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David Chan Profile And Experience

  1. 1. Introduction to Facility Management Project Audit Technical Due Diligence Development/Asset Planning Building Consultancy 1
  2. 2. Consultancy  To date, surveyed and audited 200 plus projects, over a million homes, 1.8 million sq m of office/commercial;  Work with major mainland developers and Railway Corp (MTR, SZMTR, SHMetro, Vanke, Gemdale Corp, Soho China, Can High, Citic);  Work with most of the major funds, Ibanks, overseas investors;  Completed projects in over 30 mainland cities, plus Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam etc;  Sustainable Construction - China Green Construction & Environmental rating system;  GBC member with LEED accreditation capability
  3. 3. Introduction to Building Consultancy / Facility Management, Hong Kong Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai we can assembled Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Project Managers, Facility Managers and assisted by their locally based colleagues typically provide the following specialist services; Hong Kong Based Services; Architectural Design, Interior Design, Surveys, Renovation, AP Services, Building Due Diligence, Project Management, License Application; Greater China / SE Asia Based Services; • Project Audit – Monitoring Construction Quality Progress; • Engineering Services – Report on Construction Processes; • Development Consultancy – Advise on Mixed Developments; • Technical Due Diligence – Assess Building Condition, including CAPEX/OPEX projections and make investment recommendations from a technical perspective • Project Coordination / Management – To coordinate and manage projects i.e. an office /shop fit-out • FM Consultancy – CAM Reports, Fit Out Guides, Operators Handbooks. •Facility Management – Consultancy.
  4. 4. China Real estate consultancies in Greater China to provide integrated building project audit, monitoring and due diligence services with property demand based real estate consultancy and valuation. Our extensive experience extends over mainland China and other parts of Asia. Essentially our aim is to provide the type of information which is critical for making strategic investment decisions. Our comprehensive auditing, surveying and due diligence reports covers the full range of investment advice which goes beyond that of a traditional building survey report to assist our client in making sound investment decisions. We are able to mobilize our team at short notice and produce full reports within weeks, sometime days if needed. 4
  5. 5. Processes 5
  6. 6. Management Process Consult Planned Maintenance Routine maintenance Procurement methodology Benchmarking service levels Outsourcing IT Systems Systems Audit Energy Conservation Manage Enhance Asset Support desk Project Cleaning Utility Procurement of service contracts Lease Space planning Financial Architectural services Property Interior design Data Security services Contract Office furnishings Administration Maintain Electrical systems Mechanical systems HVAC systems Plumbing systems Fire systems Security systems UPS systems Emergency systems and backup
  7. 7. Process – Design and Project Management Construct an Define Project Assemble Define Project initial Plan Objectives Team Scope Adjust the Plan, & Analyze Design Manage Current Revision Project Status and Budget Change Estimation Collect Progress Close Project Publish the Plan Obtain Client’s approvaI Information
  8. 8. Project Auditing – Scope and Purpose  Carry out independent check to evaluate the quality of site work through an inspection of:  Site construction works  Site progress  Safety, environmental and health issues on site  Documentary management  Achieve the level of quality in satisfaction of building occupiers  Identify potential problem during construction stage that may affect Client’s financial strategies and risk management 8
  9. 9. Project Auditing  Auditing System – the use of independent auditors Inspection- regular & systematic project audits  Identification - objectively assess performances, problem identifications and take  records` Analysis - identify solutions, potential risks, strengths and weaknesses.  Inspect Identify Analyse 9
  10. 10. Project Auditing Methodology  One full day inspection (half day for site inspection and half day for documents checking)  Experienced auditors, surveyors and engineers  Random unannounced site audit  Tailor-made score sheets  Ranking performance and improvements  Re-check/reinspect previous problems  Benchmarking  Lessons learnt, improvements, problems, what to do and what not to do.  Alignment with customer/end user surveys  Re-evaluate, feed back, continuous improvement 10
  11. 11. Prefabrication construction (PC) Pre-cast Concrete panels 11
  12. 12. Project Experience • Project Management • Project Audit • Project Monitoring • FM Services 12
  13. 13. Project Management – Case Study I Existing Office Layout
  14. 14. Project Management New Office Layout
  15. 15. “The new look gives a much brighter, lighter and more open appearance and of course means we use the space more efficiently and can therefore fit in the whole team, with some room for further expansion.” COO of the Client
  16. 16. Project Management – Case Study Baker & McKenzie, Jimao Tower Shanghai
