset system (eg AM/FM system) Victorian Electricity Distribution Company – Facilities Access – Process & Procedure Development • Developed detailed process maps for the processing of applications and installation of third party assets on the client’s infrastructure (poles, substations, buildings). Also developed associated procedure documentation to support the Facilities Access function within the client’s organisation. Victorian Electricity & Gas Distribution & Transmission Company – Program Management Office Process Review • Assisted the newly created PMO to review and develop a range of processes and frameworks. The review centred on the following: • To manage the program pipeline (projects and programs of work) to maximise business benefits, • To develop enterprise view of programs to provide reporting of whole of enterprise projects and work plans • GMDR assisted with the review and development of the Business case approval process and Enterprise wide reporting and co-ordination processes. National Utility Service Provider – Asset Inspection Process Review • Developed a range of Asset Inspection Services documentation for delivery of asset inspection services, performed for a number of Electricity Distribution Networks in Victoria and included: Strategic Plan; Operations Plan; & Workforce Management Plan. National Energy Metering Service Provider – Business Process Mapping & Re-engineering • Mapped and re-engineered processes to develop a comprehensive operations manual, including flow charts, procedures and work instructions for the provision of service to their key utility clients.© GMDR Group 2012 7
  8. 8. Selected Assignments –PROCUREMENT &COMMERCIAL ASSISTANCEInternational Gold Mining Operation– Management & Commercial Negotiation of Electricity Supply TenderThe client is considered one of the largest gold mining companies in the world. This assignment involved:• Managed the end to end procurement process to secure Electricity for the mining operations for a 3 year period. This involved the design, development and implementation of two stage RFT process tailored to the client’s requirements and governance framework.• The end to end process also involved complex commercial negotiation with the short listed bidders.• The RFT not only secured fixed Electricity pricing, but secured pricing for the entire range of environmental instruments (REC’s, NGAC’s, etc)• The procurement of electricity is a critical component of the mining operation , with a contract value of approximately $40 million.Victorian Electricity & Gas Distribution & Transmission Company – Procurement and Commercial Assistance• Developed tender plans for materials & services. Reviewed contract templates with particular regard to commercial terms & conditions.• Managed a number of tender projects for materials and services including: • HV & LV Cable • HV Switchgear (Live & Dead Tank CB’s, CT’s, CVT’s, MVT’s, Surge Arrestors, Disconnectors and Earth Switches) - estimated spend over 3 years was approximately $100m, our methodology delivered a 17.5% saving • Pole to Pit services & Vegetation management; & general civil works. • High and low voltage insulators (contract value approx $8m) • Power transformers (220 and 150 mVa; contract value approx $10m)National Utility IT Service Provider – “Overflow” Tender Management Service• Provided on going “on call” tender management service. This comprised GMDR Resources conducting end to end management of allocated tenders. Goods and Services included: • Data Centre Migration • Supply Server Hardware • IT Services Panel • Application Testing Services© GMDR Group 2012 8
  9. 9. Selected Assignments –PROCUREMENT Victorian Electricity & Gas Distribution & Transmission Company – Procurement Transformation • Rolled out Oracle’s iProcurement system across the client’s organisation • This involved designing & configuring procurement data structures including workflow integration Procurement operations consisted of over 20,000 purchase orders pa. Developed user reference manuals, and delivered training for 430 users. • Developed procurement plans for operational goods & services. Reviewed standard contract templates, particularly commercial terms and conditions. Developed & implemented tender methodology to ensure procurement savings. • Developed a Lead Time Bulletin Board process for critical, long lead time capital equipment. • Provided Tender Overflow assistance for a range of supply contracts (aggregate value of over $300m). This involved Management of the tenders process, including developed and co-ordination of tender packs for bidders, including: GMDR’s work was key in assisting • Terms of Tender + Tender Instructions & Scope of Works the Client win the Chartered • Technical Schedules (technical specifications, drawings, and minimum performance requirements) Institute of Purchasing & Supply’s • Tender Evaluation Plan and Evaluation Criteria; Pricing Schedules; Supply & Lead time Framework National “Most Improved Procurement Operation Award” in October 2008 National Electricity & Gas Distribution Company – Procurement Review and Development • Conducted a comprehensive operational review of procurement activities across all offices and depots across Australia • Developed a process based gap analysis to determine procurement process redesign • Designed procurement processes to align with new financial delegations of authority • At the time, the procurement operations consisted of over 50,000 purchase orders pa. • Developed procurement operating model • The operating model was based on a number of principles including market testing requirements and thresholds and the use of period order contracts for high volume repetitive purchases • Developed a procurement manual as a reference document for the organisation • Developed and implemented a comprehensive training program and documentation© GMDR Group 2012 9
