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Art irregular verbs
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Art irregular verbs


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This is an interactive quiz to help students learn irregular verbs. If students click on the correct answer, they're given a tick. If not, they're given a cross. …

This is an interactive quiz to help students learn irregular verbs. If students click on the correct answer, they're given a tick. If not, they're given a cross.

All questions are on the topic of art.


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  • 1. Irregular Verbs Some verbs are easy to put into past tense. Eg: Today the man walks to the shops. Yesterday the man walked to the shops. The examples on the following slides are irregular verbs. They’re a bit more tricky, but with practise, you’ll get them right.
  • 2. Andy Goldsworthy (build) many of his artworks. A B C D build will build building built 1
  • 3. He made his artworks with materials that he (find) . A B C D finding found founded find 2
  • 4. Many of his artworks were not built to last. He quickly (take) a photo of this one before it melted. A B C D takes take took taking 3
  • 5. Fred Williams created the Upwey landscape in 1965. He created landscapes when he (feel) strongly about a place. A B C D felt feeling feels feel 4
  • 6. The Rainbow Serpant can be (see) above the kangaroo tracks in this Aboriginal artwoork. A B C D seen saw seeing see 5 Kangaroo Tracks Rainbow Serpant .
  • 7. This photograph was taken the very second that this balloon ______. A B C D bursted burst bursts bursting 6
  • 8. Did you know glass can be an artwork? Glass artworks are not drawn or painted. They are (blow). A B C D blowing blew blows blown 7
  • 9. J. D. Hillberry (draw) this artwork. A B C D draw drew drawn drewed 8
  • 10. The famous Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira (is) born in 1902. A B C D was is has are 9
  • 11. Anelia Pavlova is an Australian artist. She was born in Bulgaria in 1956. In 1993, she (come) to Australia. A B C D come came comes coming 10
  • 12. Pablo Picasso was born in Spain in 1881. He (go) to Paris in 1900 to practice his art. A B C D goes went go come 11
  • 13. Australian artist Brett Whitely (has) many shows in his career. A B C D has have haved had 12
  • 14. Australian artist Erwin Wurm created these cars. However, he never (drive) them. A B C D drive drove drived driven 13
  • 15. This structure amazed onlookers when it (light) up the night. A B C D light lights lighted lit 14
  • 16. The photographer snapped the air balloon as it (rise) above the sunset. A B C D rised rose risen rosed 15
  • 17. Elizabeth Moore Golding painted the sun as it (set) over the sea. A B C D set setted sets seted 16
  • 18. KISS was a band that (sing) many songs. However, they were also famous for the art on their faces. A B C D sang singer sing singing 17
  • 19. Arthur Hughes painted this woman as she (sleep) against a tree. A B C D sleep sleeps slept sleeping 18
  • 20. The politician (speak) at the opening of the art gallery. A B C D speaking speaks speak spoke 19
  • 21. Steve Strike photographed this windmill as the blades (spin) slowly at sunset. A B C D spinning spin spun spins 20
  • 22. Well done. You’re finished!
  • 23. Well done!
  • 24. Try again!