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Tabla de compatibilidad de cartuchos de tinta hp
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Tabla de compatibilidad de cartuchos de tinta hp


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Nota: este documento no es de mi autoria

Nota: este documento no es de mi autoria

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. TABLA DE COMPATIBILIDAD DE CARTUCHOS DE TINTA HP C6578D/A (#78) C6614D (#20) C6615D (#15) C4841A (#10) C4842A (#10) C4843A (#10) C4844A (#10) C4836A (#11) C4837A (#11) C4838A (#11) C6625A (#17) C6628A (#19) C1823D/T C1816A 51633M 51640M 51625A 51626A 51629A 51649A 51645A 51641A 51640A 51640C 51640Y ProductoHP DJ lHP DJ Plus lHP DJ Port. lHP DJ 310/320 l lHP DJ 340C l lHP DJ 350C l l lHP DJ 400C l lHP DJ 420C l lHP DJ 500 lHP DJ 500C l lHP DJ 550C l lHP DJ 560C l lHP DJ 600C l lHP DJ 610C l l lHP DJ 640C l l lHP DJ 660C l lHP DJ 670C l lHP DJ 680C l lHP DJ 692C l l lHP DJ 693C l l lHP DJ 695C l l lHP DJ 710C l lHP DJ 720C l lHP DJ 810C l lHP DJ 820Cxi l lHP DJ 830C l lHP DJ 840C l lHP DJ 850C l lHP DJ 870Cxi l lHP DJ 880C l lHP DJ 890C l lHP DJ 895Cxi l lHP DJ 930C l lHP DJ 940C l lHP DJ 950C l lHP DJ 960C l lHP DJ 970C l lHP DJ 990C l lHP DJ 1100C l lHP DJ 1120C l lHP DJ 1220C l lHP DJ 1200C/CS l l l lHP DJ 1600C/CM l l l lHP 2000C/CN l l l lHP 2200 l l l lHP 2250TN l l l lHP 2500 C/CM l l l lHP CopyJet/M l l l lHP OfficeJet PSC 500 l lHP OfficeJet PSC 750 l lHP OfficeJet 725 l l lHP OfficeJet Pro 1150C l lHP OfficeJet 1170C/1175C l lHP OfficeJet Series T45 l lHP OfficeJet Series T65 l lHP OfficeJet Series R45 l lHP OfficeJet Series R65 l lHP OfficeJet Series G55 l lHP OfficeJet Series G85 l lHP OfficeJet Series G95 l lHP OfficeJet Series K60 l lHP OfficeJet Series K80 l lHP OfficeJet Series V40 l lHP Photosmart P1000 l lApollo 1200/ 1250i l lApollo 2100u/ 2150u l l lApollo 2200/ 2250 l l lApollo 2500u/ 2500p l l lApollo 2600u/ 2600p l l l