  10. 10. Selected Assignments –COMMERCIAL & REGULATORY National Electricity & Gas Distribution Company – Intellectual Property Register • Conducted an annual review of the asset based Intellectual Property register. This required consultation across the client’s business to review and financially value current & new intellectual property developed to service the various network businesses. National Utility Service Provider – AMI Meter Installation Bid Development • As part of a Bid Team, developed a bid for the installation of AMI meters outlined in an RFT by a Victorian electricity network. Activities included: • Interviewing Subject Matter Experts to determine information required to respond to questions outlined in the Tender pack. • Writing responses to questions in the Tender pack. Conducting quality review of various sections of the Response Document. National Utility IT Service Provider – Risk Management Framework Review • Conducted a review of existing risk documentation and developed a Risk Management Policy and Charter • Reviewed and enhanced “as is” risk management processes and framework to internal approval stage • Conducted road-shows across the client’s organisation for the approved risk management framework Major Merchant Bank – Market & Financial Modelling for Energy Business Acquisition Due Diligence • Worked as part of the client’s Bid Team conducting due diligence on major energy business acquisition during 2007. This involved developing a comprehensive market model of the target’s retail and regulated network business. Tasmanian Electricity & Gas Utility Company – Pricing Development for “Pay As You Go” Metering Product • Developed the Pricing Plan for a Pre-Paid Metering Product for the client’s South Australian market. Product design included the development of a 12 element tariff framework along with a cost and revenue model. Product development involved pricing analysis of competitor retail product. Tasmanian Electricity & Gas Utility Company – Gas Contract Financial Modelling • Conducted detailed review of gas supply contracts, gas transmission contracts, end user gas sales contract. The review included load analysis as well as revenue and margin analysis. • Developed a comprehensive financial accrual and invoicing model that incorporated a high degree of automation.© GMDR Group 2012 10
  11. 11. Selected Assignments –RECORDS MGMT / PROCESS REDESIGN Victorian Electricity Distribution Company – Hand Back of Asset Management & Stakeholder Relations Functions • Project managed the hand back of core management functions & activities Between two energy businesses. Key project activities required governance approval from both organisations and included: • Developed an approved hand back & project implementation plan. Plan included comprehensive agreed set of functional activities & tasks to be handed back (developed & detailed through work shops & consultations). • Key activities & tasks cross referenced to identify & collate policies; procedures; reports; records; etc in the Content Mgmt System • Transfer of 400,000 electronic documents & records, & 400 boxes of documents (while maintaining required record mgmt practices). • Developed a range of “ongoing” data access and collaboration frameworks & access arrangements National Electricity & Gas Distribution Company – Content Management System Redesign & Implementation • Provided comprehensive project management and configurations service for the redesign of the client’s records management system, across a number of business units, project value in excess of $750K. • Conducted a comprehensive review of the client’s Enterprise Content Management System (Opentext LiveLink) with regard to: • Key client and business unit record management expectations • Audit issues regarding record registration, user access security, taxonomy, file structure, and retrievability • Best Practice record management activities • Developed a process redesign and a re-configuration of Livelink to address process gaps and organisational requirements • Project Managed the implementation of the Livelink redesign and migration of over 500,000 records and documents. National Electricity & Gas Distribution Company – Development of Commercial Protocols • Developed a range of commercial protocols (business rules) that govern the financial treatment of capex invoices & associated expenses between the client and its major customers. Activities included the development of: • KPI’s and Audit framework to determine accuracy of capex project transactions • Dispute mechanism processes and procedures© GMDR Group 2012 11
  12. 12. Suite 9, Level 1, 600 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000 David Di Ramio: 0411 046 997 Joanne Rankine: 0419 134 401© GMDR Group 2012 12
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