  17. 17. Project Management – Case Study Molecular Devices – New Built Construction, Nanhui
  18. 18. Project Management – Case Study DDB – Grand Gateway Shanghai
  19. 19. Fitting Out Project Management KCS Limited is one of Asia's leading independent and integrated providers of corporate accounting, corporate secretarial, payroll outsourcing and trust and estate administration services. They have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Jakarta and Sydney. Knight Frank was appointed as Project Manager to oversee the fitting-out work of their new offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. We cope with our Client’s tight schedule and quality requirements and our professionalism was well recognized. Our strong team in Hong Kong and Mainland China was proved by serial contracts awarded from the Client in providing Project Management Services. We participate the project and provide professional advise to Client from early design stage, assist in fitting-out contract procurement and carry out supervision of site work until Client move-in. 21
  20. 20. The Link REIT Appointed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority, their advisors JP Morgan and the Joint Global Coordinators (UBS, Goldman Sachs, & HSBC) to review a portfolio of 213 centres. Review covered building and building services due diligence, asset enhancement, shopper profile and a commentary of the proposed divestment boundaries. We also produced 10-year Opex and Capex accounts. Ultimately 180 centres were selected for listing. The IPO was delayed in December 2004, but finally listed in November 2005. We were appointed in January 2007 to review the portfolio and issue updated 10 year Operational and Capex reports and to review the building reports. In May 2008 we were again appointed to review the building integrity of the portfolio and give our views of asset enhancement of 8 retail centres. 22
  21. 21. Industrial Valuation & Building Due Diligence We have been appointed by Macquarie Goodman to prepare a combination of valuation and building due diligence reports on three industrial buildings in Hong Kong. The case study highlighted in this summary is Global Gateway, a 27- storey industrial building in Tsuen Wan. In this case we were asked to prepare valuation and building due diligence reports. The total gross floor area of the building is in excess of 1M sq ft. Specific tasks included: • Valuation of the building using the discounted cash flow to arrive at the market value; • Conducted comprehensive building and building services condition surveys to confirm structural integrity and identify existing defects; • Identified areas of deviation from relevant building and building services regulations and codes of practice; • Prepared estimates of the cost of rectifying existing defects and non- compliances; • Compiled a 5-year forecast of repair, maintenance and capital expenditure; • Compiled an Asset Register of plant and equipment; • Calculated the replacement cost for insurance purposes; and • Carried out a land survey to confirm the location of the building on the lot. 23
  22. 22. JTC Corporation Singapore JTC Corporation (JTC), is a Singapore government statutory board in charge of planning, developing and managing industrial space and facilities. Their portfolio comprises of 51 estates having a a GFA of some 2.7 million square metres. Details Sizable portfolio of industrial cluster comprises of 9 flatted factories, 3 food court buildings and a single amenity building was reviewed in 2006 and a portfolio comprises of flatted factories, stack-up factories, ramp up factories, business park and amenities centres having over 600,000sq.m. of GFA were reviewed in 2007. Service Provided We are appointed to conduct a site inspections of the development cluster. A Cost allocation review was also carried out for an analysis on capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) and to provide Comparative analysis using life cycle approach to test the valuation assumptions. Our CAPEX and OPEX forecasts have been associated with capital market transactions and accepted by the independent valuer and incorporated in full in the valuation cash flow. 24
  23. 23. Macquarie Bank’s Acquisition of China Retail Centres for Wholesale Fund’s Offer With the due diligence we conducted comprehensive building and building services condition surveys of the retail centres to confirm their structural integrity and identify existing defects. We prepared estimates of the cost of rectifying existing defects and non-compliances and we compiled 5-year forecasts of repair, maintenance and capital expenditure. We also oversaw Environmental Site Assessments that were used to identify potential areas of environmental concern, in particular, issues associated with site history, contamination or existing environmental conditions. 25
  24. 24. Macquarie Bank’s Acquisition of China Retail Centres for Wholesale Fund’s Offer The centres are all located in provincial Chinese cities. Given the location of the properties and detail that was required, the programme set by the client was incredibly tight. Harbin We were instructed on 25 January 2005, we delivered valuation certificates with DCF analysis and S henyang summary due diligence reports on 18 D alian February. Tianjin Jinan Full detailed due diligence reports were delivered on 28 February and valuation reports followed on 31 March 2005. Nanjing W uhan In 2006, we were instructed again to value 6 additional retail centres in 6 C hangs ha different cities. Nanning 26
  25. 25. IPO experience with RREEF CCT RREEF China Commercial Trust (“RREEF CCT” or “the Trust”) is a distinctive real estate investment trust (“REIT”) established to invest on a long-term basis in a diversified portfolio of institutional quality office and mixed-use properties in major cities in Greater China. Its flagship asset – Beijing Gateway Plaza is a Premium Grade A office complex comprising two 29-storey office tower including 3 levels of linked podium and 3 levels of basement, and a total GFA about 139,093 sq.m. It is situated in Beijing’s sought-after Lufthansa area, one of four established business districts in Beijing. Provided comprehensive building and building services condition surveys of the building to confirm structural integrity and identify existing defects; compliance check against relevant statutory requirements; cost allocation review to carry out an analysis on capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX). The results were used by the valuers and the investment bank for the initial public offering of the REIT in Hong Kong 2007. 27
  26. 26. IPO - Technical Due Diligence – Parkway Life REIT Singapore “Parkway Life REIT is established by Parkway Holdings to invest primarily in income-producing real estate and/or real estate-related assets in the Asia-Pacific region (including Singapore) that are used primarily for healthcare and/or healthcare-related purposes (including but not limited to, hospitals, healthcare facilities and real estate and/or real estate assets used in connection with healthcare research, education, and the manufacture or storage of drugs, medicine and other healthcare goods and devices). Knight Frank was appointed as the Independent Property Auditor to provide a comprehensive Building Surveying Audit with 10 years CAPEX and OPEX forecast, identifying major defects and non-compliances for all the buildings that has been included in the divestment portfolio. The Portfolio comprised namely three hospitals, medical centres, various offices, testing laboratories, research facilities and car parks. Post IPO, we were appointed as auditor to for technical due diligence for potential new purchases and for asset improvement work, progress auditing reporting for assets to be included in the portfolio. 28
  27. 27. Shenzhen Metro Shenzhen Metro Co., Ltd. (SZMC) was established on July 31st, 1998 and its business scope ranges from the constructions and operations of urban rail transit system to the development of metro-related property and business. Having authorized from State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen Municipal Government as a large state-owned and single-funded enterprise, SZMC independently undertakes the financing, investment, construction and operation of Shenzhen urban rail transit system, as well as the value-keeping and the value-adding of state-owned assets” Provide consultancy services for superstructure property development of Qian Hai Wan Depot site. We advised on the strategic planning, phasing, market positioning and development methodology. 29
  28. 28. Handover Inspection of Crown Hotel, Macau Appointed in May 2007 to provide handover inspection service for this newly completed 40 storey 6–star luxury casino hotel with total floor area of approximately 90,000 sq. meters in Taipa, Macau. The team was tasked with producing a comprehensive project audit for project completion which includes: 1. Carry out desk study of all plans and specifications. 1. Set up the workmanship standard with the Client and concerned parties based on the main construction contract and approve the sample room/floor of each type for the handover standard. 1. Assign of a team of technical staff to conduct handover inspection of all independent guest rooms, functional and common areas. 1. Conduct 100% inspection including casino, gaming hall, health club, restaurants, BOH areas, office, guest rooms etc. and make records with reference to the agreed handover standard. 1. Carry out external facade, glass, metal cladding & louver and prepare survey report. 30
  29. 29. China Vanke – Portfolio of Projects in Shanghai Completed Projects In Shanghai (over 1m2 GFA) Stratford Racho Santa Fe Spring Dew Mansion Beloved Home White Horse Garden Holiday Town Yannan Villas Everest Town Blue Mountain Wonderland Deep Blue Aureate City 31
  30. 30. Project Auditing – China Vanke China Vanke is the largest listed property developers in China. Our relationship started with them since 2005. Today we are one of their strategic partners and independent project auditors, providing project monitoring services to over 70 developments of China Vanke’s portfolio throughout China. We are responsible for auditing work of 40 projects in the Shanghai/ Huadong areas including Wuxi, Nanchang, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai City as well as the Chengdu region. We are handling 37 projects in Southern China including Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan, Foshan at different stages of development. Our specific work scope included: • Design audit focusing on sustainability, environmental and energy concerns • Monitor and assess the project progress • Assess quality management and environmental health & safety management issues • Project management reporting • Recommend improvements and preventive actions for the client • Score and rank performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 32
  31. 31. Development Consultancy - China Vanke We have been appointed by China Vanke as the lead development consultant for its mixed development project at Qibao No. 53. The specific tasks included: • Provide master planning and strategic advice • Prepare the schematic design of planning and elevation • Marketing • Review documentations • Design management 33
  32. 32. 地下鐵入口 主力店 商業車輛主入口 地下鐵入口 ( 大型百貨商店 ) 購物中心 住宅地下車庫入口 主入口 辦公樓 城市廣場 中心商業廣場 行政廣場 主題花園 住宅 主力店 住宅停車處 中央花園 ( 休閒 /娛樂中心 ) 主題花園 住宅 下沉綠化 連接廣場 住宅 下沉綠化 住宅 主題花園 住宅 全天侯走廊 往七寶老街 住宅 住宅 下沉綠化 住宅 34
  33. 33. Project Monitoring - Beijing Yintai Centre Beijing Yintai Centre is one of the the biggest mix development in Beijing with a total GFA of over half a million sq m. It is one of the landmark in Beijing, including a tower of hotel, apartment and office tower. We were appointed by Hypo International as an independent project auditor for the project monitoring of one of the 40 storeys (90,000 sq m) West Tower. Our specific tasks included: • Monitor and assess the project progress • Projection of completion date • Review of construction budget • Verification of progress payment to contractor • Review current status of leasing • Review development consents obtained and applied for We advised our Client on the potential delay of the construction work happened on site and associated risks revealed from the progress during our inspection. In such a way, our Client as an investor, have had first-hand information of the site progress and prepared contingency plan to minimize possible risks and loss in advance. 35
  34. 34. Facilities Management of AVAYA Properties in Hong Kong and China Newmark Knight Frank Global Management service (NKFGMS) was appointed by AVAYA to provide global facilities management for AVAYA. For the Greater China Region Knight Frank oversee the provision of our service in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Chengdu and Guangzhou. A bespoke centralized communication system has been developed to enhances the quality of facilities management. Through Knight Frank’s global offices support, this enhanced system can make efficient use of resources, to provide a standard management methodology and unique communication system between AVAYA’s staff and Newmark Knight Frank’s Facilities Managers in the worldwide. NKFGMS Service include: “Our Objective, therefore, is to be §         develop and implement a facility management program, “Gatekeepers” of the real estate we are §         establish and maintain a good working relationship with Company’s landlords, entrusted with. We are not caretakers, §         provide the highest level of customer service, we are responsible to pro-actively §         minimize Company costs and expenses, manage the facilities and provide §         identify opportunities for improvement, accurate, timely information, and identify §         increase service levels, methods and changes to improve §         improve facility management strategies, operations, drive out costs, and provide a §         and manage potential optimization of space and services healthy, safe and productive environment.“ 36
  35. 35. Our Experience with City of Dreams City of Dreams is an integrated resort being developed on the Cotai Operators Handbook – To compliment the Fit-Out Guide we have Strip in Macau and at US$2.5B represents the second largest produced a Operators Handbook to assist Retailers with services, investment on the strip. management, safety and other information about the development and Macao to allow them to successfully launch and operate their The project includes a 420,000 sq ft casino and three high end businesses. hotels and luxury serviced apartments with a combined total of over 2,400 rooms as well as an entertainment venue hosting permanent Service Charge Report – We have produced an in depth analysis of staged shows. The retail component includes around 300,000 sq ft net of up market boutique retailing and fine dining restaurants. We both OPEX and CAPEX forecasts to allow us to recommend to the client are appointed to provide our services for the following projects for a Service Fee and other costs to charge retailers upon opening in 2009. the Retail and Food & Beverage Mall of the Development. Our report uses a number of prudent assumptions enabling our client to have a defensible report to assist with negotiations with potential Fit Out Guide – Our team has produced a comprehensive, colour operators. Our report includes recommendations on staffing, coded, user friendly and compliant guide to assist a diverse range of maintenance, cleaning and operating costs and as well as capital Retailers to Fit-Out their retail units efficiently, safely, whilst adhering expenditure figures forecasted over 10 years. to the own design concept in accordance to international building and local government codes and ordinances. 37
  36. 36. Project Monitoring in Bangkok, Thailand The Wellcome Trust is the world's second largest medical charitable institution with net assets of £15.1 billion ($30.2 billion). The overall mission of the trust is quot;to foster and promote research with the aim of improving human and animal healthquot;, and in addition to funding biomedical research it supports the public understanding of science. Knight Frank provides project monitoring service for one of the Trusts projects – Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) at 420/6 Rajvithi Road Bangkok, Thailand. Our work includes:  Monitor the construction of an office floor and two floors of Laboratories including a secure a Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL 3) Lab, in Bangkok, Thailand  Monthly inspections, to report on progress, budget and quality  Detailed monthly reports were forwarded to client  Final report contained a number of recommendations to be implemented in future projects in developing economies similar to Thailand 38
  37. 37. Insurance Valuation – Tsing Sha Control Area The whole Tsing Sha Control Area covers 13.6km of road network linking Sha Tin and Tsing Yi. Knight Frank was appointed by Transport Infrastructure Management Ltd to provide insurance valuation on building, structure, plant and equipment for the following portion in Tsing Sha Control Area: 1. Tai Wai Enclosed Section 2. Sha Tin Heights Tunnel 3. Toll Plaza 4. Sha Tin Administration Building 5. Eagle’s Nest Tunnel 6. Lai Chi Kok Viaduct 7. Ngong Shuen Chau Viaduct 8. Ventilation Building 9. Portal Buildings 10. Connecting interchanges, slip roads and accesses 11. Control Point located along the route use for traffic control 1.Plant and equipment we valued include power supply system, tunnel ventilation, building services, lighting, Central Monitoring and Control System (CMCS), CCTV system, communication system, Traffic Control and Surveillance System (TCSS), Toll Collection System (TCS), Ticket Scanning System, Speed Detection Equipment, Global Positioning System and Image Monitoring System, fire protection system and water supply. 1.Our services aimed to provide Client an reinstatement with new cost for insurance purpose. Type of properties we valued include buildings and also infrastructures like Tsing Sha Control Area in this case. 39
  38. 38. Project Management of Coastline Villa Renovation Coastline Villa consists of 23 blocks of low rise development with a total of 230 units. Knight Frank was appointed by Discovery Bay Services Management as Project Manager to drive the whole renovation process. We conducted condition Surveys and addressed the problems in the building and proposed corresponding repair works. Tender documents were drafted afterward and invited tenderers to bid. Knight Frank act as an advisor to Client and analyze the returned tender. During the construction stage, we closely monitored the work in order to be completed on time and up to a good standard of workmanship. Every payments submitted by contractor were verified and certificate of payments were issued to Client for payments. Scope of Coastline Villa Renovation includes: • External wall patch repair • Internal common areas renovation • G/F lift lobby enhancement • Repair of uPVC windows • Enhancement of occupational safety facilities in the development 40
  39. 39. 146 & 148 Argyle Street, Kowloon We have been appointed by Sky Treasure Ltd to apply for Lease Modification to relax the restrictions on the number of storeys and building height under the existing land grant conditions governing the lot to enable a redevelopment under the parameters stipulated under the latest Outline Zoning Plan. The lease modification enabled the plot ratio is increased from 4 to 5. Our challenges is to secure a fair premium assessment in a volatile market situation. Knight Frank is also appointed as Project Manager to oversee the redevelopment which will provide over 120,000 sq ft of luxury flats. The project is targeted for completion in 2012. 41
  40. 40. Cyberport, Pokfulam, Hong Kong We have been appointed by Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited to apply for the Certificate of Compliance (CC) for the entire Cyberport development comprising 4 million sq ft of residential space, 1.8 million sq ft of retail and office space and a 173 rooms hotel. The development spanned over 8 years and responsible for coordinating the building plan approval process to enable the luxury domestic units can be completed on time and delivered to the purchasers. We worked with a multi discipline team of planner, architect, landscape architect, engineers and the CC was issued in late 2008 which marked the full completion of the largest private participation project in recent years. Knight Frank also appointed for building consultancy service in applying clubhouse license from Home Affairs Department(HAD). Our building professional directed the whole process and take care of every requirements that HAD requires for the clubhouse license. 42
  41. 41. Selection of some of the major clients from current and previous projects 43
  42. 42. Some of our other clients 44
  43. 43. Our clients - continued                                                                                                                                45
  44. 44. Clients - REIT’S ( 房地產投資信託 ) Advised on more the following REITs listed in Singapore and Hong Kong.
  45. 45. China Clients 3M Offices 1,700 CYTEC INDUSTRIES Offices 660 KODAK R & D 200 MOTOROLA -CHENGDU Offices 800 AKZO NOBEL Offices 2,202 DELL COMPUTER Offices 344 KODAK R & D 200 MOTOROLA -WUHAN Offices 750 AKZO NOBEL Offices 446 DFID (BRITISH EMBASSY) Offices 1,250 KODAK R & D 200 MOTOROLA-CHENGDU Offices 6,000 ALCATEL Industrial 3,000 DRESDNER BANK Offices 1,200 KPMG Offices 2,694 MOTOROLA-JINAN Offices 750 ALCATEL Offices 1,400 DRESDNER BANK Offices 1,700 KPMG Offices 399 MOTOROLA-NANJING Offices 700 ALCATEL Offices 5,574 EACHNET.COM Offices 2,000 KPMG Offices 4,998 MOTOROLA-SHANGHAI Offices 3,000 APC Offices 1,300 EUROPEAN UNION Offices 1,250 KPMG Offices 6,600 NEWMARGIN Offices 799 AT KEARNEY (PH. I & II) Offices 300 EUROPEAN UNION Residential 350 KVAERNER Offices 600 ROLEX Offices 800 BAKER & MCKENZIE Offices 929 FRENCH SCHOOL Education 2,500 LOUIS DREYFUS Offices 860 ROEDL & PARTNER Offices 900 BAYER Offices 5,203 FUJITSU Offices 1,347 MANULIFE Offices 1,300 SASOL Offices 1,200 BRITISH EMBASSY Residential VARIOUS GEDAS Offices 600 MANULIFE Offices 2,202 SOHU.COM Offices 13,000 CANADIAN EMBASSY Offices 3,500 GENERAL MOTORS Offices 4,600 MICROSOFT Offices 2,000 SOLVAY Offices 700 CISCO Offices 2,300 HSBC Offices 2,000 MOTORALA-CHENGDU Offices 5,998 WICRESOFT Offices 1,347 CITIBANK Residential 300 IMS (FACTORY) Industrial 3,500 MOTORLA-NANJING Offices 5,992 WICRESOFT Offices 1,347 CITYBANK Offices 2,000 INGERSOLL RAND Offices 3,800 MOTOROLA –BEIJING Offices 1,350 WICRESOFT Offices 2.044 CLIFFORD CHANCE Offices 880 KING& WOOD Offices 5,000 MOTOROLA -CHENGDU Offices 1,500 WINTERTHUR Offices 1,500
  46. 46. China Clients continue CLIENT FACILITY CLIENT FACILITY AREA, M2 AREA, M2 Kodak Motorola-Shanghai Offices R&D 200 3,000 Kodak Motorola-Chengdu Offices R&D 200 6,000 Kodak Motorla-Nanjing Offices R&D 200 5,992 KPMG Offices Motorala-Chengdu Offices 4,998 5,998 KPMG Offices NewMargin Offices 399 799 KPMG Offices Roedl & Partner Offices 6,000 900 KPMG Offices ROLEX Offices 2,694 800 Kvaerner Offices SASOL Offices 700 1,000 King& Wood Offices SPX Offices 5,000 3,500 Louis Dreyfus Offices Sohu.com Offices 860 13,000 Manulife Offices Solvay Offices 2,202 700 Manulife Offices Wacker Offices 1,300 1,500 Microsoft Offices Winterthur Offices 2,000 1,500 Motorola –Beijing Offices Wicresoft Offices 1,350 2.044 Motorola -Chengdu Offices Wicresoft Offices 800 1,347 Motorola -Chengdu Offices 1,500 Motorola-Nanjing Offices 700 Motorola -Wuhan Offices 750 Motorola-Jinan Offices 750
  47. 47. Profile Published Articles Conferences speaking 49
  48. 48. Resume Photo image 1.88”(W) x 1.84(H) David Chan MSc HKIA RIBA MCIOB NFPA SFPE David Chan is a partner of Compass Studio Ltd, He has over 20 years experience within the construction and property industry working for both the public and private sectors. David is UK educated with a Master Degree in Construction Management and Economics. He is a qualified architect, a chartered builder and a fire engineer. He has extensive experience in building design, fire engineering, construction, project and facilities and environmental management and worked on several major infrastructure and property development projects across the region. Prior to joining Compass, David was the Divisional Director of Knight Frank building consultancy and facility management division and worked on the listing of several major property REIT and sizable projects across China, Hong Kong and other parts of the Asia Pacific . Prior to that, David heads the Facilities Management for KCRC (MTR) Property Division responsible for the management of over 10 billion of property assets. 50
  49. 49. Conference Presentation
  50. 50. Selected Press Articles 53
  51. 51. 54
  52. 52. 55
  53. 53. 56
  54. 54. 57
  55. 55. Investment in China 58
  56. 56. 59
  57. 57. For further information, please contact: David Chan Tel: 6650 9128 email:dtfchan@gmail.com 60